Is There Anything Better Than Memory Foam Mattress?

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Memory foam mattresses are known for relieving pain and improving posture. However, the high price of the mattress and the heat retaining quality decreases its value for some of us. And we are left thinking, is there anything better than this?

Is there any other kind of mattress better for my back, is more comfortable and does not leave me in sweats? To ease your confusion, we have compared memory foam mattresses with different kinds of mattresses to help you make a better choice.


Memory foam mattresses: Why are they so famous?

Memory foam mattresses are mattresses made of memory foam, a kind of foam invented by NASA. The memory foam is known for its tendency to react to pressure and heat and mould itself as per the pressure and heat of the individual sleeping on it.

Memory foam mattresses provide better spine alignment, resulting in better posture. They are so famous as they help support the body. They are also extra soft and found quickly, online or in stores.


Disadvantages of memory foam:

So why is it that even though the mattress is so advantageous, many of us are looking for a better option? Following are a few cons of memory foam mattresses that many find hard to overlook:


1. Expensive

Memory foam mattresses differ in quality, and, for better quality, you need to pay the price. It would help if you decided whether the quality is worth the price. After comparing its price to other kinds of mattresses, such as spring mattresses, you will find that the memory foam is way costlier.


2. Fumes exertion

Due to several environmental conditions or other reasons, memory foam mattresses may sometimes release fumes, also known as VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. These fumes can be rather strong-smelling given the condition and may seem off-putting to people with an acute sense of smell.

Note:- no scientific research or study says that the VOC released from the memory foams are dangerous to health in any manner.


3. Heat retention

Another factor is the tendency of the memory foam to retain heat. It can absorb the heat of the body pretty quickly. It can be uncomfortable for people with health conditions that sweat too much. Also, the densely packed foam mattress disallows any ventilation, therefore not letting the air flow.


4. Not suitable for all kinds of sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, you might have noticed that you often wake up with back pain. Memory foam has more give and allows you to skink in the mattress. This “softness” of the mattress also becomes a curse as sleeping on the stomach becomes difficult due to the softness of memory foam.


The Below Mattress Is Considered Better Than Memory Foam Mattresses

While the fame of memory foam mattresses has reached space, there are many other options that you could consider if you do not find them suitable for your needs. A few prevalent options are:


1. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattress

Latex foam mattresses are made in both natural and synthetic ways. In the natural method, the sap from the rubber trees is baked to make foam. At the same time, the synthetic Latex is made with a mixture of plastic and a substitute for rubber. So if you want an environmentally friendly product, latex mattresses are the way to go.

So why should you choose latex mattresses instead of memory foam mattresses? Here are a few reasons why latex mattresses could be a better option:

  1. Latex mattresses are also made through a natural process. This natural method makes it more environmentally friendly and better for health than memory foam which might release unknown fumes.
  2. Latex mattresses are more bouncy, have more give, and allow you more comfort than memory foam. So if comfort is your priority, you might want to give latex mattresses a chance.
  3. Latex mattresses also allow better ventilation as compared to memory foam.
  4. This mattress is also known for its responsiveness. If you are trying to move on the mattress, it will be easier for you. On the other hand, memory foam makes you sink into the mattress, making it harder to move.

What makes Latex mattresses a better option? To find out whether latex mattresses are a better option than memory foam or not, here is a comparison between them both.

Latex Foam Mattress VS Memory Foam Mattress – Read More

S.No. Latex Foam MattressesMemory Foam Mattresses
1Latex mattresses are produced both naturally and synthetically.Memory foam is only produced synthetically.
2Has lesser firmness as compared to memory foam.Has more firmness as compared to latex mattresses.
3Allows more movement and has more bounciness.Restricts movement and gives the feeling of sinking into the mattress rather than bouncing.
4Since the mattress is not as packed, it has more breathability and allows ventilation.Has no ventilation and does not allow ventilation, thus trapping heat.
5They are more durable and can last up to 20 years.Not as durable and needs to be replaced every 7-8 years.


2. Spring mattresses

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses have been with us for much longer than memory foam, invented in 1970 and have been in use ever since. Spring mattresses are made with the help of metal springs packed together or separately. These metal coils or springs are used to give the mattress frame, and other kinds of foams and fabrics are added to add softness and shape the mattress further.

Spring mattresses are also pretty standard and widely known. Here’s why you can choose spring mattresses instead of memory foam mattresses:

  1. Spring mattresses are way cheaper than memory foam mattresses. As mentioned earlier, the spring mattresses are made from springs, and the metal costs less than the chemicals and procedures used to make memory foam.
  2. Spring mattresses are better when sleeping on the back. While sleeping on the back or the front, your back needs more firmness and support as it carries the whole body’s weight. Memory mattresses allow you to sink into the mattress, therefore, not supporting your back enough. On the other hand, Spring mattresses provide more than enough support owing to the springs.
  3. Spring mattresses allow better movement. Since memory foam is so soft, it will restrict your movement, and you might feel trapped in the mattress. A spring mattress allows more movement and lets you move freely while sleeping.
  4. Spring mattresses allow airflow. Memory foam is densely packed, therefore not allowing ventilation. It also traps the body heat of the sleeper. The build of the spring mattress allows for better airflow and ventilation.
  5. Spring mattresses are customisable. The topmost layer of the spring mattresses is made of different kinds of fabric and layers. It can also be made of memory foam or other kinds of foams that you prefer. Therefore, you can have any mattress top you want and a spring base. On the other hand, there are not many customisable options available in memory foam. You can only add the cooling gel technology or maybe change the top cover of the memory foam mattresses.

Now for the final touch, let us compare memory foam mattresses with spring mattresses to observe which one is better suited to your needs.

Spring mattress vs. Memory foam mattress- Read More

S.No.Spring mattressesMemory foam mattresses
1Spring mattresses are cheaper.Memory foam mattresses are costlier.
2Spring mattresses provide more support while sleeping on the back and the front.Memory foam mattresses provide better support while sleeping on the sides.
3Better ventilation and airflowLess ventilation also traps heat.
4These mattresses allow motion transfer.Memory foam does not allow motion transfer.
5They are noisier owing to the springs in their frame.Generates no noise.


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Concluding thoughts

While there is no doubt that memory foam mattresses are the best choice for comfort and medical benefits combined, not everyone is the same. For some of us, comfort is essential, while some are looking for mattresses that are good for back pain.

To find a mattress perfect for your needs, try and test the mattresses first instead of going with the Pinterest look. Please do your research, figure out your needs and compare them with the features of all the best available mattresses in India.

Who knows, once you research, you’ll find that latex or spring mattress is a better choice for you.

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