Best Night Skincare Routine For Healthy Skin

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Do you have concerns related to your skin? Like many of us do you also feel your skin gets neglected in the busyness of every day? Taking care of your skin is vital. With age, it becomes even more important to have a nice skincare routine and dedicate a little bit of our time to our skin’s health.

You must be wondering what steps you should take that will guarantee benefits to your skin. In this article, you will learn all about maintaining a perfect night skincare routine. Let’s read on to know more.


Skincare steps to follow during bedtime

Skincare steps to follow during bedtime

Not having a proper skincare routine might lead to negligence on our behalf towards our skin. It’s easy to skip and forget to use our skincare products regularly this way.

Therefore, it is vital to have a regular skincare routine so that your skin health does not go ignored.

Incorporating these few steps into your night skincare regime will help your skin a great deal. Plus, you’ll also develop the habit of regularly tending to your skin before going to sleep.

1. Removing makeup before going to bed

You must have heard so many skincare enthusiasts scream that out loud, and they are not wrong. It is a huge mistake to go to sleep with your makeup on and must be avoided at all costs.

It is highly advisable to clean off your makeup using a makeup cleanser. You can use coconut oil or even olive oil for the purpose since washing the face alone won’t remove it all.

In case you have oily skin and do not wish to use oil on your face, you can easily find micellar water in the market or online.

Using some cotton, and oil or micellar water, wipe your face correctly. After this, use a mild face wash, cleanse your face, and wash it with water. Tadaaa! Now your skin is doubly cleansed, squeaky clean, and free of any makeup residue.


2. Toning your face


It is not really important to add a toner to your skincare routine. But if you are someone who likes to use toner, why not! The right time to apply the toner at night is after you have washed your face.

Using a toner can help in rehydrating your skin. Toners are also known to make the pores appear smaller while removing any dirt from them.

It would be great to go for an alcohol-free toner. A non-alcoholic toner is not irritating to the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Take your toner and pour a few drops onto a cotton swab and apply it all over your face and neck. It’ll make your face feel fresher and also remove impurities if any.


3. Applying serums or spot treatment

Serums can help you address your specific skin problems. It is a good idea to apply your serum or spot treatment right after you tone your skin.

There are many targeted skincare treatments that can help you address various skin issues. A lot of these treatments are recommended to be applied during nighttime. Vitamin C serum, Retinol, tretinoin, azelaic acid- are some examples.

Hydrating and brightening serums can also be used as per your skin’s needs. However, make sure that you do not go for a lot of products, as they might irritate your skin.

Choose your serums wisely and as per your need only. Apply your spot treatments or serums right after toning, and then wait for a few minutes for the product to absorb into your skin.

Also, if you are using exfoliants, do not use your prescription medicines on that day. Doing so might irritate your skin. It is also recommended not to use exfoliants more than two times a week.


4. Eye cream

Eye cream

The under-eye area is pretty sensitive and very often neglected. We usually tend to forget to moisturize the area. The area around our eyes is prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles.

Dark circles and puffiness in the area are also quite common. Therefore, you must make sure to moisturize your under-eye area well.

Look for a suitable eye cream, and include it in your daily night skincare regime. It will help you deal with puffy eyes and keep the area well-moisturized.

A good eye cream will also help you fight wrinkles in the eye area. Also, always make sure to apply SPF to the area.

It is necessary to apply eye cream before applying your moisturizer since eye creams are thinner and lighter. Applying it later will make it difficult for an eye cream to penetrate your moisturizer. Apply your eye cream gently all around the area of your eyes, using your fingers. It is even better if your eye cream comes with a rollerball application.

While choosing an eye cream, try to look for one with hyaluronic acid. It is a key element known to moisturize the skin, as suggested by this study. You should also look for peptides in an eye cream, as they can help in depuffing and fighting skin aging, as per the report.


5. Moisturizing


This is one of the most critical steps of your skincare routine. It would be best if you never skip your moisturizer. Doing so will keep your skin well hydrated and prevent it from drying. Using a moisturizer becomes even more important if you are using a spot treatment since it can dry out your skin and make it irritated.

The key to achieving supple soft skin is to moisturize it regularly. You need to choose your moisturizer as per your skin type. In the case of oily skin, go for an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer that doesn’t block your pores.

Also, a moisturizer should be the last thing to go on your face at night, as it has the thickest consistency.

Tip: Remember to apply the products that you use for your face, on your neck as well. Our necks often go ignored.



1. Do I need to moisturize my skin even though I have oily skin?

A big yes! Moisturizing is a must, no matter what your skin type is. All you need to ensure is that your moisturizer is not oil-based. This will prevent your skin from looking greasy and also save it from breaking out. Moisturizers help in keeping your skin hydrated.


2. Is it important to wear sunscreen every day?

The importance of applying sunscreen cannot be emphasized enough. You must apply it every day, religiously. It helps protect your skin from the damaging radiations emitted by the sun. The use of SPF can protect your skin against many skin problems, be it pigmentation, fine lines, or dark spots. In fact, it is also recommended to wear your sunscreen indoors if you are exposed to sunlight.


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We are hoping this article could help you design the perfect nighttime skincare routine for yourself. Now that you know the importance of a good skincare regime, you need to stick to it. You’ll surely see your skin being benefitted. Also, if you are already following a night skincare regime, we would love to know about it in the comment section.

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