What Causes Wrinkles? How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

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Skin aging is an inevitable age process that, unfortunately, cannot be completely stopped. One of its direct consequences is the formation of folds of different lengths and depths on the face, the struggle with which has become the main task of aesthetic cosmetology and surgery.

Types and types of wrinkles are divided into several groups, depending on their origin, depth, and location, causes of

formation. Most distinctly, they are visible wrinkles on the face, neck, and neckline in areas with minimal subcutaneous fat and increased motor activity of adjacent muscles.


What Causes Wrinkles

In most cases, the first signs of skin withering appear as early as 20-25 years. Visually, they are still almost invisible, but at this age, the skin begins to lose moisture and tone, reducing its ability to regenerate. An additional effect is a variety of negative factors, both external and internal:

  • Genetics (genetic aging)
  • Lifestyle deficiencies: stresses, chronic overwork and lack of sleep, constant contact with dry and/or polluted air, low mobility, poor nutrition, bad habits
  • Increased strain on facial muscles
  • The insufficient or improper skincare, including substandard decorative cosmetics, the selection of creams not by skin type, etc.
  • Sharp weight fluctuations in weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal changes
  • Intense exposure to ultraviolet light – whether it’s tanning beds or the sun

It is very feasible to limit the impact of these circumstances, but it is almost impossible to avoid it completely. To protect the skin from genetic aging and provide a comprehensive impact at any age, it is necessary to use Advanced Genifique – an innovative activator of youth No.1. The formula for this tool is unique and patented until 2029. It contains the highest concentration of probiotics, which support all important functions of skin cells (renewal, protection, and ability to retain moisture) and the GenefiqueTM complex (it activates the production of youth proteins). The effect of using the tool is enhanced day after day. The skin looks fresh, healthy, and radiant. And the night concentrate of youth Advanced Genifique Sensitive perfectly protects the skin from genetic, premature (oxidative) aging, from the negative impact of the environment, eliminates irritation, redness and activates 10 signs of youthful skin. And all these thanks to the combination of two unique formulas: the exclusive GenifiqueTM complex and the most powerful antioxidant of plant origin in the cosmetic market, Ferulic acid in combination with vitamin E, which in the duet provide the strongest protection of the skin from the environment and UV rays.


Types of wrinkles

Types of wrinkles

There is no single, uniquely approved classification, which would include all wrinkles. However, cosmetologists and aesthetic surgeons identify several dozen main types – depending on their depth, the cause of appearance, and location.

By the depth of the lie:

  • Surface or epidermal wrinkles – look like fine lines located in the epidermis. Most often appear due to lack of hydration.
  • Mid-deep wrinkles – reach the middle layers of the skin (dermis), appear due to the development and deepening of the epidermal.
  • Deep wrinkles are pronounced relief folds; changes affect the middle and deep layers of the skin up to the hypoderma.


  • wrinkles on the forehead – horizontal lines, a direct consequence of our facials.
  • Interbrew wrinkles and wrinkles on the nose are large vertical folds that occur when the eyebrows are shifted and small folds on the top of the nose back.

Smoothing wrinkles is one of the main areas of cosmetic care products. Among them, there are both universal and those that are designed to eliminate wrinkles of one particular species and localization.

Reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles on the face will help shallow peeling and cream with a smoothing and moisturizing effect. Visionnaire CrescendoTM 2st stage night peeling is ideal for combating thin lines and skin imperfections. It consists of two formulas that are used sequentially. Phase 1 (fruit acids and quinoa shell extract – 5%) gently exfoliates the keratinized cells, aligns and refreshes the complexion, and prepares the skin for Phase 2.

Phase 2 (glycolic and salicylic acid – 10%) have a more intense exfoliating effect, noticeably renewing the skin and narrowing the pores. Genefique, a day cream activator of youth, can be used as a daycare. It protects the skin from genetic aging, smoothes fine wrinkles, gives the skin smoothness, velvetiness and radiance due to yeast extract, and prevents skin dehydration.

With more pronounced wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and gravitational ptosis is best fought using products from the Renergie Multi-Lift series – this is the gold standard of lifting, natural components, and the latest advances in cosmology to influence the main signs of skin aging.

At the heart of the line is the innovative UP-CohesionTM technology – which promotes the regeneration of fibroblast cells, energy production to provide deep lifting, and smoothing wrinkles.

To combat deep wrinkles and loss of density for intensive recovery of mature skin, products from the Absolue Premium BX range are ideal. The formula of products from this range includes the Pro-XylaneTM molecule to restore skin density and the Bio-NetworkTM complex to restore the vital functions of skin cells.

To smooth wrinkles and improve the external condition of the skin, often resort to cosmetic procedures, but do not forget that none of these techniques will get rid of wrinkles forever. The duration of the result can be different – from 3-6 months to several years, but sooner or later, you will need to take your skin seriously again. Professional procedures should be supported by regular home care and general care for their health. Otherwise, the effect will not last long.

Absolue Precious Cells products will be irreplaceable, as home care after cosmetic procedures and for intensive skin restoration of any age. Unique formula (which includes the essential oil of the Damascus rose, the powerful anti-aging molecule Pro-XylaneTM, vegetable oil passionfruit, corn, care, apricot, rice bran,

Flax extract and soy proteins) penetrates deep into the skin, triggering cell renewal processes, neutralizing the action of free radicals, nourishing and restoring the protective barrier.


How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

To delay or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you need:

  • Provide the skin with regular and proper care: use quality cosmetics and cosmetics, choose creams suitable for skin type and age.
  • To lead an active lifestyle: more walking in the fresh air, playing sports, observing a full-fledged rest mode.
  • Eat right: enough fluids, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Avoid sunlight, tanning beds, regularly use sunscreen.
  • Give up a lot of bad habits.

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