What Is UV Water Purifier And How Does It Work?

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People are often very cautious about their eating and drinking habits. But in terms of water, it does need extra safety and effort. According to time.com, 1.8 million people died because of water pollution in 2015.

Therefore, you should take vital precautions and drink safe and clean water every day, which makes it important for people to invest in a water purifier for home use. A UV Water Purifier has become a crucial element in recent years. The ultraviolet light involved has made a massive impact in providing clean and safe water.

But before purchasing a UV water purifier, it is crucial to know what UV water purifiers are and how it works to provide us with safe and clear water.

If you struggle with knowing what are UV Water purifiers and how does it really work?

Then no worries, because in this article, I will explain what these UV water purifiers are, how they work, and what advantages are provided by UV water purifiers.


What Is A UV Water Purifier?

UV Water Purifier

Before we talk about how these purifiers work, it is essential to know what a UV water purifier is. So, a UV water purifier is a system that utilizes ultraviolet rays that can help eliminate all the harmful contaminants and pathogens existing in the water.

It basically disinfects the water and makes it pure for our consumption. UV water purifiers also help keep you in good health as it makes sure you don’t consume water with any harmful microbes.

The germicidal ultraviolet radiation present in the UV water purifier, along with the filter’s wavelength, scrambles the RNA or DNA of any bacteria or living organisms that might infect your water.

This method restricts them from reproducing and prevents you from getting sick. In case you happen to consume bacteria-infected water, these organisms might get lodged deep in your body’s digestive tract and can replicate, which can make you sick.

However, with a UV water purifier, the water goes through ultraviolet radiation, which helps in getting rid of virusesbacteriaparasites, and more with damaged nuclear acid within the contaminant’s DNA.


How Does A UV Water Purifier Work?

Now that we know what is UV water purifiers. Let’s now understand how UV water purifiers work.

A UV water purifier works by detecting all the living organisms existing in the water, such as cysts, bacteria, viruses, and more, to the germicidal ultraviolet wavelength.

The germicidal wavelength of radiation, which helps prevent all the organisms, is emitted by the UV lamp, and the glass quartz sleeve holds this UV lamp. The glass quartz sleeve is entirely transparent to the UV wavelength, which uses UV light to penetrate the glass and disinfect the water.

With required energy, the UV radiation of the purifier at 254-nm wavelength helps in disrupting the DNA in these pathogenic microorganisms through which these organisms aren’t able to reproduce.

The ultraviolet light in the water purifier helps prevent bacteria from spreading disease through the water. Because when UV light enters the microorganism, the UV light energy helps damage the cellular function of the microorganism, so it isn’t able to grow.

UV dosage can be described as the measurement of energy (in MJ/cm²) delivered through a UV water purifier. The more the dosage is provided, the more energy will be delivered to treat the contaminated or bacteria-filled water.

After a particular time, this energy becomes sufficient enough to help inactivate most microorganisms present in the water.


Advantages Of UV Water Purifier 

Now that we know what a UV water purifier is and how it works. Let’s look into all the advantages provided by these UV water purifiers.

1. Removes Microorganisms

Removes Microorganisms

A UV water purifier is effective in purifying water along with being quick. UV disinfection can help deactivate around 99.99% of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria from the water.

They are designed in a way through which they can constantly run and make sure the water is disinfected and safe for your use.


2. Safety

UV water purifiers are entirely safe as they don’t include any harmful chemicals for disinfecting or water purification.

A UV sterilizer utilizes special UV-C light to disinfect the water. Ultraviolet light helps treat the water for protozoa that other disinfection such as chlorine cannot prevent.


3. Environment Friendly

Eco friendly

Unlike few water filtration methods, UV water purifiers don’t waste or misuse water in purification. Since a UV purifier is not a filter, it doesn’t cause any wastewater issues.

Every drop of water that is entered in the UV purifiers gets purified and isn’t left behind to cleanout.


4. Easy To Install

Water purifiers systems are easy to install or attach to the house. It doesn’t involve any significant process to link them and gets installed effortlessly.


5. It Doesn’t Add Any Taste Or Odor

Doesn't Add Any Taste Or Odor To Water

These water purifiers are excellent at purifying and disinfecting the water, and it doesn’t cause any unwanted taste or odor to the water. Therefore, you won’t have to think about any weird taste or smell-related concerns delivered by these purifiers.



1. Are UV water purifiers really worth it? 

Yes, UV water purifiers effectively protect the water from various impurities, making it safe for people’s consumption. UV is a rapidcost-effective, and reliable technique to disinfect water for several uses such as drinking, kitchen, or the entire house.


2. What kinds of contaminants can be treated by UV water purifiers? 

UV water purifiers can treat or disinfect contaminants such as Fungi, Giardia, Algae, Cryptosporidium, Cholera, Virus (a few variants), Salmonella, and more.


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UV water purifiers are essential for treating the water we consume.

It is a modern method to make sure you aren’t intaking any unhealthy bacteria or viruses, which can further cause significant health issues, making it vital for everyone to know the importance of water purification and its uses.

Here we have mentioned all about UV water purifiers, how they provide safe water, and the advantages of using a UV water purifier which can help you know everything regarding these purifiers.

If you have any doubts regarding the UV water purifier, then tell us in the comments.

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