5 Easy Ways To Reduce Thigh Fat?

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Thigh fat is a common concern that many people face. This fat majorly occurs due to the presence of estrogen. This estrogen tends to increase the fat cells in lower body areas, especially thighs.

Females seem to face this issue the most as these fat cells grow at a greater level in females than males. Many of you might wonder if there are ways to reduce this thigh fat?

Well, no worries now, In this article, we will introduce all the essential ways to minimize these thigh fats quickly. So stay tuned.


5 Ways To Reduce Thigh Fat

1. Control Your Salt Intake


Consuming extra salt can retain excess water in your body, which can cause bloating and also change your body shape, including thigh and hip areas.

Water follows salt, due to which the more salt you consume, the more water becomes stored. So when you cut extra salt consumption then you retain less water in your body, which will help in reducing these thigh fats from your body.


2. Have More Electrolytes


Electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium are already highly consumed by people for a healthy diet. By adding more electrolytes to your meal, you can retain less salt in your body.

This helps keep your fluid balance at a stable level so your body can remove the excessive water retention that causes a change in body shape.

Some of the electrolytes you should have to reduce your thigh fat are Yogurt, bananas, and several green leafy vegetables. By having these electrolytes, you can maintain a healthy diet and reduce fat from your body as well.


3. Increase Protein And Fiber In Your Diet

Protein And Fiber

Having a good amount of protein and fiber in your meal can help weight loss and reduce excess fat from your body.

Having protein can be essential for building lean muscles that can make your thighs look great. Having healthy fruits, veggies, lean meats, and grains can keep your body healthy and prevent thigh fat.

Also, protein and fiber also help keep you fuller for a longer period, which can help reduce any further binge eating.


4. Reduce Your Carbs Intake


Carbs are transformed into glycogen in your body which gets stored in your muscles and liver along with water—resulting in more water getting stored in your body, causing fat in your body.

Due to which you should intake a low carbs diet to prevent excessive water from getting stored in your body.

All these food habits can be extremely beneficial for you to get rid of excess fat in your thighs.

Apart from just reducing thigh fat these eating habits can also help keep you healthy and fit by excluding all junk and sugar field foods that make you unhealthy.


5. Invest In Exercise

In order to prevent these troublesome thigh fats, you have to invest a good amount of time in exercising as it is a major factor that can make a huge difference in reducing these fats from your thighs.

Here we have mentioned some exercises that help you get rid of thigh fat:

a. Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank is one of the most useful ways to get rid of thigh fat. First, sit on the floor with both your palms behind your hips and legs stretched completely out for this exercise.

Then lift your hip and press both of your palms downwards in a way through which your torso moves in the direction of the ceiling, and without locking the elbows, your arms are straightened out.

With both your legs and arms in a straight position, firmly hold your body to create an even line from your head area to your toe. In the direction of your spike, try to lift your belly button by pressing your core.

Try to hold this position for around 20-30 seconds per rep. 


b. Lunges

Lunges help in targeting areas like the glutes, hamstring, and quads. This is a very effective exercise to reduce fat from your thighs. To perform this exercise:

Stand on the ground with your back straight.

Keep both your feet hip-width in the distance and keep your hands on the hips.

Move your right leg forward by about one foot, and the lower your body continues this until your back legs and front make an angle of 90 degrees.

Wait in this position for a duration of three seconds, and then bring your right leg back to the standing position.

After this, repeat these steps with your left leg and continue with three sets of 15 reps.


c. Squats

Squats is another exercise that helps prevent thigh fat as it targets hamstring, lower back, quads, calves, and glutes areas.

For this exercise, start by standing straight. Make sure your back is entirely straight and your legs are wide apart.

Keep your arms in front of you and stretch, flex your knees simultaneously, and go down in the squat position, almost like you are sitting in a chair. Go as low as you can during this to make sure your back is not bent.

Then keep yourself in this squad position for a few seconds and then come back to your standing position. Continue again for about 10 to 15 times. This is a great way to not only reduce your thigh fat but also strengthen your legs and improve your stability.


d. Single-Leg Circles

Single leg circles are great for your adductor and quads. Single-leg circles help with weight loss and thigh fat, but they also help make the leg muscles strengthen and provide stability.

Start by standing straight with both your legs wide apart from each other. Then put your right foot in front with your toes pointing out.

Lift your right foot until it touches your knees, and then move it in outwards motion to create a circle. Then bring your back and repeat the same with your left leg. Continue this exercise around ten times with both your legs.


e. Supine Inner Thigh Lift 

Start by laying on your back flat along with your abs engaged. Then pull your arms out to the surface on the ground. Then start raising both your legs flexed to the ceiling. Keep your left leg in a noble position.

Keep your below right leg out the side as far as possible without lifting your left hip to the ground. Leave your legs in this position for few seconds and then bring your right leg back to the normal position and then squeeze your legs at the top.

Shift this method with the left leg and repeat about 15 times for both the legs to get rid of thigh fat. You can continue this exercise for 10 to 15 reps.


f. Skaters 

For this exercise, start by standing with your legs being hip-width apart from each other. Then bend with your right leg behind the supporting leg at an inadequate angle while maintaining your balance and weight on the supporting leg.

Then swing your arms and leap over the other side—land with your opposite leg by shifting your weight to the leg behind you.

Make sure you land with your knees and hips slightly bent. Repeat this exercise by transferring your weight alternatively and continuing to shift from side to side with alternate legs and arms in the skating motion.

This exercise directly targets your thighs which helps in reducing thigh fat and also strengthens your legs.

Apart from just following these effective thigh fat exercises, you can also invest in muscle-strengthening activities, cardio, cycling and more to witness a difference in your thighs and overall body.



How can I lose thigh fat within a day? 

No matter what exercise or diet you follow, you can’t get rid of thigh fat within a day. It normally uses a span of two to three weeks to witness a change in your thighs when you follow the correct diet along with exercising regularly.


Can brisk walk help in reducing my thigh fat? 

Yes, a brisk walk is recognized as a good exercise that can help in reducing thigh fat. Walking tends to aim at lower body areas like the hamstring, quad, calves and helps lift the glutes, which can result in toning your thighs. But you need to make sure you walk for a good amount of time to observe a change in your thighs.


What foods increase fat levels in your thighs? 

Junk foods that increase your blood sugar levels are the ones that cause high-fat levels in your thighs. These foods majorly are sodas, pasta, desserts, white rice, and more. All these are high in sugar levels and cause significant fats in your body, making you unhealthy.


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Thigh fats can be bothersome to witness, especially when your upper body is toned but your thighs are thick. But these issues can be solved by maintaining a proper diet and regular exercise.

Here, we mentioned all the essential methods that can help you get rid of thigh fat. We hope all your concerns regarding fat in thigh areas are solved through this article.

If you have any questions about thigh fat, then tell us in the comments.

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