10 Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Growth

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In our surroundings there are quite a few herbs which play a bigger role in aiding us either for our skin, body or even hair. If we talk about onions they have been used in our daily usage for food, & provide medicinal properties. Onions are always helpful and aid us with several health issues like heart attack, diabetes. Through this article, we’ll see how it can benefit us for the ailment of skin & hair.

Onions are shockingly tastier, healthier. So, there is no doubt of its medicinal properties. Onions may have been known for their pungy odour, or even as flavors for the food but from this article you will know how it can benefit by consuming Onion juice, yes its juice for hair growth.


Importance of Haircare

Importance of Haircare

When it comes to haircare, they have been our primary importance for us to care mostly in very sunny, dense weather with moisturous surroundings. Dry and damaged hair can be replaced and repaired if you are in possession of onion juice, its pungent smell shouldn’t fool you because its rich antibacterial and antifungal assets can be of much worth.


Why Onion Juice, & how it’s effective?

Onions itself act as a rich substance which fights bacteria and fungus, it’s certain qualities are on point. The most important of them all is onion provides extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair which can prevent thinning of hair and breakage. Onion Juice is great for nourishment and is capable of regenerating the nutrients which you’ve lost from your scalp.

  1. They are very powerful natural antioxidants & can not only nourish your hair, but also give it a shine too.
  2. The onion pulp is used to treat several lice infestations which lie on the human scalp preventing dandruff.
  3. An increase in hair volume is seen if Onion Juice is consumed by you. This could increase blood circulation & fight infection in the body.
  4. Onion Juice and its pulp may doesn’t sound tasty to you, but it’s healthy to us.

Onion Juice generally provides us with quite a few vitamins and minerals such as, Vitamin C, B6, & potassium. It doesn’t mean there is a need to consume it, you can apply and massage on your scalp so its pungent smell could treat lice from your hair.

Let’s delve into the Benefits which could enlighten you of how and why Onion Juice is quite helpful.


Top 10 Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Growth

As we have discussed how they actually work & affect us in a positive way, now we’ll point out some essential elements which can benefit Hair Growth by Onion Juice.

1. Enhancement in Hair Growth:

Enhancement in Hair Growth

According to a lot of studies, it’s been found that onion juice used in shampoo, is promoting quite a few nutrients for dry unnourished hair by moisturizing hair follicles.

For better results using onion juice extract without the possession of shampoo can be more effective & give you better results. But we prefer using onion juice through shampoos. It can not only give you enhancement in Hair Growth but also it will remove the pungent smell due to the small amount of lemon juice in it.


Rejuvenates soft & brittle Hair:

Compounds presented in onion extracts like flavonoid which can help in maintaining cellular structure & fight off the bacteria present on the scalp. These have antioxidant properties which widens the blood vessels that can improve the flow of blood to the scalp.

These compounds can fortify & rejuvenate dry hair & turn them into strong & thick hair.


Removes Itchy Scalp:

Itchy Scalp

After we look at their antioxidant properties, they also do have an essential anti-inflammatory properties which can easen up your itchy scalp. With the help of raw honey, lime juice and the onion elixir can result in a perfect solution to your dry scalp.

Onion Juice extract contains a pungent smell that can be removed by its combination with coconut oil that can neutralize that odour & give you a fresh scalp with thick hair.


Sweeps Off Dandruff:

Sweeps Off Dandruff

As we mentioned earlier, its microfungal properties can be of great help. Many experts have suggested onion juice extract best known for its infection treatment. A fungus named fufur has been causing this dandruff on the scalp.

Applying onion juice on your scalp/head can surely get rid of those occasional flakes from your head, & can prevent you from hairfall.


Treats Hair Conditions:

In today’s world when we look at the majority of people in their mid 40’s, they seem to go through a hair condition that can affect your hair growth by creating small patches around. This can cause hair loss & to prevent this, a proper usage of Onion Juice can be very beneficial.

This condition is called Alopecia & applying onion juice to your scalp can remove this condition resulting in proper growth of hair on those patches.


Uplifts Hair Growth & No Split Ends:

Split Ends Hair

The onion elixir can promote hair growth in many ways and through quite a few situations. Instead of using a regular shampoo, you should definitely consider using Onion Juice which can help to reduce graying of hair & due to its sulfur content it can cause no split-ends.

So go ahead and use Onion Juice and boycott shampoo who sells their brand rather than their product.


Adds Shine to your Hair:

While they nourish roots, and give sufficient blood to the vessels. The more blood flow is clean and proper the greater Shininess will be seen on your scalp. The Onion Juice is the perfect example for a natural conditioner.


Strengthen Hair Follicles:

While its onion extract has a tendency to maintain the pH value of the hair follicles, so the scalp has an immense strength & could make you feel proud.


Removes Impurities for Scalp:

Its quality of microfungal property can benefit you in removing all the impurities on your scalp, this can help in renovating hair follicles & remove impurities from inside.


Adds a Dense Hair Structure:

After we have seen all of the benefits, there is the most important point which can be very helpful in order to evolve the hair structure on your scalp. The onion juice extract can make your hair structure dense & adds volume to it.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Onion Juice in Hair Growth

Advantages of Onion Juice in Hair Growth:

  1. It battles premature hair graying
  2. It has a property of reduction in hair loss issue
  3. Restore the nutrition of hair scalp
  4. Helps in Blood Circulation to the scalp
  5. Promotes healthy hair growth

Disadvantages of Onion Juice in Hair Growth:

  1. Keeping onion juice for too long on scalp can lead you to itchy scalp
  2. Can cause scalp dryness
  3. Could create a burning sensation
  4. Strong Smell of Sulfur



There are several combinations that can be used to promote hair growth on your scalp by using Onion Juice extract, either its honey, eggs, or even yogurt that can affect your hair growth in a much more positive way.

So if you ask us, is it beneficial then yes it is! One should definitely use this for hair growth & other benefits we mentioned in this article & don’t get fooled by its pungent smell. It looks bad but is very helpful to its core.

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