Cost Of Otoplasty In India (Air Operation Cost In India)

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What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic hearing surgery that helps enhance the ear’s form, location, or symmetry. It is done to address abnormalities of the ear that really are present from birth but then become apparent with growth or to cure malformed ears produced owing to an accident. Hence, it is also referred to as ear straightening or ear pinning. Individuals who choose for this operation are mainly worried about how far the ears are from the head and wish to cure an accident or congenital issue.

Other issues that this procedure may treat are:

  • Lop ear: It is a disorder wherein the ear’s tip looks to fold down forward and.
  • Slightly rounded ear: Shorter ears than usual.
  • Casing ear: The curvature in the outer edges, the nonstandard, and wrinkles are missing.
  • with the wide extended presence of sufficient
  • Lobes with big prominently and creases

Consequently, the cost of care of each kind of deformity is somewhat varied.


How Much  An Otoplasty Might Cost In India?

In India, the average price of Otoplasty is roughly Rs. 1,21,243 (about). On the other hand, the rates may range based on the facilities in each city and their location.

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure.

While the technique varies depending on the surgery, surgeons will follow the stages listed below in most situations.

  • The patient received an anesthetic before the surgery.
  • An incision is created inside the folds of the patient’s earlobes to perform the procedure.
  • Closing incisions is accomplished by placing external stitches behind the ears.
  • This surgery is used to fix protruding ears on the head.
  • It is generally done on both ears simultaneously, and it takes around 2-3 hours.

People with diabetes, cardiovascular patients, lung health care workers, heavy smokers, and drinkers are among the people who should avoid this procedure because of their medical conditions. It is because these illnesses might raise the possibility of complications and adverse effects after surgery.

As young as four years old, this procedure may be performed, which can be done up to maturity.


What are the different ways Otoplasty can be done?

Otoplasty Surgery Can Be Done In Several Ways:

  • Cartilage Removal Is A Surgical Procedure:

A series of incisions are created in the meniscus to eliminate it, relocate it, or add other tissues during this treatment. Remember that this method is more likely to result in more significant scarring than other types of procedures; however, the marks will be less apparent. To find out how much the Cartilage Cutting Operation kind of Otoplasty Surgery will cost you. Click on the inquire now button.


  • Cartilage Preservation:

Stitches and threads are used in treatments like the Mustard technique to modify the shape and location of the ear. In most cases, it is a straightforward treatment that results in ear deformations that are straighter and more natural-looking. To calculate the cost of the Cartilage Attempting to spare Procedure kind of Otoplasty Surgery, please click here. Click on the inquire now button.

Because it is a surgical operation, there are certain dangers associated with it, including the following:

  • Disfiguring
  • Ears that are not symmetrical
  • Changes in the feeling of the skin
  • Excessive acoustic correction
  • Ear bleeding or infection are two conditions that might occur.
  • Anesthesia-induced adverse response

It is possible to improve ear surgery’s shape, location, or proportions, known as Otoplasty. If a problem in ear anatomy is present at birth and becomes obvious throughout growth, it may be corrected, and it can also be used to address malformed ears that have been caused by damage.


How do we go about Otoplasty Operation?

Otoplasty Operation

A regional or general anesthetic is used to execute the treatment, which takes approximately 2-3 hours.

  • The first stage is the administration of anesthetic to the patient.
  • Part two of the procedure involves making an incision inside the folds of an earlobe.
  • The incisions are stitched together using exterior stitches.
  • In situations with prominent ears, noticeable effects might be seen immediately after the procedure.

To be a good candidate for otoplasty surgery, you must be in good health.

Ear surgery is most often done on youngsters, which is surprising since the cartilage in young ears is more flexible and malleable than adults, making it simpler to modify.

It is common practice to execute the surgery on youngsters between the ages of five and fourteen. Adults are also often subjected to Otoplasty. Individuals who are excellent candidates undergoing Otoplasty include those who are:

  • India is home to Otoplasty.
  • Physically fit and well-nourished
  • Huge ears
  • They are on the lookout for strategies to enhance the appearance of their poofy hair.
  • Optimistic about their abilities
  • lop ear lobe
  • Cupped ear canal
  • Ear of conch
  • Earlobes that are excessively large or stretched
  • With deep grooves and wrinkles on the earlobes


Exactly What Are The Pre-Operative Procedures For Otoplasty Surgery?

Pre-Operative Procedures

The optimum outcomes from Otoplasty, it is common for patients to spend weeks preparing for the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will go through all of the actions you should take to prepare for your otoplasty procedure with you in detail. The surgeon will extensively examine the patient’s ears, then explain several options for repairing the condition. You must follow their recommendations for the surgery to get the results you want. Your surgeon may instruct you to perform the following activities:

  • The use of tobacco products should be prevented for up to two weeks before the treatment.
  • Stop taking herbal supplements or begin taking them.
  • Consume certain foods
  • Inform your surgeon about any ailments you may be suffering from before the procedure.


What Are The Dangers Of Undergoing Otoplasty Surgery?

When Otoplasty is performed by a knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgery practitioner, problems are uncommon and typically minimal. As with any surgical procedure, problems might arise, and otoplasty treatment is everywhere in this regard. Several dangers are involved with otoplasty surgery, including the following:

  • Cartilage infection is a medical term that means “infection of the cartilage.”
  • Scarring
  • Blood clot of little significance
  • Ears that seem to be made of plastic
  • Ears that aren’t quite right
  • The protrusion has recurred on many occasions.
  • Resulting in the need for a second operation



Ear reshaping is sometimes called Otoplasty. Otoplasty is a range of plastic surgical techniques used to treat external ear abnormalities or injuries. Only one sort of cosmetic procedure is done on youngsters rather than grownups. Otoplasty surgery may reshape your ears. Large ears, projecting ears, etc., are expected. If your ears trouble you, Otoplasty could be a possibility. It may help both the discomfort of mocking and the personality of bulging ears.

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