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To maintain his appearance in perfect order, a man does not have to go to the barbershop. If you understand how to care for the beard properly, you can provide perfect hair at home. There are several rules and simple secrets that will help you look well-groomed and tidy. Our article will advise from experts and tell you how to care for vegetation on the face is not worse than that of a professional master.


How to care for a beard: washing and drying

How to care for a beard

Most men let go of the beard to give individuality and attract the attention of the female sex. But before you grow hair, it is important to choose the right shape of the beard; otherwise, instead of a brutal image, you can get an inappropriate and sleazy look. You can find out how to choose the shape of a beard here.

A smart style choice is only half of the success. The vegetation does not stick out in different directions and does not look sloppy; it should be kept clean. How to care for the beard yourself? This will help regular washing of hairs, which should be performed using natural cosmetics. Soap for cleaning at home should contain natural ingredients and vegetable oils without harmful flavors or colors.

Vegetation has the ability to absorb odors and lose its freshness with constant contact with hands, so hair should be washed as often as possible. Considering how to care for the beard and mustache at home, we note that they need to be washed with clean water every day and soap or face wash to apply twice a week.

Having done the cleansing, it is important to dry the hairs properly. To do this, you can take a soft towel and soak the beard from top to bottom. If you are in a hurry, it is permissible to dry the beard with a hairdryer at home—pre-apply air conditioning. To ruffle the vegetation, blow the hairs from the bottom up, trying to use the combat at the same time. Finally, you can apply any care products, such as oil, to the beard. To learn how to use beard oil, you can click here.


Haircut and correct shape correction

Haircut and correct shape correction

Explaining how to care for the beard at home, it should be mentioned that it should have clear contours. Otherwise, it will look untidy. To achieve a neat kind of vegetation, you need to do its modeling. For bristles, correction at home should be made daily, for long hair – every three days.

Figuring out how to care for the beard, note that the main tool of the beard is a trimmer. Its small nozzle can remove the extra protruding hairs and a large trim of long outgrown hair. It is important to use a high-quality electrical appliance, which has sharp blades and step-by-step adjustment of length in modeling. You can read more about how to choose a trimmer for the beard.

If you don’t know how to care for your beard yourself, check out the following recommendations:

  • Start trimming from the side of the ear and follow down to the chin. Repeat the same procedure on the other half of the face. To perform the procedure correctly, learn how to use a beard trimmer from our article.
  • Do not do a haircut at home with a wet beard and mustache. Wet hair is always longer, so after they dry, you can get absolutely the wrong result.
  • Excess vegetation outside the beard, including in the neck area, is better removed with a razor. On how to properly shave your beard, will tell the article on the link.
  • To trim the mustache at home, they should first comb down and then use scissors or a trimmer. Start leveling from the middle, then trim the hair on the sides.

Telling how to care for the beard yourself, we recommend using the trimmers of Braun, which you will find in the catalog of our store. The devices have 39 length settings, which gives you complete control over the image creation. Haircut, with their help, is perfectly smooth because the motor Autosense can read the beard and adjust to its thickness.


Putting a beard at home

Styling at home is necessary for men who have a long beard. How to care for such wealth? To do this, you need to prepare special tools for styling, which are endowed with caring properties:

  • Wax is suitable for the texturing of individual strands. Apply a little wax on your fingers, rub and handle the beard to highlight the desired strands.
  • Gel – give gloss and help to fix the styling. How to care with a gel? After combing and giving shape, apply it to the hair and spread with a comb.
  • Balm – has a creamy texture and allows you to keep the styling for a long time. Squeeze the pea balm on the beard and rub it into the hairs.

Styling products for beard will give shape to vegetation, make the hair shiny and well-groomed. If you have an unusual curling mustache, in addition to balm and wax, you can use curling tweezers when laying.


Combing – how to care properly?

Regular beard care cannot be done without periodic brushing. How to care this way? For this purpose, it is better to use a wooden comb with small prongs, which will evenly comb the strands. With it, you can untangle the hairs and apply cosmetics on them, distributing the entire length.

Telling how to care for the beard, it should be noted that the comb should be designed specifically for the beard and easy to lie in the palm of your hand. Alternatively, at home, you can use a comb made of metal or plastic from time to time. The best solution will be a hairbrush equipped with soft natural bristles.


Must: hydration and nutrition

In the cosmetics of any beard should be present means for everyday care and rapid hair growth. How to care for a beard such products? At least once a week should be used as a nutritious balm, which will give softness to the hair and restore the problem skin. Before applying it, you should perform a clearing peel with a scrub. It will remove the dead particles of the epidermis and stimulate the hair bulbs.

If you do not know how to care for your hair, please note that you can use sprays to moisturize with a heavily grown beard. Unlike balm, they are much easier to apply to vegetation and remove fat well. Such remedies are especially relevant in cases where the skin is sensitive and tends to an allergic reaction. When irritating and itchy skin, it is advisable to use tools for the beard containing soothing ingredients. It can be cream with allantoin or panthenol.

With a long beard, it is important not only to find out how to care for vegetation properly but also to familiarize yourself with hair growth secrets. The best remedy for these oils with menthol and red pepper. They have a thermal effect on the skin, which leads to increased blood flow to the bulbs and accelerates the growth of hairs. Here we talk in more detail about how to grow a beard quickly.



Explaining how to care for the vegetation on the face correctly, it is impossible not to mention the maintenance of hair color. The coloring of the beard is usually used to remove gray hair or give hairs the desired shade. If you want to level the tone, you can use the following tools:

  • Coloring tonic is a safe product with coloring pigments that cover the surface of hairs. It does not disturb the vegetation structure, does not irritate the skin, and is easily washed off the beard after a week after application. Thanks to these properties, the tonic can be used in coloring for the first time.
  • Toning shampoo is similar to a tonic but allows you to combine washing and staining. The facility contains flushing paint. To return to the original color, it is enough to replace it with a regular shampoo.
  • Natural dyes – they include Basma and hen, which, when mixed, can give the desired shade of beard (from reddish to black). It is important not only to know how to care for vegetation but also to mix paints correctly.
  • Persistent paints are special tools designed to stain vegetation on the face at home. Offered in different tones, so they will be easy to pick up under the right color. Many experts recommend using paints containing vitamins and moisturizing ingredients to explain how to care for the beard. It is important that they were not ammonia. Otherwise, you can spoil the vegetation.

If you figure out how to care for the beard properly, it will be easy to maintain an attractive look at home. Regular procedures quickly become a habit, so you do not have to spend a lot of time on care.

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