How to clean a wooden comb?

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So you have switched to a wooden comb for maintaining healthy hair, but now you do not know how to clean it. Obviously, you cannot continue combing your hair with that dirty comb anymore. That will surely damage your hair even more. But stop worrying as we have got you covered.

Here is a guide on how to clean a wooden comb.


3 Methods To Clean Wooden Comb:

There are two ways of cleaning your wooden comb. The ways have been mentioned below.

Wooden comb


First method

You need to prepare a mixture of soap and lukewarm water. You may use shampoo in the place of soap as well. After you are done with preparing your mixture, submerge your comb for a few minutes in the solution.

Wipe the dirt particles with a clean and soft piece of cloth gently.

This step is pretty easy but very essential. You need to make sure that after you have taken out your comb from the solution, you dry your comb completely.


Second method

This method is especially for those combs which are very dirty and greasy. You might have noticed sometimes that even after following the first method, there are a few stubborn dirt particles still left. This method is helpful for such situations.

Repeat the first two points from the first method.

Then take a used toothbrush and gently scrub out all the dirt particles.
Do not forget to dry it thoroughly.


Third method

If you are not liking the use of water in your wooden comb, then this method is for you.

You need to take a clean and soft piece of cloth first and dip it in oil. You can use any natural oil here.

Rub the cloth all over the comb. Make sure that the oil gets distributed throughout the comb. Now, very slowly remove the dirt particles and debris from each tine.
If there are some stubborn particles still left, then use the toothbrush again to scrub out everything. Remember to be very gentle.




Question 1: Is using water on a wooden comb safe?

Answer: If you are afraid of using water on your wooden comb, then your fear is very much fair. Wooden articles do not go well with water. You need to be very sure that your comb is not dipped into water for more than 3 minutes. Keeping your comb in water for more than 3 minutes might damage the comb.


Question 2: How often should I clean it?

Answer: Clean it when it gets too dirty. If you want a routine, then wash it once every two weeks. Not more than that.


Combs do matter for your beautiful hair. Offer them the best care. This was a guide for you on how to clean your wooden comb. The steps are pretty easy, but if you do not follow them minutely, then you might end up damaging your comb, as water shrinkage is a common problem when it comes to wooden articles. So make sure that you are following them minutely. Happy combing!!


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