Advantages And Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

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Mattresses play a crucial role in providing us with a good night’s sleep. There have been a lot of options available when it comes to buying a mattress in the market. But initially, memory foam mattress has become a massive name in terms of providing comfort while sleeping, but are you aware of the further advantages and disadvantages of these memory foam mattresses?

If not, then no worries because we will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattresses in this article.


Advantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

Before we get into the disadvantages section, let’s look into all the advantages of a memory foam mattress. We all look to buy a product that can provide us with many benefits and fulfil all our requirements. Benefits offered by memory foam mattresses are as follows:

1. Works As A True Body Fit

Mattresses that are memory foam can distribute your body weight evenly in response to your pressure and heat. Not only does it forms your body shape, but it also returns to the original shape once your body pressure is removed.

You can say you have melted into the mattress as it comfortably gets evenly distributed in your body, or you can say it simply molds in your body. This is one of the features that sets memory foam mattresses apart from others.


2. Temperature Control

Memory foam mattresses are produced utilizing temperature-sensitive elements, which directly react to your body weight and heat and adjust accordingly.

We all know how much our body temperature can affect our sleeping pattern, due to which the viscoelastic present instantly molds into your body as you lie down.

For example, if your body temperature increases, your mattress becomes softer when you sleep. The ability to blend into your temperature makes it an ideal mattress choice.

However, if you are a warm-blooded person, you should use a memory foam mattress with a cooling factor.


3. Relief Pain

Relief Pain

Memory foam mattress provides equivalent comfort that helps in relieving pain, soreness, and body aches.

Memory foam materials provide a good amount of pressure to the pain areas of your body, including neck, back, and more, as the areas of pain have a bit of higher temperature than the rest of your body.

This difference in temperature is detected by the memory foam mattress when you use it and helps provide mold by either increasing or reducing the pressure supplied to the pain areas.

This mattress can help in healing your injuries and giving comfort to treat your pain. Also, the viscoelastic foam lets you sleep in a supportive and comfortable position as it promotes neutral spinal alignment.

This is an excellent method to heal your body or get rid of pain while having a restful sleep.


4. Allergy-Friendly

Hypoallergic Mattress

A mattress with memory foam is composed of polyurethane, which is made using fibers, and it helps prevent several allergies from causing dust mites within the bed.

Since memory foam is hypoallergenic, it can also prevent allergens from building up as it has a very dense structure. Therefore, it can be great for people having respiratory problems or people who are allergy-sensitive.

This is one of the best qualities provided by memory foam as it reduces the chances of allergens getting formed and even protects you from any dust mint.


5. Motion Transfer Resistance

Motion Transfer Resistance In Mattress

The majority of people face disturbance during sleep due to movements caused by their partners. Memory foam mattress contains a unique feature that provides limited motion transfer.

It helps absorb the energy and decrease the effects of motion that can cause a disturbance, making it a suitable option for couples or people that share a bed together.

Since the disruption caused by movement is reduced, one can sleep easily without waking up at night due to their partner’s rolls or flops, making it ideal for everyone to have a good sleep without any noise or trouble.


6. Provides Good Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position

These mattresses are made with resilient nature that helps to accommodate a comfortable and secure sleeping position as the material of memory foam is evenly distributed to an individual’s body weight.

The people who are stomach sleepers can find their spine is kept in a perfect alignment.

In contrast, others like side or back sleepers can also enjoy the comfort level provided by the mattress through posture support of memory foam, making it ideal for everyone regardless of their sleeping position.


Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

Now that we have talked about all the advantages of a memory foam mattress, let’s look into the disadvantages of having a memory foam mattress. It’s it is crucial to know all the drawbacks as well as with benefits of a product.

1. Heavier In Weight

Heavy mattress

Memory foam mattresses can be heavier as compared to other mattresses. The weight of the mattress can be an issue for those who prefer to rotate their mattress after a while to protect it from premature damage.

As the mattress itself contains a heavy weight, the rotation part can be difficult. The weight of a memory foam mattress can also be an issue for you if you want to shift this mattress from one place to another, as the heavyweight will make the process more difficult than expected.

Therefore, you cannot enjoy the lightness of the product and somewhat adjust with a heavy one.


2. Too Hot 

Too Hot Mattress

One of the significant drawbacks of memory foam mattresses is that they are too hot. Usually, it is hotter than the temperature required for some people, making it a lousy option for summers or people living in hotter regions.

Instead, these mattresses are a better choice for people living in cold areas. Using this mattress can cause uncomfortable heat and sweat for people living in hotter regions or summer.

However, you can invest in adding a cooling filter that can provide you with a little warmth during the night. But a regular mattress of memory foam can be too hot for you if you live in a hot region,


3. May Contain Unpleasant Odor Sometimes

Unpleasant Odor

Even though most mattresses are made through technological advancements, some manufacturing areas use the old-school method. Since this method is traditional, it involves some chemicals to make memory foam more comfortable and soft for people.

Even though these chemicals are not unhealthy for people still some of them may release an unpleasant odor. If they are not correctly aired, they can go on to smell bad. The case might not be the same for all memory foam mattresses, but some of them are.


4. Expensive


The price of memory foam mattresses can be higher than the rest of the beds, making it not an obvious choice for everyone due to the high price range.

Even though they provide good quality and comfortable mattresses still for people with a tight budget, they can be a bit too expensive.


5. Stickiness

The ability to form the exact shape of the person’s body is one of the advantages; however, this can be a disadvantage for some people.

Some people can experience the feeling of sinking in or being stuck in the bed as memory foam can take the shape of the person using the mattress.

Oversized or people who are overweight tend to face this issue due to the mattress’s flexible condition.

However, this issue can be solved by considering a memory foam mattress specially made for overweight people. This will help in not making you feel stuck or sinking in while sleeping.

Apart from just oversized people, some may not really like the idea of a mattress forming your body size as they can feel a bit of stickiness during the night, which doesn’t make it an ideal choice for some.



Are memory foam mattresses beneficial for your health? 

Yes, memory foam mattresses can be great for your health. They contain materials in their making that promote good health benefits. The dust mite-resistant and hypoallergenic works great for people suffering from any allergies as well.


For how long can I use a memory foam mattress? 

A memory foam mattress can easily last for around eight to ten years. However, the lasting period can also depend on how well it has been maintained as well.


Are memory foam mattresses good for issues like back pain? 

Yes, memory foam mattresses are great for back pain as it provides good comfort for people suffering from not just back from but from anybody pain. They also help you sleep in a more supportive and comfortable position which can help you treat anybody aches.


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Mattresses are essential for everyone. Therefore, it is vital you look into all the critical parts include the advantages and disadvantages, before purchasing a mattress.

Here we mentioned all the benefits that you can witness if you are buying this mattress, along with drawbacks that you can potentially face based on the region that you live in and your body type.

If you have any queries regarding any memory foam mattress, then let us know in the comments.

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