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What’s your favorite protein shake? Nowadays there are so many brands and variants available, that it is difficult to choose the best protein powder. This time I tested Myprotein’s new protein shake. THE Whey is a mix of whey isolate and whey concentrate and contains 25 grams of protein per dosage. Are you curious about my personal experience with this shake? Check out my Myprotein THE Whey review below and find out all the advantages and disadvantages.

I tested this Myprotein protein shake for the following points:

  • Convenience
  • Price
  • Taste
  • Nutritional values


THE Whey of Myprotein

Myprotein THE Whey

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Before we go ahead with my Myprotein THE Whey review, please take a look at what Myprotein itself says about their new protein shakes.

“Our unique protein mix contains 25g of protein, 3g of leucine and more than 5g of natural glutamine per serving — with less than 2g of carbohydrates and 1g of fat — for the best daily shake. Developed with advanced filtration systems and the best ingredients, THE Whey is designed to give you the protein you need to develop and maintain important muscles.

  • High-quality whey mix
  • 25 g egg whites per serving
  • Less than 1 g carbohydrates and 1 g fat
  • Contains MyZyme™ – a unique blend of enzymes.”


Ease of use of THE Whey

The first point of my Myprotein THE Whey review is about ease of use. For example, I look at how the powder dissolves in water. But also to the information on the label about the recommended daily dosage.

According to the label, it is best to take THE Whey 30 to 60 minutes after your fitness workout. You can choose to mix the protein powder with water or milk. On rest days, you can take a shake at any time of the day to meet your protein needs. I tried myprotein THE Whey with both water and milk. In both, the powder dissolves well. There are no leftovers on your shake cup, and no lumps will appear in your shake.

It is recommended to mix 1 measuring scoop (30 grams of powder) with 250 – 300 ml of liquid. Of course, you can choose to adjust the dosage slightly, depending on your daily protein requirement. On the label, you will find more information about the ingredients and nutritional values. Additional added is the amount of BCAAs (L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine).


How much does this protein shake from Myprotein cost?

We think it’s important that you find the lowest price for your supplements. That’s why I look critically at the prices in this Myprotein THE Whey review. Is this meadow shake expensive or cheap compared to other brands?

You can order THE Whey from Myprotein in jars of 900 grams and 1800 grams. For 900 grams you pay 3999 INR. When you keep 30 grams of powder per shake, you extract 30 protein shakes from it. Converted you pay 133 Rupees per THE Whey shake. This is, in my opinion, a bit more expensive than the average protein shake. However, this is a mix of meadow isolate and meadow concentrate. Isolate is purer and therefore, more expensive.

To really say something of the price, I compared THE Whey of Myprotein with other brands. You can see Pure Whey Protein Isolate’s prices from Power Supplements, Whey Perfection Special Series from Body & Fitshop, Informed Whey from Bulk Powders and Whey Isolate from XXL Nutrition. As you can see from the table, there is quite a bit of difference in prices per shake. Body & Fitshop is the cheapest, followed by XXL and Power Supplements. Myprotein and Bulk Powders are quite a bit more expensive.


THE Whey flavors

When you take a protein shake every day to complement your healthy diet, it’s nice if the taste is tasty. To help you find the tastiest protein shake I share in my Myprotein THE Whey review my personal experience with all tastes.

You can order THE Whey in 8 different flavors, namely; Chocolate Caramel, Cookies ‘N Cream, Decadent Milk Chocolate, Matcha, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberry Milkshake and Vanilla Creme. As you can see, these are some more ‘luxurious’ flavors than the standard strawberry, banana and vanilla that you see with many proteins shakes. However, I do think that they are mainly chocolate-like flavors and therefore there are few fruit flavors.

Personally, I don’t mind, because I like this. But I can understand that someone else might have preferred a little more variety. The protein powder itself dissolves easily in water and milk. When you choose milk, the shake is even fuller and creamier, without the appearance of lumps. Almost all the flavors could please me. Only the matcha taste (resembling green tea) I found slightly less. My favourite is the Cookies ‘N Cream. Delicious taste with small pieces of cake in it.


Nutritional Values Myprotein THE Whey

The most important part of my Myprotein THE Whey review is, of course, about nutritional values. What macros does this protein shake contain and how pure is this shake compared to other brands?

When you shake with 30 grams of powder, you get the following macros in:

  • Energy = 112 kcal
  • Protein = 25 grams
  • Carbohydrate = 0.6 grams (of which 0.11 grams of sugar)
  • Fat = 1.7 grams (of which 0.7 grams saturated fat)
  • Sodium = 0.1 grams

As you can see, THE Whey of Myprotein contains a good dose of protein per shake. This is because the main use of meadow isolate has been used. This is a pure form of protein, which therefore contains less fat and sugar. THE Whey also contains a good amino acid profile, with all major BCAA’s. For example, you get 3 grams of leucine per shake, 1.9 grams of isoleucine and 1.6 grams of valine. When I look at the ingredients, I see that Myprotein has chosen a mix of meadow isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate. There are different types of proteins, all with a certain purity and absorption speed in your body.

In THE Whey, the 3 most important of these are combined. Furthermore, this protein shake contains flavorings, depending of course, on your choice of taste. Also, it contains MyZyme; This is a bespoke blend of digestive enzymes for the most efficient breakdown of proteins in amino acids. This means improved digestion for better muscle recovery.

Comparing protein shakes

To say more about the quality of THE Whey, I compared the nutritional values per 100 grams with the same brands as in the price comparison. In the table below, you can see the macronutrients. As you can see, THE Whey of Myprotein scores just fine. Especially in the field of carbohydrates and salt, the brand does good business. Unfortunately quite a bit more fats than other shakes, but fortunately not the highest saturated fatty acids. Striking is the big difference in sugars between Myprotein and Power Supplements, compared to Bulk Powders and Body & Fitshop.


Myprotein THE Whey review: my conclusion

Finally, I want to end my Myprotein THE Whey review with a short conclusion. In this supplements review, you have read my personal experience with the whey shake of Myprotein. For me, this protein shake has several advantages, but also disadvantages. The main pluses for me are the tasty taste, the high protein content and the extra amino acids (BCAA). It is also very nice that Whey contains low carbohydrates and sodium. Unfortunately, the price for this protein shake is slightly higher. I also find the fat content somewhat on the high side. This benefits the good taste, but for me, this should have been a little less.

All in all, I think The Whey from Myprotein is a good whey shake. This is due to the combination of isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate Whey and the good nutritional values. Would you like to try a high-quality protein shake? And don’t you mind paying a little more for this? Then I could definitely recommend Myprotein’s THE Whey!

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