10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Grey Hair Naturally

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Grey hair starts showing up! Still, wondering what to do next or searching for treatment to get rid of? