How Much Water Should You Drink Everyday (Explained By Drugresearch Expert)

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Many doubts arise, questions and above all opinions regarding the amount of water that we should ingest every day, however, the answer will surprise you this time: it depends, on our weight, size, physical activity that we perform and a lot of other characteristics; however what we do have to make sure is that the liquid we are going to consume is purified water so that in this way we avoid what is known as water diseases and also provide our body with a quality liquid.


Two liters of water a day?
water a day

First of all, it is important to note that the popular suggestion that we should consume at least two liters of water per day is usually offered in general, without having previously specified the size of the person or their weight. When we hear about drinking 2 liters of water, they refer to a figure that may serve as a reference from which we can set the recommended water intake.

Experts say that when we feel thirsty, it means we’re already slightly dehydrated; make sure we consume clean water all day long, you can use best water purifier for home for getting crystal clear and healthy water

However, at this point, it is important to take into account that the water you are going to drink must be totally devoid of impurities, as well as lime, since it is the most useful for your well-being, but above all, your health. It is important to note that if water quality is not the most suitable in your home or workplace, this complication has a quick, simple, and easy solution: buy a domestic reverse osmosis filter. However, in case you have doubts about the quality of the water in your home, our team of professionals will be in charge of helping you analyze whether its quality is adequate or not, being also the liquid that is obtained through such equipment the most suitable water to drink and cook.

Now, taking up the issue of quantity, it is important to note that two liters a day may be excessive or insufficient for the same person, which will depend not only on the weather but also on the physical activities it carries out. The person in question may not work during the winter season, but during the summer may have a job that requires a lot of physical effort. This is when we say again that the amount of water you are going to eat: depends; in this case, your liquid needs are not going to be the same at one time or another.

On many occasions, we are not really clear whether the two liters refer only to water or other beverages are also included, such as tea, infusions, juices, or soft drinks, whose water content is really high. Likewise, the water content in large quantities of fruits and vegetables is also high, and equally, around 90%, and other products and proteins such as chicken, meat, or fish are also high in water. It is important to remember that every milliliter of water matters and its quality, so the consumption of contaminated water could have serious consequences for our health.


Should we calculate the amount of water?

After all this explanation, it is clear to us that it is a somewhat complicated subject. Surely you’ve seen more than one person walking in the street with a bottle of water that he eats even though he’s not thirsty. For here then another exciting issue arises and is that the excess in water intake is also not convenient, just as a liquid deficit is, it is important to keep a balance in it; for example, you should never wait to be thirsty to drink water because when we feel thirsty, it is because our body has mild dehydration.

On the other hand, children will require less water, except for those who do a lot of physical activity.

Now, if we consume more water than our body asks for and requires, then we would be practically forcing both our bladder and our urinary system to do a job that is not theirs.

Let’s remember that our organism is composed of about 70% water. So hyperhydration is what happens when a person ingests much more water than they can remove. To do this, we must consider that we all have a different body; however, according to calculations, we can remove up to 7.5 liters of water each day.

Another reason we need to consume enough water because that’s what’s going to help the kidneys perform their function of removing toxins from the body. Here it is important to emphasize that excessive water consumption can hinder the filtration capacity of the kidneys, so it is more appropriate that it is your body that through the mechanism of thirst warns you when you should consume water, remembering that as soon as you feel thirsty, you must do so, to avoid suffering dehydration.

Finally, we want to offer you a mathematical operation that will help you determine how much water you should consume per day:

For example:

If a person weighs 150 pounds (68 kg), they must divide their weight into 2 parts; thus, it gives 75 ounces (34 kilograms), which in other sizes have been about 7 glasses per day.


Formula not to forget:

(Bodyweight in pounds) / (2) – Amount of water per day in ounces.

It is important to remember that apart from the amount of liquid, it is important that you look at its quality; it is essential that what you consume is purified water through a mosses filter to avoid medical complications and always stay healthy.

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