T-Bar Row Exercise Guide

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With the T-Bar Row you can train the back muscles in a good way. This fitness exercise is also known as T-Bar Bent over Row of Close Grip Bent over Row. When you perform this exercise correctly, it helps to develop the broad back muscle. The T-Bar Row is somewhat similar in execution to the Barbell Row, only with even narrower grip. For this back exercise you need a T-Bar or Olympic barbell. However, you don’t just train your Latissimus Dorsi with this exercise. It is a compound exercise, in which you also tackle the trapezius, biceps, shoulders and forearms. You also train the body muscles to maintain stability. Do you want to teach the T-Bar Bent about Row? On Voeding-en-fitness.nl I’ll teach you the perfect T-Bar Row performance, give you some technique tips and you can watch an instructional video!

Correct T-Bar Row execution

Do you want to learn the right T-Bar Row version? Follow the steps below for maximum effect and preventing nasty injuries.

  1. Place the Olympic dumbbell bar in the attachment point or place it on the ground, for example in the corner of the squatrack.
  2. Take a V-grip and grab it with the thumbs pointing inwards.
  3. Create a 45 degree angle with your upper body relative to your hips.
  4. Keep your abs and buttocks tight and ensure a straight back.
  5. Inhale and pull the rod towards your chest, holding tension on the back muscles for a while.
  6. Lower the barbell slowly and controlled and exhale.
  7. Repeat this movement for the desired number of reps.

T-Bar Bent over Row technique tips

Do you want to get the maximum result from your T-Bar Row version? Consider the technique tips below when performing this back muscle exercise.

  • Build the weight slowly. It’s nice to train hard, but a good execution is much more important. Especially in an exercise like the Close Grip Bent over Row it is important to keep your back straight. If you start training too hard, chances are your back will be strong and your technique will get worse.
  • Keep your elbows short along your body during the entire movement. This creates the largest ROM (range of motion) and stimulates the back muscles to the maximum.
  • At the T-Bar Row it is useful to squeeze the shoulder blades together when you have brought the rod all the way to you. This way you hold the tension on the muscles for a while and you get a good contraction.

T-Bar Row video

The video below shows a good T-Bar Row version.

Fitness exercises for the back muscles

The T-Bar Row can actually be done in any gym. Many gyms have a special fastening system for T-Bar Rowen, but even if this is not the case you have to have a dumbbell and V-grip enough. As mentioned before, the T-Bar Bent over Row looks a lot like the Barbell Row. Other fitness exercises you can do for your back muscles include the Pull Up, Seated Row, Straight Arm Pulldown and Lat Pulldown.

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