What is Memory Foam Pillow: All You Need to Know

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You might have heard about memory foam mattresses; similarly, memory foam pillows have also made a prominent name in the market.

They are highly known for providing great comfort and support to your neck and shoulders throughout the night.

According to research, around 20.3% of people suffer from neck pain problems, making memory foam pillows an excellent option.

But even though memory foam pillows are highly known in the market, many people still struggle to understand what memory foam is.

Therefore, we have explained all about memory foam pillows, along with their advantages, disadvantages, and more.


What are Memory Foam Pillows? 

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are made through polyurethane foam which is a type of memory foam. Further, they are also combined with various chemicals like elastic and viscose.

Pillows made through memory foam can help in slowly contouring your body once the pressure is added. These pillows return to their initial shape once the added pressure is taken out.

Such features provided by elastic and viscose memory foam are also referred to as viscoelastic foam.

There are numerous types of memory foam available, and this memory foam can also be combined or added with different gels or foam to build memory foam pillows.


5 Types of Memory Foam Pillows

There is a wide range of types and shapes available. Therefore, it is essential to choose a memory foam pillow suitable for you as per your needs since every pillow provides different advantages.

Here are the various types of pillows that you can choose for yourself:


1. Traditional Memory foam pillow 

Traditional Memory Foam

Traditional pillows are rectangular, low in height, single piece, and cut to size pillows. Based on the edge, they have a double seamed edge or single seamed edge.

These edges help in providing great support to your shoulders, neck, and spine. It is also the most popular type of memory foam pillow.

Orthopedic pillows are specially considered best for neck pain issues, similar to orthopedic mattress, which is regarded as the best memory foam mattress in India.


2. Contour Pillow

Contour Pillow

Contour Pillow is a slab of foam that contains two rides horizontally from one side to another along with a subtle groove.

Contour pillows are great in adapting your shoulders, head, and neck and provide extra support along with the gentle alignment you require.

The neck sections get support from the ridges, while the groove cradles the headrest section. This type of pillow helps in providing suitable comfort and support for people suffering from neck pain.


3. One-Piece memory foam pillows 

One-Piece memory foam pillows 

One-Piece pillows are made with a single memory foam block. This type of one-piece pillow can either be tailored or in a traditional pillow shape that can easily mimic the curves of the neck and the head area.

They have a slower response when the pressure is applied and conform very closely. One-Piece memory foam pillow also returns to the initial shape once the applied pressure is removed.


4. Shredded Pillow 

Shredded Pillow 

Shredded pillows are pretty similar to traditional memory foam pillows as they are oblong. The pillow includes small pieces of shredded foam that are put together to fill these pillows.

The height of the shredded pillow isn’t either too high to low but average or medium, which makes it a suitable option of pillow for different sleeping positions.

The shredded foam included in the filling provides breathability by preventing the heat from trapping. It keeps it cool throughout the night and makes it breathable for everyone.

Apart from providing benefits of traditional memory foam pillow, shredded foam also helps take care of the hardness of the pillow and make it suitable for the neck.


5. Wedge Pillow 

Wedge Pillow 

The shape of wedge pillow foam is triangular, and they are commonly used for propping up different body parts as per the conditions.

Pillow’s height plays a significant role in deciding the angle of the wedge memory foam pillow. Therefore, a particular height pillow can be quite beneficial as per particular needs.

This pillow conforms and helps in trapping heat. These pillows are excellent for people with respiratory concerns, acid reflux, or sinusitis.

Women highly utilize wedge memory foam pillows during pregnancy as the pillows are very comfortable for various use like sitting up, reading books while in bed, watching television, and more.


Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows work great in providing us with several beneficial trades that can help us get a healthy sleep at night. Benefits of memory foam pillows are as follows:


1. Spinal Alignment 

Memory foam pillows provide excellent spinal alignment benefits that can help you recover from neck pain, headache, or even discomfort in your back.

The foam gets reconfigure through your body’s warmth and weight when you lay down on your pillow.

The forces provided by the pillow then give extra support to the heaviest regions of your head and the lighter areas and neck. Concerns like discomfort, tossing, or even turning can be decreased through this spinal alignment.


2. Alleviates Pressure Points

Memory foam pillows provide comfort to your body by delivering high support to your neck and head. They even give pressure to your neck and authority as the pillow molds into your shape, which helps in alleviating your pressure points.


3. Durability 

One of the features of memory foam pillows is their ability to mold into your head and neck according to the shape and come back to the original form once the pressure is taken out.

They do not flatten out. In fact, even after years, memory foam pillows stay consistent and return to their shape. Unlike other pillows filled with fiber or feathers, several flatten or lumps also appear in such pillows.

Some might just wear out. Meanwhile, memory foam pillows outlive as per the design as well.


4. Hypoallergenic and Hygienic

These memory foam pillows are suitable for people suffering from asthma or allergies as they prevent dust mites, germs, fungus, mold, and more unhealthy properties from growing.

