CC Cream VS Foundation: What’s The Difference?

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Applying the right makeup is essential to look flawless and perfect. However, with the increasing number of products in the makeup industry, it becomes confusing to choose the right one, especially when we have to choose between CC Cream and Foundation, the two dominators of the makeup world.

Learning about these differences can help us choose the right one for the right occasion. Do you know these differences? If not, this article got it for you!

In this article, we will learn about CC Cream and Foundation in detail while exploring the significant differences between these two.


Difference Between CC Cream And Foundation

CC Cream


CC Cream


CC Creams or Color Corrector or Complexion Corrector Creams are rapidly growing products of the makeup industry. A CC Cream is a multipurpose product that repairs the complexion or skin color and provides hydration and moisture.

A CC Cream can help blemish red spots and dullness, dark under-eyes, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and skin scarring. A CC Cream also contains skin protectants, mineral SPF, brighteners, skin firming agents, and soothing agents. Some CC Creams contain anti-aging ingredients as well.

With CC Cream, you do not need to apply an additional sun protectant or sunscreen, a moisturizer, or even a primer. CC cream protects our skin from harmful UV rays that may cause photoaging. A CC Cream works best for oily or acne-prone skin.

CC Creams do not have a large variety in the shades available, and hence, choosing the closest one to your skin shade is essential.

If CC Cream sounds the right choice for you, keep reading about how you can apply the cream the right way on your skin!


How to apply a CC Cream? 

CC Creams are a gift from the makeup industry that hides all the dark spots and adds glow to your skin. Here are the steps you should follow to apply a CC Cream.

  1. CC cream has to be applied on clean skin only. Hence, start by cleansing and toning your skin. Apply some moisturizer.
  2. Put some drops of the CC Cream on your fingers, and apply it to the dark areas. If you wish to apply it to your whole face, apply small tiny drops of the CC Cream on your face at different spots.
  3. Spread the CC Cream across your face using your fingers or a makeup brush.
  4. For the darker areas, applying some extra CC Cream is recommended.

Author’s tip: If you have dry skin, choose hydrating CC Creams or a CC Cream containing hyaluronic acid. 





Foundation is one of the most commonly used makeup products for ages. Foundation acts as a foundation for the skin. They smoothen the skin, thus acting as a base product over other makeup products.

A high-quality foundation will cover your blemishes, correct your skin tone, and blur all the imperfections. However, even if you wear a foundation, you need to apply sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer underneath.

Foundation is available in various shades. Hence, choosing a shade that matches your skin tone is always accessible. Foundations also come in various types. There are 5 main foundation formulas that you may come across.

These include liquid foundation, cream foundation, powder foundation, serum foundation, and water-based foundation. For people with dry skin, cream foundations are recommended. A person having oily or acne-prone skin should use powder or water-based foundation. 

Foundation also provides different levels of coverage. Hence, depending on your preference, you can choose anyone. The different types of coverage include sheer, full, medium, and buildable coverage. Sheer coverage improves the skin tone but does not hide any imperfections.

Medium coverage will hide a few imperfections, while a full coverage foundation will hide all the imperfections and blemishes. A buildable coverage is a modifiable type of foundation, which you can apply as multiple layers on your skin where there are spots and one layer where you just need to even out the skin tone. 

Foundations are also classified depending on the type of finishes they provide. Natural, Dewy, and Matte finish are the three variants in a foundation. While a matte finish gives a non-greasy or shine-free look, a dewy finish provides radiant and glowing skin. A natural finish does not give a shiny or matte look and resembles your skin.

There’s a range of foundation products that you can choose from. However, choosing the proper foundation is not the only task. Applying a foundation the right way is essential too. Hence, let’s read the right way to apply the foundation.

Author’s note: If you have oily or acne-prone skin, use powder or hydrating foundation that gives a matte finish. Using a cream foundation with a dewy finish is recommended for those with dry skin. You can choose the type of coverage you want. 

How to Apply Foundation? 

Learning to apply a foundation the right way is essential to ensure that you get the perfect look. Here are a few steps to guide you about applying a foundation.

  1. You should only apply foundation to clean and even skin. Hence, start by applying a cleanser and toner. You can use an exfoliator twice or thrice a week to maintain smooth and even skin.
  2. You should only apply foundations to well moisturized and nourished skin. Hence, the next step is to apply a moisturizer. Your moisturizer should have an SPF of over 15. If not, apply sunscreen. 
  3. Apply primer. You should apply primer before applying a foundation as it smoothens the skin surface and hides the pores. Color correctors can be applied before adding foundation.
  4. Start dabbing foundation on your skin. Ensure that you start with a small amount to avoid a heavy or caked-on look.
  5. With a foundation brush, spread the foundation evenly across the skin. You should spread the foundation from the center to the end. Never rub the foundation with your fingers to spread it out.
  6. Use a makeup sponge to blend in the foundation. Remember, the makeup sponge should be dabbed and not swiped on your skin.
  7. You can top your foundation with a concealer to hide all the blemishes and pimples.
  8. Apply a setting cream to ensure that your foundation stays on the skin for long hours. Nonetheless, a setting cream will ensure that the foundation does not clog up the skin pores.

Foundation and CC Creams both work excellently on our skin. They can even out the skin tone and blemish all the spots! So what is the difference between the two? If you are pondering over the same question, we got you. In our next section, we highlight the critical differences between CC Creams and the foundation.


Differences between CC Cream and Foundation

  1. A foundation is heavier than a CC Cream. Hence, a foundation needs makeup tools to be applied. Nonetheless, as we just saw, applying a foundation is more time-consuming than a CC Cream. Hence, a foundation cannot be applied daily, whereas you can apply a CC Cream routinely.
  2. A foundation has a thicker consistency than a CC Cream.
  3. A foundation provides more coverage than a CC Cream. Nonetheless, you can choose your preferred coverage style with a foundation.
  4. A CC Cream is a multipurpose cream. Hence, you do not need to apply sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer underneath with CC Cream. However, the foundation does not come equipped with these ingredients. Hence, when applying foundation, always ensure that you apply sunscreen, moisturizer, and a primer underneath.
  5. CC Creams act to even out the skin tone. Nonetheless, CC Creams ensure that it does not look unnatural. A foundation cannot guarantee you that look. A foundation comprises rich pigments that can make your skin look too yellow, pink, or gray on porcelain.
  6. CC creams are available in fewer shades than a foundation. Hence, choosing a foundation shade closer to your skin tone is more accessible than a CC Cream shade.
  7. CC Creams are available in only liquid form, whereas foundations are available in powder, cream, serum, water-based and liquid formulations. Nonetheless, you can also opt for foundation, depending on the type of coverage and the look you want.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use CC cream daily?

Yes, you can use CC Creams daily. A CC Cream is skin-friendly and lightweight. They do not clog pores and are easy to apply. 

What should we apply before applying foundation?

Applying foundation by the correct procedure can help you attain maximum glow. You should only apply a foundation to clean and hydrated skin. Hence, before applying foundation, always cleanse and moisturize your skin. 

Is foundation good for skin?

Foundation is a good tool for your skin. It protects your skin from sun and pollution, thus preventing damage caused by free radicals. However, choosing the proper foundation for your skin is an essential step. 


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Both CC Creams and Foundations are great products to be applied to the skin. However, their uniqueness is what sets them apart. The type of coverage, the formulation, the consistency, and the ingredients are a few of the distinguishing parameters between them. You can choose your preferred product depending on how often you want to use it and what is easier for you to apply.

Drop-in a comment below and tell us what product you chose – a CC Cream or a Foundation?

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