Shower Gel vs Soap Bar: Which is Better for the skin?

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Is shower gel better than a soap bar? Does it even matter whether we use one or the other? If you are wondering about the same, we are here to help.

This article will look at the differences between a shower gel and a Soap bar, their pros and cons. This should help you decide better whether you’d go with a shower gel or a soap bar.


Difference Between Shower Gel and Soap Bar

Difference between Shower gel and Soap bar

The job of all cleansers is the same- to remove dirt from our skin and leave it squeaky clean. However, they are different in various ways. Let’s see how soap bars and shower gels are different and also find out their pros and cons.


Soap Bars

Soap Bars

Soap bars are the most commonly used cleansing items. Let’s further see what their advantages and disadvantages are.


Advantage of Soap Bars:

1. Price

Their price is one of their biggest pros. Even though there are also many soap bars that cost a lot, you’ll find plenty at a very basic price. They will also last you a long time, which makes soap bars quite pocket-friendly.


2. Easy application

Unlike shower gels and body washes, soap bars do not require any extra equipment for application- like loofahs or scrubs. So, it is quite a hassle-way free of cleaning your body, esp. when you do not have any cleaning tools around. Just dampen your skin, and you’ll get plenty of lather.


3. Environment friendly

Using a soap bar is way more eco-friendly than using shower gels or body washes. Soaps tend to have recyclable packaging, and once you are done using them, there is no left-over bottle to be discarded.


4. Bacteria concerns

It is always recommended not to share your soap bar with anyone, and rightly so. However, this study addresses the concern regarding the transfer of bacteria from contaminated soap bars. It suggests that washing with contaminated bar soap is unlikely to transfer bacteria.


Disadvantage of Soap Bars:

1. May dehydrate your skin

Soap bars tend to deprive your skin of moisture by stripping it of its natural oils. Some soaps have harsh ingredients in them, which lead to the dehydration of the skin. While buying your soap, try to go for a mild one.


Shower gels

Shower gels

Shower gels can be great and are a priority of many people. Below we have discussed the pros and cons of it.


Advantages Shower gels

1. More sanitary

This is a crucial one. Shower gels are more sanitary than soap bars. Your soap bar is touched by so many people and might get dirty. Shower gels come in a bottle that keeps them free from contamination.

It is often recommended not to share your soap with anyone, but there is no such issue in the case of shower gels.


2. Rich lather

Shower gels can defeat soap bars, too, in this department. Shower gels have a very fluid-like composition and can easily give you’re a rich lathery and foamy bathing experience.


3. Prevent drying of the skin

Unlike soap bars, shower gels do not dry up the skin. Hence, if you have dry skin, shower gels are a better option for you as they seal the moisture in your skin.


4. Helps with exfoliation

Shower gels can exfoliate your skin better than soap bars. Applying your shower gel using loofah would provide your skin with good exfoliation and help remove dead skin cells.


5. Convenient for traveling 

Since shower gels come in a bottle, they are very easy to carry. In the case of soaps, we usually tend to buy new ones while traveling since they are usually moist, and it can get messy to carry them. Shower gels are convenient for travel, and you can carry the one you are using with you anywhere.

Tip: Make sure to properly seal your shower gel bottles before packing them for travel purposes. This will prevent chances of leakage.


Advantages Shower gels

1. Not eco-friendly

Shower gels come in plastic bottles and hence are not environment friendly as compared to soap bars that come with minimal packaging.



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What ingredients should be avoided in a soap bar?

Usually, parabens are added to soaps in order to increase their shelf life. However, you must look for soaps devoid of parabens as they can cause health-related issues. Also, in case you have allergies, look for a fragrance-free soap.


What is the difference between a body wash and a shower gel?

The primary difference between a body wash and a shower gel is their consistency. While body wash has a thin consistency, shower gels have more of a gel-like consistency. Also, body washes are a little more moisturizing than shower gels.



Now you know the pros and cons of soap bars and shower gels. Comparing the two, you can decide which one would be more suitable for you. You certainly can decide that better than anyone else, as you should go after your priorities.

Soaps are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly, while shower gels would be suitable for moisturization.

Meanwhile, if you’ve found the right choice for your body, let us know which one is it- a soap bar or a shower gel.

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