The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine 

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 Are you aware of the term K BEAUTY? Have you seen Koreans having fabulous and glowy skin? Korean Beauty or K Beauty is a simple skincare routine that is usually followed by Korean people using Korean products.

It follows a series of 10 steps that heal the skin and make it look glowy and radiant. But what are these steps? Don’t worry! Through this article, we’ll understand the method of the Korean skincare routine step by step. So, jump in the article below.




The best thing about Korean skincare is that it focuses on prevention and protection rather than using unwanted products after the skin damage is done.

This skincare routine helps to keep the skin smooth, clear, and properly hydrated.

Till now, you must be thinking of what exactly these steps are. So without further ado, let’s check them below.



Following are the 10 steps of the most famous Korean Skincare Routine. Do check them to have fabulous and glowy skin.


Our skin produces sebum which makes it oily. Water and oil repel each other, which means only water-based cleansers may not be that effective to help the skin get rid of the excess oil. Thus, it is essential to use an oil-based cleanser.

Another advantage of oil-based cleansers is that they don’t strip the natural oils on the face. They provide essential vitamins to the skin and are perfect for double-cleansing.

It also helps to get rid of the makeup applied completely. So, no more chemical-based makeup removers!



Water foam cleanser

This is the typical type of cleanser we all use daily. Its primary function is to remove the sweat and dirt particles present on the face after oil cleansing. You can use any face wash available to you for accomplishing this step.

Koreans suggest using a gentle, hydrating cleanser that maintains the skin’s pH balance and water levels. Both oil cleansers and foam cleansers are essential for the cleansing part.



Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. There are two types of exfoliators available that one should be aware of. These are called physical and chemical exfoliators.

Physical Exfoliators are those that require manual scrubbing. It is a textured tool that helps to remove dirt from the topmost layer of the skin.

Chemical Exfoliators contain acids that remove dirt particles from the face. They also provide rejuvenation to the skin. They come in both weaker and stronger concentrations as per our requirement.

{Note- Try to handle physical exfoliators with care, especially when you have sensitive skin, as they may be a bit hard for your skin.




Toner is a type of lotion that helps to reduce the visibility of pores and spots after cleansing and exfoliating. It provides hydration and refreshes the skin.

It also helps to maintain the pH levels of the skin. Korean toners are gentler to the skin as compared to Indian toners.

It also helps to prepare the skin for further steps. Toner is generally applied with the help of a cotton pad, or you can also use your fingertips for its application. .




Essence is a water-based skincare product that boosts the skin’s overall health. This is yet another step unique to the Korean skincare routine only.

It helps to hydrate the dry skin. It helps to maximize the ability of the skin to absorb moisture and the goodness of other skincare products. Essence is generally applied with the help of a cotton pad, or you can also use your fingertips for its application.

To apply essence, you have to take a few drops of it on your fingertips and massage it well into your face. Massage it well for 10-15 minutes for effective results.




Serums are light, water or oil-based liquids applied to the skin. The highly concentrated ingredients present in serums help to treat dark spots, pigmentation, redness, and wrinkles.

Serum treats these issues and, thus, is an essential product of the Korean skincare routine. It comes in small bottles and is applied with the help of a dropper. 2-3 drops are enough to cover the entire face.



Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are basically used to hydrate your skin and protect the skin from external factors like chemical products, pollution, etc.

These masks act as great moisturizers and provide the required amount of glow to your face. Sheet masks come in a variety of flavors like rose, aloe vera, lavender, charcoal, lemon, orange, etc. Also, you can choose the brand that suits your skin type.



The under-eye area requires great moisturizing and nutrients. Eye creams help to moisturize sensitive areas under the eyes and reduce puffiness and dark circles. Thus, it is an essential step of any skincare routine.

A small amount of eye cream is enough to be massaged under the eyes gently for 5-10 minutes. This step can also be followed separately just before going to bed. It is an essential step for the health of under-eye areas.



Moisturizing is an important aspect while maintaining a skincare routine. It performs the essential function of being the barrier for your skin against the unhealthy particles present in the air. This step should be accomplished as soon as you get out of the shower.

Moisturizers act as sealants for the skin and ensure that everything soaks into perfectly. Apply the moisturizer and massage it for 5 minutes at least to get effective results.


10. SPF


Sun damage to the skin is real and needs to be acknowledged! Products containing SPF are now more in need as people understand their importance.

Sunscreens help to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and other skin damages. Thus, it is an essential step of any skincare routine.

These are the 10 main steps of the Korean skincare routine. You can add or skip some of these steps depending upon your requirements and the availability of products. However, the procedure of following the steps should be the same.



Different skin types may need to keep a few things in mind while following the Korean skincare routine. Check the below!


Even if you have oily skin, don’t be afraid of oil cleansing. Double cleansing is never a bad idea. Massage it well for better results. Also, a lightweight toner is more suitable for oily skin.



Oil cleansing is essential for dry skin to provide the required amount of moisture. Use less amounts of water-based cleansers for dry skin types. For toner, you can use humectants like hyaluronic acid.



You may skip exfoliating as it may lead to more breakouts for this skin type. Try to use lightweight toner for acne-prone skin. Also, use fewer amounts of water-based cleansers for dry skin types.



1. Is it necessary to follow all the 10 steps of the Korean skincare routine?

No, it depends on your choice. You can add or skip a step or two depending upon your skin requirements, lifestyle, and availability of products. However, if your skin is okay with all the steps, go ahead and follow the entire skincare routine.


2. Is it necessary to use only Korean products?

Not necessarily! You can also use Indian products, but the procedure should be the same. You can use Korean sheet masks, if available, to fulfill the nutrient requirement. However, try to do a patch test to avoid any form of allergy.


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Skincare is important and should not be ignored! It may take time to perform all the steps; however, these steps would surely help your skin improve its health.

The most crucial thing in Korean skincare is the proper application of products. It is also essential to follow these steps the way they are directed above in this article as the skincare routine should always start with lighter products.

Follow these steps and do share your experience of following the Korean skincare routine in the comment section below!

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