How to grow a beard faster? 11 tips & tricks to grow a thicker and fuller beard

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Let’s agree that beards make men look a lot more attractive and handsome. Well, at least that is what most of us believe. A lot of men out there prefer having a thick beard. However, not everyone is lucky enough in this department. If you are one of those men and are also having trouble growing your beard, you have come to the right place.

Different people have different beard growth rates. By making a few changes in your lifestyle, you can improve your beard growth rate. In this article, we will discuss the natural ways of doing so. These steps seem to have worked for a lot of people, and we are sure, will help you maximize the growth of your beard. Read on to find out more.


11 Tips for Growing Beard Faster

There are a number of tricks and tips that you could follow to maximize your beard growth. Discussed below are some of the important steps that can make a difference in your beard growth rate if followed properly.

1. Washing and moisturizing

Washing and moisturizing

This is something very basic. For the healthy growth of hair, having clean and moisturized skin always helps. Remember to cleanse your face daily using a gentle men’s cleanser and make sure to moisturize it later. You can do it using any good face lotion.

In fact, cleanse and moisturize twice a day- morning and night. This will remove the excess oils and dirt from the pores that might be hampering your hair follicles from growing out. It will keep your face clean, soft, and hydrated, which can prove to be healthy and good for hair growth.


2. Exercising and facial massage

Exercise is important. Regular exercising will improve your blood circulation, which in turn can promote hair growth. Facial massage can be of great help in boosting the blood circulation on the face. It will ensure a constant flow of nutrients and hormones into the facial hair follicles.

Exercising also helps in the removal of toxins from the skin. Thus, it would be best if you adopted regular exercising into your daily routine.


 3. Sleep


If you are not getting a night of adequate sleep, it may affect your testosterone levels. Loss of sleep does lead to hair problems. This is because most of the testosterone is produced by your body during the night.

A night of proper sleep can improve your beard quality and also help in repairing the damaged skin cells, thus promoting hair growth. Eight hours of sleep at night is a must.


 4. Quitting smoking

It is said that smoking can be one of the causes of hair loss. The study by the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital of Zürich, Switzerland, suggests that the toxicants of cigarette smoke can cause damage to the DNA of hair follicles. Thus, smoking can prove to be bad for hair health and growth.

If you choose to quit smoking, chances are your beard growth will improve. To quit smoking suddenly can get difficult, but with the help of your doctor, you can develop a plan that can help you reduce smoking.


 5. A good and balanced diet

A good and balanced diet

They say, “You are what you eat.” The kind of diet you consume really shows, as it affects your body. The way a good diet is necessary for a good and healthy body; a good diet is also required to ensure maximized beard growth.

Including vegetables, fruits, and proteins, along with a balanced diet in your daily diet, can help you promote hair growth. Providing your body with the proper nutrients will ensure efficient hair growth.

B vitamins are known to promote hair growth and ensure healthy hair. Chances are, they will also help you with your beard growth. Other than that, food items like eggs, cheese, whole grains, cheese, green vegetables, yoghurt, chicken, carrots, legumes, eggs, liver, tomatoes, spinach, oranges, onions, raisins and sweet potatoes should be included in your diet.


6. Supplements 

It is not really possible to grow a beard out of nowhere using supplements; however, supplements and vitamins can boost the rate of beard growth naturally. Nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin C, Niacin, Inositol and Vitamin A can help in improving the pace with which your facial hair grows.


7. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating skin

Along with cleansing and moisturizing, make sure to exfoliate your face once a week. Exfoliating your face helps in removing the dead skin cells from it that might be blocking your hair follicles, and in turn, promotes hair growth.

Tip: Always do a patch test before using a new exfoliant to see if it suits you.


8. Fight the urge to use the trimmer

As much as you will have the urge to lay your hand on that trimmer, you need to resist. Shaving it off will not help you in growing the beard thicker or quicker.

Let your beard grow out for about 4 – 6 weeks. Only groom your beard once it is grown fully. If you keep trimming or grooming it every now and then, your beard will not grow out properly.


 9. Keep the stress at bay

Keep the stress at bay

It is vital for you to keep your stress under control. Not only for a healthy beard but for your overall progress, stress management is essential.

 Problems related to stress- such as Insomnia and disturbed routine, can lead to facial hair fall. Try to reduce your stress by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. Fix your sleeping schedule and try to exercise regularly. Do things that help you calm down. If need be, see a doctor that will help you manage your stress.


 10. Beard Oil

Growing a beard can take quite some time and can be a difficult task at times. There are many beard products available in the market that claim to make the journey smoother for you. Not all of them can be trusted, but some can actually prove to be beneficial for your beard health.

Using beard oil will keep your beard nourished and moisturized, which can promote hair growth. Nowadays, there are many beard creams and beard oils available online as well as in stores. You can give it a try after consultation.


11. Have Patience

Have patience

Everyone’s facial hair growth pace is different. Some people might grow a beard quickly, while others may not. Do not get overwhelmed in pursuit of growing your beard faster. You cannot control your genetics. Wait for a few months before your beard grows out properly. The trick here is to give it time. Do that! Stay patient!


Will shaving help me grow my beard faster?

The answer is NO! Shaving does not make your beard grow out faster. There is no research that supports this claim. Your beard might appear thicker after shaving, but that is just an illusion. In fact, you must avoid shaving or frequently trimming if you wish to grow a beard.

What are the causes of slow beard growth?

There can be many reasons for slow facial hair growth. It could be either due to poor food habits and nutrient deficiencies; or due to low hormone levels. In some cases, the reason for a slow beard growth can be genetic. Not taking enough care of your skin can also be a cause of slow beard growth.



We are all blessed with different bodies and different genetics. While it is a piece of cake for some men to grow a beard, it is equally tough for others. We are just hoping that inculcating these easy tips in your daily routine helps you stimulate your beard growth naturally.

However, at the same time, we urge you not to worry too much about it. Remember that it is crucial to stay healthy and stress-free, and give the process some time to be able to see results.

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