Difference Between Coir Mattress And Foam Mattress: Which One To Buy?

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You must buy the best and investment-worthy mattress for your bed. Why? Because your health, sleep, mood and lifestyle depend on the quality of your mattress.

The better you sleep, the more you get up fresh and stay healthy. So, to get a night of sound sleep, you must have the best mattress in India which does not disturb your sleep.

A few popular mattresses like spring, foam, coir, and latex are popular nowadays. To not get you confused while buying any of them, this article will help you a little by knowing the difference between coir and foam mattresses.


What is a coir mattress?

Coir Mattress

A coir mattress is made from natural fibres of coconut. This fibre is the extract of the outer husk of the coconut. Which is then combined with a latex solution to make a coir mattress.


What is a foam mattress?

Foam Mattress

A foam mattress has no natural fibre and is made up of plastic and rubber. A long process takes place to bubble the two ingredients into a foam, and then some gasses or blowing agents are added to it.


What is the difference between coir and foam mattresses?

Coir vs Foam MAtress

Find the below table to understand the difference between the two types.

Coir mattress Foam mattress
TypesHybrid and rubberized coir mattresses are the common types you get in the market.Foam mattress comes in seven types: polyurethane, memory, gel, reflex, latex rubber, convoluted and evlon foam mattresses.
DurabilityCoir mattresses don’t last long. You can use it for around five years.On the other hand, a foam mattress may last for around 10-15 years.
Comfort Coir mattresses are firmer and less comfortable compared to other mattresses.Foam mattresses are soft and comfortable and give your body support and pressure-relieving fit.
Airy and breathableCoir mattresses are airy, breathable and hygroscopic as it absorbs the moisture from your body at night while you sleep.Not all-foam mattresses are breathable, but a few, like latex foam mattresses, are breathable.
Eco-friendlyYes, of course. As it is made from a natural fibre that is coconut, it is eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals.Foam mattresses are not eco-friendly. But a few new technologically built foam mattresses have the property of eco-friendliness.
HygieneMost of the coir mattresses are not hygienic. But the orthopaedic coir mattresses provide enhanced breathability, which provides more hygiene.Foam mattresses are hygienic than any other type of mattresses. You have to take proper care of it by cleaning the mattresses regularly and switching their position.
HealthIt is good for both health and the environment. As you know, it has coconut fibres and also no chemicals, which means it’s not harmful to health and well-being.One of the types of foam mattresses, coir foam mattresses, are good for health and the environment. This type of foam mattress also has a spring to support the body.
Infections and allergiesCoir mattresses have allergy resistance property that does not attract mites and bed bugs.A high-density foam mattress doesn’t allow the mites to penetrate deep in. But, the moisture in a few types of foam mattresses allows mites to grow on the surface of the mattress.
Spine supportThe stiffness of the coir mattress gives support to your vertebrae. You could get relief from backaches, scoliosis, back injury and lower back injury.A foam mattress moulds your body, giving your lower back support.
Motion transferCoir mattresses allow supportive motion transfer.A foam mattress is good for a person who likes to sleep in a corner or alone as the foam mattress does not allow free motion transfer.
MaintenanceCoir mattresses need the lowest maintenance in comparison to other mattresses. It only needs cleaning and nothing else.A foam mattress also needs less maintenance but compared to coir mattresses, it needs more effort to maintain, only because of the moisture cultivated in a few foam mattresses.
Cooling effectAs the coir mattress absorbs moisture, it gives you a cooling effect. It can provide you with a refreshingly cool night sleep in the summer.Only foam mattresses made of infused gel can provide a cooling effect. Otherwise, the foam mattress provides a lot of heat because of which you sweat and get prone to allergies.
ThicknessComparatively, the coir mattress is thin, as its thickness ranges from 4 inches to 5 inches.In the case of foam mattresses, the more the thickness of the foam mattresses is, the more the softness is. And generally, the thickness of a foam mattress is 6 inches to 14 inches.
SaggingCoir mattresses may sag over time and result in an uneven surface. Depending upon the body weight and the quality of the coir mattress you have bought, it may also sag within a year or in months.A foam mattress will sag after prolonged use of it. And if you buy a high grade and flexible type of foam mattress, it may not sag for a long time.
Bodyweight A coir mattress can not handle too much weight like a foam mattress. It may carry around 100 kgs of weight.There is no weight limit for foam mattresses. You can put on as much weight as you wish to.
Mattress WeightA coir mattress weighs around 25 kg to 30 kg.A foam mattress weighs around 20 kg to 25 kg. But if you buy a high-density foam mattress, it may weigh around 40 kg.
CostA regular coir mattress may range from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 26,000. It is cheap compared to other types of mattresses.A foam mattress is costlier than a coir mattress. The price depends on the quality and brand of the mattress you buy.

The answer to the question of which one is better among them is upon you. Both coir and a foam mattress have pros and cons and unique features. Now, which one is suitable for your health and which feature you like the most will help you choose one out of them.



1. Which type of foam mattress is best for health?

The latex foam mattress is the best option in terms of health as it has natural elasticity to give gentle support to the neck and back. It supports the spinal alignment and softly cradles hips and shoulders. A latex foam mattress is good for joint and lower back pains.


2. Which mattress is suitable for babies?

The babies’ mattresses must be airy and breathable to avoid cultivating moisture, which may lead to allergies and infections. The baby should not feel suffocated, for which you can go for either a rubberized coir mattress or a latex foam mattress.


3. How to clean a mattress?

The best way to clean the mattress is to vacuum. You must vacuum your mattress regularly and change the cover to avoid specks of dust and infections. You can sprinkle some baking soda powder on the bed and vacuum after a few minutes to get a deep clean.


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Bottom line

Sound sleep is necessary to stay healthy, for which you need the mattress that suits your requirements. I hope this article has helped you understand the difference between coir mattresses and foam mattresses entirely.

A coir mattress has anti-allergic properties and is eco-friendly. It is cheaper and lighter in weight than a foam mattress. It is suitable for the spine and has a cooling effect at an affordable rate.

On the other hand, a foam mattress is also supportive, but only a few provide cooling effects and eco-friendliness. But, it is comfortable, supportive, can carry any weight, and last longer than a coil mattress.

Now, at least the choice between coir and foam mattress must be clear to you. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it was helpful for you. Please share your experience of reading this article with us in the comment section below.

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