5 Key Benefits And Features Of Medical Air Mattress

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Medical air mattresses are specially designed for hospitals, healthcare, and clinics. They are used among medicals because this kind of mattresses helps provide the patient proper comfort level and support they require.

According to research, medical air mattresses are acknowledged as more effective mattresses for patients than standard or regular hospital mattresses.

Medical air mattresses provide a few different benefits and features. This not only helps people feel comfortable while sleeping at night but also gives the support a patient needs for the entire day as they can go on for bed rest for multiple days.

Here we will mention all the benefits and features of medical air mattresses and explain what medical air mattresses are made of in this article.


Benefits Of Medical Air Mattress

Medical air mattresses are widely used in hospitals and clinics. Even though they might appear the same as a standard mattress, they are different in advantages and offer additional properties. Here are some benefits provided by Medical Air Mattress:

1. Comfort

Comfortable Mattress

Medical air mattresses provide great comfort to your body. This mattress makes sure the patient is getting the proper support the body requires to recover fast.

Unlike regular mattresses, they don’t provide discomfort to the patients based on their sleeping position and work for everyone regardless of the sleeping position and allow them to sleep peacefully.


2. Pressure Points

Medical Air Mattress Pressure Points

Most patients stay in their beds for hours which often results in sore skin, pressure ulcers, or uncomfortable bedding, which might increase the pain issues and makes recovery more challenging.

However, Medical air mattress includes especially alternate pressure points that help reduce the soreness from your body and provide additional support and comfort to the user, making it a perfect mattress for sleeping.


3. Blood Circulation

Bed rest can often make the blood circulation process in the body slow due to less movement. Medical Air mattress contains alternating pressure point benefit, which helps avoid skin breakdown in people due to low blood flow.

These mattresses use low air loss therapy and alternating pressure to stimulate blood circulation in the body.

So when a person makes any kind of movement or moves on the mattress, the pressure points keep on alternating, which can later help improve the blood circulation in the body.

These mattresses also make sure the patient feels fresh and not uncomfortable due to change in pressure points.


4. Low-Air Loss Technology

Low-Air Loss Technology

People often suffer from hot surfaces, which might affect some people’s sleep.

Therefore, medical air mattresses contain low-air loss technology, which includes pockets that allow the air to pass away from the mattress and help keep the surface cool so the patients can relax sufficiently with a suitable temperature without hassle.


5. Convenience

Mattresses often require regular cleaning and maintenance, especially the ones used for patients.

Since cleaning can become a bit difficult in standard mattresses as they are heavy and not that easy for lifting or carrying purposes, which can make the process quite tricky.

However, Medical air mattresses are lightweightwaterproofstain-resistant, and easy to handle.

It makes the entire cleaning process easy and reduces the workload for the user or the staff, and gets maintained effortlessly without providing any significant issues.


Features Of Medical Air Mattresses 

Now that we have looked into the benefits provided by medical air mattresses, let’s look into the features offered by this mattress:

Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant Mattress

Medical air mattresses are built with special requirements for patients by keeping all the essential aspects in mind regarding support and safety. This also includes making sure the mattress is fire-resistant in case of an emergency.


Manual Air Controller

Medical air mattresses include an air pump that patients can use for regulating the pressure of the mattress manually.

The force can be adjusted in each mattress section based on the preference, ensuring no extra pressure is applied. This feature helps in providing the correct amount of pressure as per the requirements of the patient.


What Is Medical Air Mattress Made Of?

Medical air mattresses are loaded with air and consist of various air cylinders located parallel to each other. These air cylinders combined produce air-filled mattresses.

These medical air mattresses are typically made of Polyvinyl Chloride or textile-reinforced urethane.

They are majorly built so the patient can get comfort during their recovery, especially when they have to spend around 15 hours a day on the bed and the patient can get soreness and pressure ulcers.

But a medical air mattress helps prevent soreness and pressure ulcers and provides maximum support and comfort while laying down regrading the sleeping position.

These mattresses come in various sizes, cleaning requirements, and mobility and offer the user a good rest. Also, the low-air technology helps in keeping the surface cool so the patient can sleep comfortably.



What sizes can I find in a medical air mattress? 

You can find sizes like QueenKingTwinFullCalifornia King, and more in medical air mattresses.


How long does medical air mattress last? 

A medical air mattress can easily last for around eight to ten years, though you need to make sure you look after your medical air mattress well in terms of cleaning and using it.


Why do hospitals use medical air mattresses? 

Medical air mattresses help in preventing various pressure injuries from taking place. Another primary reason for using medical air mattresses is their ability to avoid body sores after laying in the mattress for long hours, due to which hospitals utilize them.


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Medical air mattresses are used for healthcare as they keep the patient in a comfortable posture along with providing relief to body muscles and joints. These mattresses also make sure the patient gets the sleep they require by maintaining good support.

Here we have mentioned all the benefits and features offered by medical air mattresses, along with what medical air mattresses are made of, which can help you understand the advantages of medical air mattresses more clearly.

If you have any doubts regarding medical air mattresses, then tell us in the comments.

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