3 Facts to Consider Before You Buy a Mass Gainer

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If you consider a mass gainer & believe that it’s for the protein supplement then you are wrong. During these modern times, you associate your lifestyle with your hustle and bustle diet or routine. The credibility and the facts are crucial before considering any supplement, either a mass gainer or whey protein.

You need to know and remember multiple factors before you head on blindly in purchasing your mass gainer. This article will cover all the myths with facts that will remind you how it is no magic to gain mass or have a lean body structure.


3 Myth Busting With Facts Before You Buy a Mass Gainer

1. Myth: Mass Gainer can be replaced with your daily diet

Daily diet

Fact: When you prepare your meals & decide whether you need more calories by adding meat, pulses, or chapati, do you just consume meat or chapati only? No, right? Instead, you prefer an equal amount of each product in your diet.

I know I popped this myth bubble out, just to give you the right path before you choose any Mass Gainer. Whole foods should always be in your calorie surplus & the Mass Gainer acts as an additional supplement only if you had an incomplete meal.

This combines your calories to make the calorific value complete. To ensure that you had all the vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats.


2. Myth: Mass Gainer can instantly make you muscular

muscular men

Fact: A proper workout regimen with an adequate diet only then the mass gainer can provide you with a lean body structure. The calories coming from the different types of nutrients in a mass gainer should be important.

Reminder: Beware of the exceeding amount of protein content in a mass gainer, it results in protein waste that could cause a loss in muscle recovery.

To observe these numbers and sources always check the back of any mass gainer, skip them unless each of the nutrients is distributed in a balanced way. Mass Gainer can make your body muscular only if you consume balanced and complete calories from your diet & mass gainer itself.


3. Myth: Mass Gainer will make you fat

Women Measuring Fat

Fact: A better understanding of your mass gainer is very essential, without its knowledge you won’t be sure of what will be the results. Each of the constituents in a mass gainer delivers multiple features from protein to carbohydrates.

While looking for a mass gainer, you should be aware of the protein content of around 40-50gms and whey concentrate or isolate in the blend. Fats derived from ESA are crucial too, so make sure that ESA content is present inside it.

The quality for each nutrient should be checked & measured from the ingredient chart on the back of the mass gainer. After you have a good understanding, then you can choose the right option for a mass gainer.


Crucial Facts to consider before you buy a Mass Gainer

1. Extreme Calorie Requirement is vital if you consider buying a mass gainer. This need or reason of buying a mass gainer is necessary if you are underweight & have less appetite. The calorie intake from mass gainers is crucial even if you have 2-3 meals throughout the day.

It acts as a snack meal, & if you need a high-calorie concentration for a complete diet, then you can definitely consider the mass gainer.

2. Post-Workout & Daily Activities are Important: A proper diet & suitable option for a mass gainer isn’t enough for you until a set of post-workout and other activities are going on a daily basis. There shouldn’t be any fear of a huge calorie intake in the morning.

After your workout your body needs a large number of calories and nutrients, a mass gainer shake can provide you with a complete meal along with your breakfast.

3. Taste can be an essential attribute: You’ll find that you will be consuming the mass protein 2-3 times a day, this will be more interesting and fun if you have select a good flavor. Don’t go for high rated brands, instead follow your routine and enjoy the results.



Just for a brand name, you never should think of grabbing these mass gainers. Instead, of grabbing fat-based mass gainers, you should consider a proper blend of all the nutrients and from your diet.

These facts and myths will guide you very well before you choose a mass gainer. Try a smaller size, then go for the big pack. This will make your experience a little better & you can be ready before you buy a mass gainer.

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