12 Basic Makeup Essentials You Really Need 

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As a makeup lover, you may have come across several makeup products on cosmetic stores, online websites, etc. Starting from the primer, which is the first step of makeup, to the setting spray, which is the last step, makeup products are available in large quantities by various makeup brands.

But, do you know some of the essentials of makeup, without which your makeup routine is incomplete? In fact, there are various makeup items out there that you might not have in your possession, but you probably should!

Through this article, you’ll get knowledge of the makeup products of everyday use. So, are you ready to upgrade your makeup bag with some unique and latest makeup products? If yes, stay tuned!



Applying makeup is an art! Like fashion, it keeps on changing accordingly with the new trends. Yet, some primary products are essential for every makeup look.

Let us know what these products are and their uses.

1. Moisturizer 


An oil-free moisturizer is the first and most crucial step of a makeup routine. It is essential to nourish your skin before applying chemical-based makeup products.

Moisturizer acts as a barrier for your skin against chemical-based makeup products and thus, protects it from getting exposed to acne or breakouts. It makes your skin healthy and hydrated. It is essential to apply moisturizer when putting your makeup on for 5 to 6 hours.

It is recommended to use the best-branded moisturizers for your skin to do their job correctly rather than doing the reverse to your skin.


2. Makeup Primer

Makeup Primer

It is a must-have product because it helps the makeup to stay longer in its place. Its job is to prep the skin and make it even for applying makeup.

If you are dealing with skin redness or pores, this is the right product for you! It also helps to hydrate the skin and provides a radiant glow. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, this is the right time to do so.


3. Foundation or BB cream

Foundation or BB cream

Foundation is yet another essential makeup product that completely changes your look as it tends to hide acne, breakouts, and spots present on the face. As the name suggests, it acts as the base for any makeup routine.

So important yet difficult to choose! The most challenging part is choosing the right shade for your skin when it comes to foundation.

It comes in several shades and textures.  Thus, you have to decide what type of coverage you want (natural, medium, sheer, or full) and then choose the proper foundation for you.

If you are buying it from a cosmetic store, you can do a patch test and see if the particular foundation is blending right into your skin or not.

Yet another product can act the same as your foundation when you need low coverage. Yes, I’m talking about BB cream. It is a great daytime alternative to your foundation when you don’t require full coverage.


4. Concealer


The primary and most important function of a concealer is to hide those stubborn dark circles and make them vanish. It also helps to hide uneven skin tone or any marks present on the face.

It is a fantastic product to give you a flawless, natural look. Ideally, you should choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation so that if the foundation doesn’t do its job, the concealer does.


5. Blush


The main function of applying blush is to highlight your cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones. With the proper colour and application, blush can really elevate your look.

They come in different forms, including powder, liquid, and stick blushes. As a beginner, it is best to use powdered blush as it is easy to apply and gives a natural and amazing finish to your overall daily makeup look.

Tip- Light pink and peach blush tones work well on light to medium skin tones, whereas plum and deeper shades work well on dusky skin.


6. Mascara


Mascara is one such magical product that completely changes your look and brightens up your eyes even if you didn’t get to sleep the night before.

It comes in various shades and formulas that lengthen and curl your lashes. Black mascara is the most common in use. It is best to choose waterproof and smudge-free mascara for your daily use.


7. Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

As a beginner, few makeup brushes are enough for the application of makeup products. Brushes play an important role in the even application of makeup products. The 5 main brushes are blusher brush, mascara brush, spoolie brush for eyebrows, lip brush and smudger brush.

You can use your fingers as well for makeup application, but once you start using brushes, you’ll automatically see the difference between them.


8. Compact or Face Powder

Compact or Face Powder

Another important makeup product is the compact powder. Sometimes, our face looks a bit cakey after the application of liquid-based foundations and concealers. Thus, to give it a matte look, face powder is applied. It is an excellent product for a quick touch-up.

Also, you can just apply face powder for a daily makeup routine if you do not want to go overboard with foundations and concealers.

It is highly recommended for people having oily or combination skin types.


9. Eyeliner


The eyes are the most beautiful part of the face, and thus, you should never forget your eyeliners and kajal pencils while preparing your makeup bag.

It helps provide a beautiful shape to your eyes and makes them look more attractive. It comes in various colours, but the most common one is black. Smudge-free eyeliners are highly recommended as compared to others.


10. Highlighter


Here comes the most favourite, Highlighter! It comes in various forms, including liquid, powder, and stick highlighter. The most common shade is golden with glitters. It provides you the glow you’ve always been looking for.

Highlighters are mainly applied to highlight the tip of the nose, cheek bones, below the eyebrows and the cupid’s bow. It provides a radiant glow and completes your makeup look.


11. Lipstick

M.A.C MAC Matte Little Lipstick

Your lips should be colourful for that picture-perfect pout, right?

The primary function of lipstick is to make your lips look colourful and it comes in various forms including shiny, matte, gloss, satin, etc. The most common shade red works the best for a natural makeup look.  

For better application, you can also apply a lip primer before applying your lipstick to make it stay longer.


12. Setting Spray

Setting Spray

Here comes the last step! It makes the makeup look more even and also helps it stay longer. Once the makeup is done, it is essential to set it using a good-quality setting spray.

It comes in different formulas depending upon what type of finish you want (matte or radiant). Its primary purpose is to keep your makeup in place all day and night. So, if you wish so, don’t skip this step!



Question 1- What is a spoolie brush?

Answer- A spoolie brush is one meant to comb through and shape your eyebrows. It makes them look even and provides a proper shape to them. It can also be used to brush your eyelashes.


Question 2- What is better: a makeup brush or a sponge?

Answer- It is easier to blend the makeup, especially foundation and concealer using a sponge as it does not take much of effort comparatively. It helps to spread the makeup uniformly and gives you a perfect makeup look.



If you want to look beautiful with your makeup, these 12 products are your must-have. Each of these products has its importance to give you a proper makeup look. Also, ensure that all the products you are using suit your skin type and do not cause any allergy.

So, all the ladies out there! Hurry and buy these essentials because now it’s your time to look beautiful and gorgeous.

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