What is HR Foam in Mattress? Pros & Cons

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Have you been thinking about getting a new best mattress because you don’t seem to get enough sleep however much you try? While looking for a new mattress, you must have come across HR or High Resilience Foam, a popular foam.

You may be contemplating if you should buy a High Resilience Foam Mattress or not. No worries, we have you covered! This article answers all the questions you might have– what is HR foam? And if buying an HR Foam mattress is worth it or not? Read on to know more.


High Resilience Foam- All About It


High Resilience Foam- All About It


HR Foam, otherwise termed High Resilience Foam, is famous for its solace and bounce. High Resilience Foam is kept at a higher level than other polyurethane foam.

This foam is elastic in nature because of its diverse design of the cell structure. This diversified cell structure helps in equally dividing the weight of the body when applied pressure.

One of the most important features of the High Resilience Foam mattress is that it is easy to keep these mattresses in good shape even after years of use.

HR foam mattresses are also termed orthopedic mattresses because this mattress has the tendency to help alleviate body and muscle pain.


Why Must You Use The Right  Mattress


Why Must You Use The Right  Mattress


1. Get Required Amount Of  Sleep

Sleeping on the right mattress will help you get the sleep you have been deprived of. The perfect mattress will provide you comfort and even help you with your posture. A good posture, less back pain, and a comfortable surface eventually let you get the ideal sleep.


2. Good Or Bad Posture Anything Is Okay

Some people struggle with maintaining the correct posture while sleeping, and they wake up feeling unsettled with an aching body. With a good mattress, you will not be suffering facing these issues.

Moreover, a good mattress will let you get a good sleep in any posture you are comfortable in.


3. Emotional and Mental Well-being

The common consensus is that mental health affects your sleep cycle, but do you know that even no sleep can worsen your mental health? For good mental health, sleep is very necessary.

If you are sleep-deprived, you are bound to get restless, which certainly is not good for your emotional well-being.

Not getting enough sleep will make you lose focus all day long and you will end up being unproductive the whole day. Mood swings will wreak havoc in your life.

Author’s Note– Do not forget to consider your choices and your sleep style while Buying a mattress. 


Advantages of our HR Foam mattress:

While there are varied advantages of High Resilience Foam Mattress, this list is enough to convey all the qualities of HR Foam.


1. Comfort That You Need

The High Resilience Foam mattress is produced in such a way that it remains firm and, at the same time, provides the comfort that your body needs while sleeping or even relaxing.


2. Less Disturbance While Sleeping

If you share your bed with someone and the other person moves too much in their sleep, disrupting your slumber, then High Resilience Foam Mattress is the right choice.

High Resilience Foam limits the transfer of motion by subtly soaking it up, thus creating less disturbance.


3. Helps With Body Pain

If you are suffering from body aches like back pain and neck pain a High Resilience Foam mattress can help relieve these. Its elastic nature makes it the best mattress choice for people with body pain.


Some Disadvantageous Features of High Resilience Foam

All good stuff has certain disadvantages; High Resilience Foam Has Too.


1. Expensive

Though High Resilience Foam Mattress has various qualities, it is quite expensive. Its price makes people think twice before buying it.


2. Cracks 

A mattress with cracks doesn’t really look good. Cracks may easily form on a High Resilience Foam mattress if it is not handled appropriately.


3. Tendency To Release Gas

High Resilience Foam is created by an amalgamation of polyurethane, and it has the tendency to release gas into the atmosphere. Patients with lung issues must consult their doctor before buying a High Resilience Foam Mattress.


Another Use Of High Resilience Foam

The usage of High Resilience Foam is not just restricted to the bedding industry. Various other manufacturing industries use High Resilience Foams, like the furniture manufacturing industry.

High Resilience foam is used in couches because it is highly flexible. The usage of High Resilience Foam makes couches bouncy and comfortable; one can easily relax on such couches.

How To Know If You Need To Get Yourself One High Resilience Mattress? 


Weight Issues

If you have weight issues and are unable to get a good sleep on standard mattresses. In that case, the High Resilience Foam Mattress is the correct mattress for you. It will provide your body with balance and comfort.


Body Aches

Suffering from body aches? High Resilience Foam Mattress will help you in relieving back pain and muscle aches.

Improve Your Sleeping Style

People who usually end up sleeping in an abnormal posture are recommended to use High Resilience Foam Mattress to improve their posture.



Q. Which Foam Mattress is Better: Rebonded Foam or High Resilience Foam?

Rebonded Foam and High Resilience Foam are good mattresses, and it totally depends on you and your requirements. But, for people with body ailments and light sleepers, High Resilience Foam Mattress is the best choice.

Q. How durable are High Resilience Foams?

High Resilience Foam mattresses are highly durable, so even though these mattresses are quite expensive, they will last long, hence worth every penny. Still, you are required to handle these mattresses carefully.


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For a night of good sleep, a good mattress is a must. The qualities of the High Resilience Foam Mattress, like comfort, flexibility, and elasticity, prove that it certainly is a good choice for a mattress. Thus, you can surely invest in a High Resilience Foam Mattress without thinking much.

If you already have some experience with High Resilience Foam Mattress, feel free to share your experiences here. Do share if you enjoyed reading the article.

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