Hair Botox Treatment, Cost, Benefits, Side Effects, Everything You Need to Know

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With increasing age, the mane starts to lose its elasticity. And no one likes to lose perfect hair to prolong long and robust hair. Botox treatment is used.

Hair Botox Treatment is often frowned upon and considered dangerous without knowing all the facts. Hair Botox treatment shows promising results, but it is not for everyone.

Follow the article to determine what a hair Botox treatment is, its benefits, cost, advantages, disadvantages, and aftercare.


What is a Hair Botox treatment?

What is a hair Botox treatment

The Botox treatment is used to repair breaks in your hair, Making it look thick and radiant. A hair botox treatment isn’t like your typical keratin or cysteine treatment. Non-chemical and formaldehyde-free Botox treatment restores the nutrients in your hair and provides deep conditioning. The compounds such as amino acids, vitamins, proteins, lipids, etc., are combined with conditioning agents to form a blend.

Hair Botox has received positive responses now that many celebrities advocate for it. Botox for skin and face is very different. The Botox skin treatment injects the botulinum toxin into the skin, for starters. On the other hand, in a Botox hair treatment, the botulinum toxin is not even a component of the treatment.

AUTHORS NOTE: People often go with a DIY at-home Botox treatment method that is ineffective and should be done by a professional.


How does a hair Botox treatment work?

How does a hair Botox treatment work

  • Step 1: The hair is washed thoroughly to remove all the oil and dirt. Cleansing helps open the cuticles, which increases the absorption rate of the product.
  • Step 2: The hair is then patted dry with a towel, followed by sectioning the hair. In a hair Botox treatment, they do not use any injections. The Botox treatment is applied directly to the root and throughout the length of the hair. Your hair is washed thoroughly with a sulfate-free shampoo after 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Step 3: There are two methods to seal the treatment in your hair.


Method 1 – post hair washes, your hair is completely dried and then straightened using a flat iron. That helps to seal the treatment in your hair strands.

Method 2 – some hairstylists prefer using flat iron without washing their hair. That helps in deep absorption and better results.


How to take care of the hair post hair Botox treatment?

Is Botox treatment for hair effective

The Botox treatment is non-chemical, but the heat straightening might cause minor damage. It is vital to take care of a few things for a long-lasting result:

  1. Use a shampoo that is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and silicone free. Never skip conditioning as it prevents dry hair and plays a crucial role in restoring shine.
  2. Applying a hair mask at least once every week will help repair daily environmental damage. Using a comb, part your hair in sections and apply the damage repairing blend evenly to roots and tips.
  3. Chuck down on frequently styling your hair. Always use a heat-protecting spray before styling.
  4. Cover the hair before stepping out in extreme heat. Put your hair in a protective hairstyle while sleeping to avoid friction between strands.
  5. To maintain nourishment Visit the salon 2-3 times a year to get Botox hair treatment.


Is Botox treatment for hair effective?


Like any other hair care treatment using premium ingredients will give you better results—there are many variations in hair Botox treatment. Asking for recommendations from experts and friends who have gone through with the treatment will help you choose the best course of treatment for your hair type.

Getting your botox treatment from a styling that uses authentic products from certified vendors is your best bet. A hair Botox treatment lasts for 2 to 4 months, although you can make the results last longer using sulfate-free shampoo.


Cost of a hair Botox treatment –

The average cost to get a hair Botox treatment is 11000 – 25000. However, prices differ from city to city. Besides location, the prices also depend on the type of treatment and salon.


Supporting research –

Research issued in the journal of cutaneous and aesthetic surgery shows evidence that people with Androgenetic alopecia (common baldness condition) benefited greatly from Botulinum Toxin used in hair Botox treatment. The FDA also approved this course of treatment.

The study was carried out on 10 participants injected with 5U of botulinum toxin. In 8 of the 10 participants, hair growth was observed after 24 weeks.


Advantages and disadvantages of her Botox treatment


prevents conditions like psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, and other scalp conditions.Hair botox treatment is a costly affair. It is pricier than keratin and smoothening.
Restores volume in the hair, making it look thicker and lustrous.Hair botox treatments aren’t necessarily a boon for everyone. The effectiveness depends on the hair type.
Restores the health of the hair by repairing the breakage in hair strands. Hair botox makes the hair stronger post-treatment and wards off further damage.People who like their natural curly locks should carefully consider hair botox. Although hair botox treatment is not meant to straighten hair, a flat iron will permanently leave some straightening effect.
Eradicates frizz and restores nutrients making the hair look shinier.An elaborate and complicated aftercare process

follows hair botox treatment.

It fends hair problems such as split ends, hair loss, thinning, etc.There is a possibility you may observe some change in your hair tone if you have recently dyed your hair.


How does hair Botox Help in repairing hair loss?

Botox hair treatment contains BONT-L Peptide, vitamin B5, vitamin E, amino acids, Glyoxylic acid, etc. These ingredients have significantly benefited people looking for hair loss remedies.



Q. Who should get a hair botox treatment?

Generally, Botox treatment is considered safe for any hair type. It is especially beneficial for people having split ends, dry ends, frizz, hair breakage, and thin hair lacking volume and shine.


Q. Can you highlight hair after Botox?

Highlight treatment contains excessive chemicals, which withers the effects of Botox treatment. Also, the chemicals present in the dye irritate the scalp. But if you need to get highlights, you should wait for a minimum of 2 weeks.


Conclusion –

As we approach our late 30s, we start worrying about wrinkles. Botox is a well-known treatment used widely to prolong aging. Botox for skin has been pursued for decades, but why should you only care for the skin? The hair deserves just as much attention as your skin.

In this article, we saw what benefits Botox treatment offers for our hair, the cost, the effectiveness, pros and cons, and the process.

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