15 Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus)

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Poppy (Papaver somniferum), known as Khus Khus in Hindi, is an oilseed grown on the plant of Poppy. People have been using this seed in India for ages now, mainly for its wide range of health benefits.

Did you know that Poppy Seeds are a part of the famous opium plant?

Its legality is contested because it is part of the opium plant and contains small traces of opium compounds.

But it’s a known fact that they provide a range of excellent benefits.

They are widely known for their nutritional richness. Poppy seeds provide many minerals that promote a better life and help us in numerous ways.

Let us have a look at the benefits of Poppy Seeds.


 Poppy Seeds | Nutritional Value Per Tablespoon – 8.8 g

Calories46 Kcal
Total Fat3.7 g
Saturated Fat0.4 g
Sodium2.3 mg
Total Carbohydrate2.5 g
Dietary Fiber1.7 g
Sugar0.3 g
Protein1.6 g
Calcium126.54 mg
Iron0.86 mg
Potassium63 mg
Copper0.143 mg
Manganese0.590 mg
Zinc0.70 mg


15 Amazing Benefits of Poppy Seeds

Strengthen your bones

Bone Health

Poppy Seeds are known to benefit your bones greatly. The high amount of calcium in it is known to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis, a condition where bones weaken. Copper is also essential in maintaining your bone health, and this may also help in preventing osteoporosis.

Poppy Seeds are also rich in Manganese, with just one tablespoon covering a daily value of 26%. Manganese also plays a crucial role in bone health by contributing to the development and maintenance of bones.


Enhances mental functioning

Aid mental health

Poppy seeds improve the working of your mind due to their rich nutrient content. There could be various reasons for their help in this regard. Firstly, poppy seeds contain iron, a blood purifier, which increases hemoglobin levels in your blood. This significantly enhances the red blood cell supply to the brain, along with an increase in oxygen supply. These help in the maintenance of your neurotransmitters which carry the chemical messages of your body. Thus, our cognitive functioning sees a visible improvement and increased concentration levels. Secondly, Poppy seeds contain traces of opium compounds which calm nervous irritation and provide relief. Poppy Seeds are also associated with preventing memory loss conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Treats insomnia


Poppy seeds contain sleep-inducing properties. It also includes a high amount of magnesium. This magnesium lowers the level of stress hormone and helps you attain a deep, peaceful and quiet sleep. You can either eat these seeds or make a poppy tea or milk drink to see significant improvement in your insomnia and get better, less stressful nights.


Improve fertility in females

Poppy seeds are highly effective in treating fertility problems in females. If a fallopian tube is blocked, the fertilized egg can’t pass through it to reach the uterus. Thus, it does not get attached to the uterine wall, and there is no onset of pregnancy. Poppy Seeds oil is beneficial to drain out the blockage in the fallopian tube and improve fertility. According to research, these seeds also improve libido and overall sexual health.


Improves digestion


Poppy Seeds contain a good amount of fiber. This fiber is mostly insoluble and effectively aids digestion. Fibers keep the colon healthy and ease your bowel movements. This is instrumental in improving your digestion. Poppy is also helpful to treat constipation—all of this combine to result in a better, healthy, and more robust gut.


Promote heart health

Improves Heart Health

These seeds help you maintain a healthy heart. Their high iron content helps in the purification of blood. Iron is also responsible for increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. It greatly helps the proper functioning and health of the heart. Poppy Seeds also contain many fatty acids that are integral to the proper functioning of your heart. Omega 3 fatty acids make you less prone to heart attacks and promote a healthy heart.


Controls blood pressure

blood sugar levels

Poppy Seeds are well-acclaimed for helping the regulation of blood pressure. They contain high amounts of unsaturated fats. Two fatty acids play a crucial role in maintaining blood pressure – oleic acid and linoleic acid. According to experts, oleic acid travels to the blood vessels and influences the cell membrane cells. It makes these cells more accepting of the messages to reduce blood pressure. Linoleic acid also works to prevent high levels of blood pressure. This, in turn, also helps the health of your heart.

You can monitor your blood pressure with the Blood Pressure monitoring machine.


Great for Thyroid

Poppy seeds work to improve your thyroid health. The zinc present in them works wonders and aids the cure of thyroid conditions. That’s not all; this zinc also plays a role in the functioning and maintenance of your thyroid glands.


Managing blood sugar

Managing blood sugar

Poppy seeds are an abundant source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and many other beneficial minerals. They also contain a tremendous amount of magnesium and zinc. Studies suggested that zinc and magnesium deficiencies may lead to type 2 diabetes.


Aids kidney stone treatment

Poppy seeds may also be helpful in the treatment of kidney stones. Potassium present in them has been treating kidney stones for a long time. This is majorly due to their high potassium content. Moreover, it also prevents kidney stones from reappearing.


Promotes healthy eyes

Poppy seeds effectively improve the quality of your eyesight and the overall health of your eyes. These seeds contain a high amount of zinc, responsible for carrying vitamin A to the eye. This produces the protective pigment melanin. Vitamin A is also associated with the protection of the cornea. A deficiency of zinc may cause the health of your eyes to deteriorate considerably and cause night vision impairment and cataracts.


Relieves pain

Ever since people started using them, Poppy seeds have worked to relieve pain. They contain analgesic properties which are incredibly beneficial for bringing a little peace to the patients by soothing their agony.

Poppy tea has also worked well and relieves pain.


Benefit the skin

These seeds are rich in vital nutrients and contain antioxidant properties, which fight many skin ailments and work to give you clear, glowing, and soft skin. It also reduces skin inflammation. The fatty acids in Poppy seeds are also highly beneficial for the skin. They can treat various skin conditions like eczema and provide relief to dry, itchy skin.


Benefit the hair

Due to their rich nutritional value, Poppy seeds are great at promoting healthier hair and scalp. They effectively treat scalp infections and encourages hair growth. Poppy seeds also reduce hair fall and aid against dandruff.

The topical application of poppy seed paste helps significantly for better hair.


Treats ulcers

Poppy seeds have anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic properties that help treat various ulcers, one of them being mouth ulcers. They also contain bioactive properties widely known for healing wounds.


FAQs on Poppy Seeds

How can I consume poppy seeds?

You can eat Poppy seeds both whole and grounded. You can even make a powder or paste of poppy seeds and use them in your drinks.


Are there any side effects of using Poppy seeds?

The side effects depend on the quality of poppy seeds you get and how well they are washed. It also depends on the number of poppy seeds you consume. Using poppy seeds without washing then may retain the opium compounds from the opium plant. If taken in high doses, this can lead to addiction. In more severe cases, it might even lead to death.






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