What is Gravity Based Water Purifier: When to Use, Advantages And Disadvantages

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Water can carry contamination and toxicity, which can cause significant health issues. This makes it essential for everyone to get safe and healthy drinking water every day.

According to UNICEF and WHO, about one out of three people aren’t able to get safe drinking water. But with the rising invention, there are several types of water purifiers available for everyone and in every condition.

Recently, gravity-based water purifier has gained a lot of attention. It’s a special kind of water purifier that can help provide purified water in such areas that don’t have access to electricity.

In this article, I’m going to mention gravity-based water purifiers, who should use them, and the advantages and disadvantages.


When Should You Use Gravity-Based (Non-Electric) Water Purifiers?

Gravity Based Water Purifier

A gravity-based water purifier can be suitable for people that don’t have tremendous or consistent access to electric supply.

The reason why it’s perfect in those areas is due to its ability to run on gravity and not electricity which makes it a great water purifier for home use. The water moves from the top case to the lower case supporting the influences of gravity.

Since a gravity-based water purifier is a water purifier without electricity, it appears in the non-electric purifiers section.

These gravity-based water purifiers use activated carbon and ultrafiltration for filtering the water. The activated carbon helps in absorbing all the parasites, pesticides, impurities, and chlorine in the water.

In contrast, fibre meshworks are more like a physical solution that helps in stopping the particles and dust from contaminating the water.

Also, suppose you have a corporation or municipality water supply at your house.

In that case, a gravity-based water purifier can be adequate for you as the water is already purified chemically, plus it is also safe and healthy to drink.


Advantages Of Gravity Based Water Purifier

Some of the advantages provided by gravity-based water purifiers are as follows:

1. Eco-Friendly

Eco friendly

The gravity-based water purifier is eco-friendly and cost-effective as it doesn’t need electricity to function, this is one of the best features of this water purifier.


2. Easy To Install And Maintain

Easy To Install And Maintain Gravity Water Purifier

The installation process of gravity-based water purifiers is very simple. The tank that includes purified water is executed harder, due to which it can’t affect the quality of water.

Also, they don’t even require a lot of maintenance issues as only carbon particles and filter papers are needed to replace or change.


3. Easy To Move

Gravity-based water purifiers aren’t fixed or attached at a particular place as they don’t need a constant supply of electricity. Therefore, you can quickly shift or move these purifiers from one place to another.


4. No-Risk Of Losing Essential Elements

An electric water purifier utilizes several synthesized methods and chemicals for purifying water, which raises the chance of losing a few essential elements from the water.

However, the case isn’t the same in gravity-based water purifiers. They don’t leave any valuable element from water since they don’t include electricity use.


Disadvantages of Gravity-Based Water Purifiers 

Although gravity-based water purifiers can provide several benefits still there are a few disadvantages provided by these water purifiers, which are as follows:

1. It Doesn’t Eliminate All Microorganisms

Removes Microorganisms

Gravity-based water purifiers can’t eliminate all the microorganisms present in the water as effectively as UV water purifiers.


2. Can’t Remove Toxic Contaminants 

It cannot exclude fluoride and arsenic impurities from the water. These are some profound toxic contaminants existing in water that can make the water unsafe.


3. Require Constant Carbon Particles Change

Carbon Particles

Gravity-based water purifiers highly depend on carbon particles for the purification process. Therefore, you need to keep on changing these carbon particles in the purifier repeatedly.

The impurities often cover these particles, which can slow down the flow of purifying the water.


4. It Doesn’t Help In Eliminating Heavy Metals

Since the purifiers are non-electric, they can’t assist in removing the toxicity from the water that includes heavy metals such as lead, fluorides, and more.

Also, these purifiers can’t help transform the hard water into soft water; therefore, if the water in your area or place contains a high amount of heavy metals, you need to consider investing in an electric purifier.



1. Are gravity-based purifiers similar to boiling? 

No, gravity-based water purifiers provide better results than boiling in purifying water as it utilizes carbon particles to purify the water.


2. Are gravity-based water purifiers worth it? 

Yes, gravity-based water purifiers are excellent in purifying water, although if your water contains high contamination issues, then you should go for an electricity-based water purifier.


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A gravity-based water purifier can be great for those people who face electricity issues in their areas. Through these purifiers, they will be able to get access to safe and less contaminated water.

This purifier might not work as great as electric purifiers as it can’t eliminate heavy metals. However, using gravity-based water purifiers is still better and safer than drinking unpurified water.

Here we have mentioned everything about who should prefer to use it, along with the various advantages and disadvantages provided by gravity-based water purifiers.

Tell us in the comments, if you have any queries about gravity-based water purifiers.

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