What are the Advantages of Having a Round Bed Mattress

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A bed mattress circle in shape without any corners are round bed mattresses. Give them a try as they are advantageous, and you may feel secure compared to rectangular ones because of their round shape.

So, let us dive deeper into the advantages you can enjoy buying a round mattress! 

This article will let you know about all the advantages and things to consider while buying a round mattress.

What are the Advantages of Round Bed Mattresses? 

Do you want to make your interior look better? Why not try a round bed mattress? Good quality round bed mattress will provide you with many advantages listed below, along with thickness and softness to sleep well. 

1. Available in Ample Varieties

Available in ample varieties

The foremost advantage of a round bed mattress is that you can get it in an ample variety of sizes, colors, materials, and types. The round mattresses available in India are hybrid, pocketed coil, latex, and memory foam round mattresses. 

Hybrid mattresses are multilayer beds for extra comfort and supportiveness. And pocketed coil mattresses are made of coils and springs wrapped in fabric, providing you with more durability and dynamic support. On the other hand, latex mattresses are made of natural materials and last long. 

And the last type of round mattress, called foam mattress, is the most comfortable, fluffy, and good for body posture. All the types come in various sizes and colors. You can customize them according to your size requirement. 

2. Reasonable Price

Round bed mattresses are long-term investable beds. They are available at reasonable prices, similar to the regular rectangular mattress. Based on the material and type of round beds, you can get them in a range of Rs, 1,000 to Rs. 60,000 in India. Also, you can buy a rectangular bed mattress of your choice and convert it into a round bed according to the size required. By this, you will get more choices for type, colors, and customization.

3. Get to Customize

As mentioned in the above points, you get to customize your round bed mattress according to your preferences. How? The custom round bed mattress is hand-tailored, so you get to choose your mattress’ color, size,  design, and material in a match to your room. 

The size you get to pick will vary from 76 inches to 99 inches. So, you can pick any moderate to lavish-looking round bed mattress for yourself! Go to a mattress shop or visit online customizing websites.

4. Easy Sleep

Easy sleep

Round beds provide you with calm sleep because of their shape. It is built bigger than a rectangular bed in size according to your preferences. So, you get more space for motion, and you get to sleep with your partner comfortably. And if you buy a round mattress of excellent material like a foam round bed mattress, you will not experience any disturbance in your sleep the whole night.

5. Safe for Children

Safe for children

As a round bed mattress is a circle in shape, there are no sharp edges. So, it is safe for babies and small children as they walk around negligently. And to avoid getting them hurt, and if you are worried about leaving your babies alone in a room, consider buying a round mattress. 

6. Luxurious Room View

Luxurious room view

Among all mattresses, a round-shaped mattress gives the best look. It will provide your room with an authentic, stylish, and elegant look. You can place it in an open space for an appealing look to attract others’ attention. 

Buy different design styles of round mattresses for your room like classic, minimalist, modern, etc. And unlike rectangular-shaped beds, you can place round bed mattresses in the middle, corner, or anywhere in your room. 

7. More Secure Feel

As said before, you may feel more comfortable and solace to sleep on round beds because you will feel secure on them. Good quality round bed will also give you a cozy and ultra-comfortable feel. It is best and more secure for people who rotate all around while sleeping or lie on their stomachs as there are no corners.

8. Easy to Store Bedding

You can get large spacious drawers in a round bed mattress. Hence, round beds are more spacious than regular rectangular beds. So, either you can customize its size and drawers according to the space you need beneath the bed or buy a large spaced bed. 

9. Assort According to Yourself

As you get a choice to buy a customized round bed mattress, you also get a choice to assort the bedding anytime and in any way you wish to. You can adjust the sleeping pads, bed style, bed position, and directions to put everything together.

10. Safe to Stroll Around

As you know, a circle-shaped bed will have no corners or sharp edges. Therefore, it is safe for you to move around in the room without hurting your leg. And also, if you have a round bed, you get more space on the bed to stroll around. 

11. Easy Motion

Because a round mattress is comfortable and easy to sleep on, it provides easy motion to change your position or rotate around the bed. And as you do not need to be afraid of bumps, bruises, and accidental injuries, you can safely sleep on a round bed in any direction. 

A foamy and cozy round mattress of good quality will provide you with more advantages for movement on the bed. Also, compared to regular beds, round beds are large and spacious to let you freely change your sleeping position at night.

12. Durable

The durability depends on the material of the mattress you are buying. A round mattress of luxurious quality will be the most durable and last long. A latex mattress is the most durable one among all the round mattresses. It lasts for around 12 to 15 years with proper maintenance.

13. Orthopedic


Like a rectangular mattress, you can buy an orthopedic foam round bed mattress. It is best for people with back pains as it keeps your spine aligned, which helps alleviate stress on the back, reducing back pain.

14. Versatile 

Round beds are versatile as you can use them anywhere as a part of room decor. And also, you can use them as sofas or a couch. And if it is a customized round bed, you can add a feature to convert them from bed to sofa or sofa to bed anytime. 

15. Flexible

As round bed mattresses are comfy, easy, versatile, and you can assort them in your way. Therefore, they are flexible in use and switch positions and decor. Also, its flexibility depends on the material it is made from, and the flexibility lasts long the more you maintain it. 

How to Buy a Round Bed Mattress?

How to buy a round bed mattress?

To buy a round bed mattress, first, you must consider your body requirements. Like, the space you require to sleep, the position you sleep the most (your sleep orientation), and the material you are comfortable in. Then look for the size you need and the count of people who will sleep on that bed. 

If you want a custom bed, see the construction and foam you want them to use according to your comforts. Also, choose the interior decor you want, including the bed’s color, design, drawer space, and more. 


A bed mattress circle in shape without any corners are round bed mattresses. They are advantageous and feel more secure compared to rectangular beds.

The round bed gives a luxurious look to your room. It doesn’t have corners, so it is safe for babies and you to walk around. The best thing about a round mattress is that you can get it customized according to your comfort, choice of color, size, design, and more. You can get it at a reasonable price in various sizes and materials. 

We hope you found the article helpful. So, do not forget to share your experience reading the article in the comment section below. 

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