How to use Veet Wax Strips?

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Are you too lazy to make an appointment to get your legs waxed? Or are you tired of the high prices for waxing at salons? Worry not because we have the perfect solution for your problem.

Veet wax strips are the answer to all your worries about body hair. They are hassle-free and easy-to-use wax strips that can give you super shiny legs and arms in just a few minutes. So, say no to the expensive parlor waxing appointments.

You can wax your hair at home with Veet cold wax strips. In this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about Veet wax strips. We have also mentioned the most effective and correct way to use them.


What are Veet Wax Strips?

Veet Wax


Veet has always been famous for its hair removal creams. But, its cold wax strips have brought a revolution in the beauty industry. They are a super handy product with lots of benefits.

Veet wax strips are available at any general store or online store. Their market price is just INR 199, and there are 20 strips (every two strips stick together) in one packet. Veet wax strips come in a variety for all skin types.

They are available for people with dry skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin. Strips for dry skin have aloe vera extracts and a green tea scent whereas, strips for normal skin contain shea butter and an acai berry scent. For sensitive skin, the strips have almond oil and a cornflower fragrance.

The main constituents of Veet cold wax strips are BHA, glyceryl rosinate, mineral oil, polyethylene, silica, and titanium dioxide. All these ingredients are healthy for your skin and have no side effects unless you are allergic to any of them.


How to use Veet Wax Strips?

Now that we know how Veet wax strips can do wonders for our skin. Let us look at the steps involved in using them. We have explained each step in detail for your easy understanding.

Step 1

The first step is to clean the area where you want to use the wax strips. You can use the strips directly after bathing or clean the required skin portion with a damp towel.

Make sure your skin is not oily, and you should not moisturize it in at least twelve hours. To be on the safer side, you can rub a little powder on the portion of the skin that needs to be waxed.

Step 2

Take the wax strips between your hands and rub them for ten seconds to warm up the wax. Some people skip this step but, we suggest not to avoid it.

Peel the strips from the circular side and place them on your skin. Make sure you put them in the direction of your hair growth. This way, you can avoid skin bumps and rashes.

Step 3

Once you have placed the strip on your skin, rub it gently for ten to twenty seconds so that it sticks properly to the hair. If the strips do not stick properly, they can leave behind tiny hair.

Step 4

Pull the strip back with force in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Continue to repeat steps 1 to 4 again and again until you remove all the unwanted body hair.

Step 5

The Veet waxing kit comes with cold wax strips and a Veet perfect finish cloth. You can use this cloth on the shaved area for a smoother finish.


What are the benefits of using Veet Wax Strips?


Veet cold wax strips are effective, mess-free, and quick. Using Veet wax strips can keep your skin salon-smooth for 28 days. It can remove the shortest hair from its roots and give you soft skin.

You can use Veet wax strips for legs, arms, underarms, and bikini lines. We suggest not using them for the face, genitals, nipples, or area around them. Also, before using them, you must take a patch test.

We have compiled a list of benefits that come with Veet wax strips.

  • They have antioxidants.
  • They act as an exfoliant and protect your skin from damage and UV rays.
  • They replenish your skin and keep it smooth.
  • They are affordable as well as cheaper than waxing at salons.
  • They are free from parabens, sulfates, alcohols, and silicons.
  • They are super easy to use and non-messy.
  • They come for all different types of skins.


  1. Experts advise waiting at least 24 hours before applying anything to the waxed skin. You should avoid using perfumes, anti-tanning products, or antiperspirants. Avoid swimming and sunbathing too.
  2. Cold wax strips are more effective than razors. While razors remove hair from the surface, Veet wax strips remove hair as short as 1.5mm from the roots. The hair growth is faster after using razors than wax strips.
  3. When cold wax strips cannot work for you, a household technique is to heat them lightly. A little warm wax might work for some people.


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Veet wax strips can save you a lot of time and money. They are a perfect product for people who don’t like to use hot wax for hair removal. They are beneficial for your skin and are effective in removing hair.

Veet wax strips have happy customer reviews all around the country. Without any further delay, you should also buy Veet wax strips. Our comment section will be more than happy to listen to your experience!

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