What are the Benefits Of Using A Soap Free Face Wash

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The soap-free face wash has become huge in the skincare industry since the last decade and the majority of people recommend using a soap-free face wash rather than applying soap.

So the major question that arises is why should I use a soap-free face wash and what are benefits of it? Don’t worry now because, in this article, I’m going to cover the benefits of using soap-free face wash and why one should replace soap with a soap-free face wash.


4 Benefits of Soap-free face wash

1. Protects the skin

Soap-free face wash works gently on the skin. It helps clean your skin and remove oil, dirt and impurities without causing any irritation and damage. The soap-free face wash does the same work as soaps but without causing any itchiness and redness in the process. Soap-free face wash cleans as well as protects the skin.


2. Moisturizes the skin

Moisturizes the skin

Soap-free face wash helps in keeping the skin hydrated even after removing all the dirt and oil from the face. Even if your skin is oily, combination or dry you require essential oils to keep your skin healthy and prevent anti-ageing due to which soap-free face wash works better than soap.

As it prevents the skin from getting dry and assists in retaining moisture. Soap removes the essential oils from the face by making the skin dull and dry.


3. Contains Nourishing Ingredients

Unlike soap, various face wash which are soap-free doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and acid. Soap-free face wash includes several beneficial ingredients that don’t reduce the pH level of the skin and make the skin more radiant and healthy.

There are tons of good natural elements like tree oil, neem and good acid in these face wash that helps in nourishing the skin.


4. Isn’t hard on the skin

Isn’t hard on the skin

The soap-free face wash is specifically made for use of the face due to which it doesn’t contain any harmful solutions. The skin of the face is thin and it requires products that do the job without causing issues due to which this face wash works well for our skin.

Meanwhile, soaps are made for skin and the texture of skin is different in terms of face and body. Your face can cause several issues like drying out, dullness, rashes and more.


Why is it better to use a Face wash rather than Soap

When you use a face wash specifically of your skin type you are a be cleared it has ingredients that are good for your skin.

A mild, soap-free face wash will help in keeping your face clean without taking away necessary oils from your face that can cause damage. Because the natural oil present in our face works as a shield in protecting the skin from harmful rays, dust, environmental factors and pollution.

So it is crucial that you don’t wash these natural oils from your face. Meanwhile, soaps work hard on the skin which results in taking away that protective layer of oils and making the skin dry and dull. Due to which it is better to use a face wash rather than soap for the face.


5 Disadvantages of using a soap

Soaps are made of fats or natural oils with an alkaline solution of sodium hydroxide. Soaps work great in cleaning our bodies from dirt and oils. However, our face is more fragile and delicate as compared to the rest of our bodies.

Along with being delicate our skin is also different and faces various concerns like acne, dryness, oiliness and more due to which it requires extra caution. Also, the skin in our face is much thinner and it is essential to use the right amount of products that don’t cause any damage to the face. Meanwhile, soaps are too hard to face here are some of the reasons why it shouldn’t be used on the face:


1. Residue Skin

Sometimes soaps when combined with hard water that has calcium at a high level can make a soap scum which would create a residue on your skin.


2. Doesn’t protect skin

The soap contains elements that work great in cleaning our skin but it doesn’t always protect it. Soaps are alkaline based it messes with the pH level making the conditions of the skin are worse. Sensitive skin people tend to face issues like redness and rashes due to the alkaline based elements added in soap.


3. Irritation and Redness

Irritation and Redness

Our skin is acidic while the soup is alkaline. Soaps are not made with the consideration of just for the face. It is made with the thought of being able to use it on the entire body.

Due to which it contains hard elements and are alkaline-based which helps in removing dirt from the entire body as the skin is thick. But when these harmful elements get regularly used on the face it causes itchiness and redness because the skin is acidic.


4. High pH

Some bar soaps can have high pH which can cause harm to sensitive skin. High pH can cause issues to the outermost layer of the skin which is known as the stratum corneum. The inner layers of skin are protected by this stratum corneum so when it comes in contact with harsh soaps it dehydrates the skin.


5. Makes skin Dry

Makes skin Dry

Another reason why you shouldn’t use soaps on your face is that it makes the skin extremely dry. Even if the skin is oily it still requires the essential oils and hydration to keep the skin healthy. Soap removes all the necessary moisture from the skin making it dry and wrinkled.

Soap may work great on the rest of the body as the skin is thicker but not in the face as it is delicate and thin.


Things to consider before buying a Soap-free face wash

Before actually going forward with a face wash there are certain elements that should be considered so it cannot cause any harm to your skin. Here are some of the ingredients and things you should make sure of as per your skin type:


1. Dry Skin

People with dry skin tend to face the issue of their skin becoming extremely dry and dull after the use of soap. So with this kind of concern people should replace their soap with a soap-free face wash that doesn’t contain any silicone, paraben and cruelty elements.

Instead, they should go for a kind of soap-free face wash that has natural ingredients and oils. Which will make your skin moisturized, nourished, smooth and also stretch the skin. Some best soap-free face wash for dry skin is Cetaphil, Himalaya, Neutrogena, Nivea and more.


2. Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Oily skin people tend to face issues like pimples, breakouts and moles. In such cases, you should find a soap-free face wash that contains salicylic acid which prevents breakouts. Along with various oil-free equations that help in not only removing the oil from outer areas but also from deep inside the skin.

Some soap-free face wash for oily skin are Plum green, skin craft, Olay and more.


3. Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-Prone Skin

Breakouts and acne are some of the commonly faced issues by people. In such cases, a soap-free face wash that contains tea tree oil, neem, turmeric and more natural ingredients is the one that people with acne-prone skin should go for.

Not only will it help with acne on the face but will also prevent the breakout of skin. Some soap-free face wash that works great on acne-prone skin is Himalaya, Olay, Neutrogena and more.



What does it mean by 100% soap-free face wash?

100% soap-free means it doesn’t contain any alkaline additives and fats. These kinds of face wash are great for people with allergies and sensitive skin as it doesn’t cause any harmful issues to the skin.


What happens if I apply soap to my face?

Soap cleans the face in a great way but sometimes it can cause excessive dryness, itchy, redness and blotchy to the skin.


What skin type people should never use soap on the face?

Sensitive skin people should never use soap on the face because the harmful elements present in the soap can be extremely bad on their skin and can cause redness.


Why is it necessary to wash your face?

It is necessary to wash your face in order to remove the impurities and dirt from your face. As the skin tends to build up dirt, bacteria, oils and more impurities during the day due to which it is essential to get rid of them by washing your face regularly.



The soap-free face wash is better and more beneficial for your face. Regardless of the skin type the elements and ingredients present helps in making our skin better and hydrated. I hope this article has helped you in knowing more about the benefits of soap-free face wash. Along with things to consider while choosing a soap-free face wash as per your skin type.

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