They are safe for use and non-toxic making them an ideal choice for people with allergies.


5. Excellent Support and Contouring

The support provided by memory foam pillows helps contour your head and provides you with a night of healthy and quiet sleep.

Unlike standard pillows, these contour prevents your head from sinking in your pillow. These memory foam pillows are designed so the proper support is provided to your neck and head as it evenly distributes your weight in the process.


6. Easy to Maintain

One of the significant benefits of owning a memory foam pillow is that they are easy to maintain, unlike standard pillows.

If you want to clean your pillow, you can simply take off the pillow’s cover and then start cleaning it or spot cleaning any stains from your pillows. That’s all, and you have a clean pillow again.


7. Good Relaxation

Just like the mattresses provided by memory foam, their pillows provide relaxation and allow your upper muscles and neck to heal comfortably.

These pillows help in delivering good pressure to your pain areas and help provide relief. Since after a long tiring day we all require relaxation.


8. Appropriate for All Sleeping Positions

Memory foam is suitable for all sleeping positions. If you like to lay on your side or on your back, these pillows will provide you with great comfort and support.

These memory foam pillows can mold into your shape along with your sleeping position. In case you need extra padding or help across your shoulder, you can choose a contoured-shaped pillow. 


Disadvantages of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows can be a top choice for a pillow as it contains various benefits. However, there are still a few shortcomings of memory foam pillows as well, which might be a topic of concern for some people.

So, let’s look into the disadvantages of memory foam pillows:


1. Chemical Smell

One complaint that some buyers usually have about memory foam pillows is regarding chemical smell. Since the material used for making these pillows are polyurethane, along with a few chemicals involved, it may cause a chemical odor.

People who are extra-sensitive to strong might have an issue with this smell. However, this smell isn’t for a more extended period as it gets worn off after a few days.


2. Inhibits Breath-ability 

These pillows have the feature of retaining heat which can be an issue for some people as it might make them feel sweaty and too warm.

Memory foam pillows can trap heat and provide warmness, but this feature can be an issue for some people as sometimes when you lie down, and this heat can be a bit too much.

However, using breathable pillowcases might help in solving this heat issue. Also, some pillows can help you feel comfortable and fresh the entire night through the exceptional involvement of air chambers.


Characteristics to consider while obtaining in a memory foam pillow

There is a wide range present when it comes to pillows, and just buying a pillow isn’t enough; you need to make sure you choose a pillow that is suitable for you and your body.

Here are several components that you should reflect on while buying a memory foam pillow.


Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position decides what type of pillow would be most suitable for you. For example, if you prefer to sleep on your side, you would require a particular type of pillow that can provide the right amount of comfort throughout the night.


1. Back sleeper: If you like to sleep on your back, you need a pillow with a low or maybe medium contour that can help support your neck and head while your entire body is aligned.

Usually, people who sleep on their backs don’t require extra support as their bodies are already aligned.


2. Side Sleeper: For such sleepers, a pillow with extra support is required. Since the body isn’t in a straight position, they need more assistance along with backing their head and neck.

A medium-density pillow can work well for such sleepers as the pillow can take off the pressure from the shoulder area without causing any overstretch to the neck.


3. Stomach Sleeper: A low-density pillow might work well for people sleeping in their stomachs.

Since such pillows can help the neck from over-extending, a pillow with low density can provide the correct pressure on the neck along with providing protection while keeping the body perfectly balanced.



It is important to choose a pillow of suitable size of the pillow as it can affect your sleep quality.

The right pillow size will provide you comfort regardless of how much you move during your sleep.

The three most popular sizes of pillows are King 20″ x35″ x5″, Queen 20″ x28″ x5″, and standard 20″ x26″ x5″ pillow size. Usually, the pillow sizes are produced as per your bed size.


Level of firmness

Ideally, a person’s firmness level depends on your body type, sleeping position, and personal preference. There are four levels to choose the firmness level: soft, medium, firm, and very firm. 

  • A soft firm-level pillow can be great for people who are stomach or back sleepers.
  • A medium-firm is also suitable for back sleepers along with side sleepers.
  • A firm-level is for people that prefer to sleep in on their back.
  • While a very firm level is for side sleepers facing neck pain issues as they require extra care and support.




What is the lasting period of a memory foam pillow? 

A memory foam pillow can last for around two to three years. You can still use it for a longer period, but they might lose their integrity over time.


Can I wash memory foam pillows in a washing machine? 

You should never try to clean your memory foam pillow in a washing machine as it can damage the pillow.


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Memory foam pillows are recognized as one of the most helpful pillows in the industry for supporting your neck and shoulders.

These pillows can help you provide a peaceful sleep and relief without any discomfort and troubles. Here we have discussed all memory foam pillows, including their types, benefits, and disadvantages, and more.

Tell us in the comments if you have any doubts about memory foam pillows.

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