How To Use Hair Serum? (The Do’s and Don’ts)

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Over the years hair serum has become an essential part of the hair care industry. But still many of us face issues regarding how to use a hair serum. In this article, I’m going to cover ways on how to use a hair serum along with tips and tricks based on people with different types and concerns regarding hair.

Firstly, let’s start with the basis on what is the actual correct way to use a hair serum along with the benefits of hair serum.


The correct way to use a Hair Serum

  • The first step is to make sure you have to wash your hair correctly with organic shampoo.
  • Once you have washed your hair using a shampoo, apply Conditioner and rinse it well.
  • After rinsing your hair, take a few drops of hair serum on your palms and then apply it gently on damp hair.
  • Spread the serum evenly using your hands, you can also use a comb to brush your hair gently for spreading the serum.
  • In case you are using a serum that is in a form of a spray, then shake the bottle for few seconds and apply an adequate amount to the hair.
  • After following all these steps your hair will be smooth and shine like a salon finish.


How to use Hair Serum for Styling Hair

How to use Hair Serum for Styling Hair

Section your hair before styling and take few drops of hair serum in your hands and apply it evenly to the hair. Hair serums work as a heat protector which helps in preventing any damage from the heating appliance.

Due to which this is an essential step that needs to be followed before styling. You can also use a tiny drop of serum after the finishing of the straightening of curling hairstyling for a more clean and glossy look.


Things to remember before applying hair serum

  • Rub the serum between the palms for about 5 seconds before using it in the hair.
  • Don’t just apply the serum on the ends but make sure you have applied it evenly throughout the entire hair.
  • You are using the serum based on the respective hair type with knowing all the ingredients.
  • Choose the formulation of hair serum based on your hair type. For example, people with thick curly hair should go for a lightweight hair serum that provides you shielding as well as doesn’t make your hair more greasy.



How to use hair serum as per different types of Hair

1. Thick and Curly Hair

Thick and Curly Hair

Curly hair people tend to face the issue of maintaining their natural curls. Take a small amount of hair serum and apply it on the hair after towel drying, it is essential you section out the area while applying serum so all the lengths of hair get evenly spread.

This will help to keep the curls and also adding moisture to the hair eliminating the dull hair.


2. Thin Hair

The correct way to use hair serum on thin hair is by taking a sufficient amount of serum after drying your hair and then applying it from tips by flipping their hair upside down.

It is important you Don’t apply the serum to the scalp as it can weigh down thin textured hair. With the perfect amount of steps, the serum will help the hair look pleasing.


3. Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

People with damaged hair face various concerns like frizz, split ends, tangles and dryness. In this case, you should make sure you apply hair serum perfectly on towel-dried hair. Take few drops in the palm and gently spread it evenly on the hair. Then use a comb to get rid of tangles smoothly.

A hair serum will help bring back the moisture and shine to the dry and dull areas of hair making it smooth and alive again.


4. Oily Hair

Even oily hair needs shielding from damages caused due to environmental substances. So use a lightweight hair serum you only need very few drops because people with oily hair already have moisture present in their hair. Smoothly work that serum in the mid-length and ends of hair.

You should be careful while picking the hair serum that you Don’t choose a serum that is made for dry hair so pick a lightweight and thin formulated hair serum.


Don’ts of Hair Serum

Now that we have talked about what needs to be done while applying hair serums. Let’s talk about things that an individual should never do. Because the Do’s are as important as the Don’ts.


1. Don’t – use hair serum every day

Hair serums shouldn’t be used every day only use them when you have washed your hair. Because of everyday use of hair serums will add unwanted oils to the hair making it bad and dull.


2. Don’t – Over apply

One pump is usually enough even though people that have long hair may require a bit more. But you shouldn’t go overboard with the serum make because excessive use of serum can make your hair look greasy and oily so keep the quantity as per the requirement.

People with dry hair can face the issue of excessive dryness after some hours of applying serum. So they can go for another round of serum but people with normal or oily hair shouldn’t.


3. Don’t apply Serum to the scalp

Hair serums are made for the middle length and tips of the hair. Don’t apply it to the scalp this can result in undue build-up and blockage making it greasy. So make sure you apply serum only in the lengths of hair.


4. Don’t – Apply serum to Dirty or unwashed hair

When your hair and scalp are dirty and greasy, and added serum will only increase the oiliness and moisture in your hair trapped with dirt.

Instead, apply a serum to your wet hair or locks that are dry and clean. Another thing that you need to remember is that dry hair usually absorbs serum quickly and you may have to go in with another round.

So, if you feel the hair is still dry after a single plump goes in with another one for a smooth finish.



Benefits of using a Hair Serum

We usually face a lot of concern regarding hair and hair serums can truly be a saviour in solving various hair related issues. Here are some of the benefits of using a hair serum:


1. Brings shine

Brings Shine

Hair serums provide essential oils to the dull and dry areas of hair making it look more sleek and shiny.


2. Controls frizziness

Damaged hair usually faces the issue of frizz and flyaways. Hair serum contains silicone that helps in this issue by coating your hair with moisture making it more manageable and easy to handle.


3. Helps with tangles

People that have normal, straight or thin hair usually face the issue of tangles. So when hair serum is applied the hair becomes more sleek and smooth which helps in making the process of detangling easier.


4. Initiate Smoothness

Various hair serums have elements like hydrolyzed proteins that help in reflecting the light which also works great in providing smoothness to hair. These are highly used in post hair styling as well by stylists for giving a polished and smooth look.


5. Heat protecting

Hair serums coat your hair which helps in protecting your hair from various damages caused due to heat of hair appliances such as straightener, blow dry and more heating tools.

Apart from styling tools this coating through hair serums also protects the hair from sun exposure.



How is a hair serum helpful?

Hair serum helps in treating frizzy, dry and dull hair by providing shine and smoothness. However, you should apply serum to dirty hair. Use it after rinsing or before styling.


I have dry hair what kind of hair serum should I use?

People with dry hair should use a thick formulated hair serum one with ingredients like hydrolyzed proteins and oils which helps in providing hydration to the lengths of hair.


What type of Hair Serum should I use?

Hair serum should be chosen based on the type of hair you have. Like some have curly, dry, frizzy and other types of hair.

There are various types of serum available as per the concern some are for enhancing the natural texture, adding shine, reducing dullness and more.



Hair Serums can be extremely beneficial when used correctly. In this article, we discussed all the ways on how you can use a hair serum to get the best results the benefits, the Don’ts and more.

Hair serums have over the period become a huge part of the hair industry and have helped in solving various concerns related to hair like dryness, smoothness, tangles and more.

Therefore, it is well essential to know how to use a hair serum in a correct manner. I hope this article has solved your queries regarding how to use a hair serum.

Tell us in the comment section how you like to use a hair serum and what difference has used a serum made in your hair.

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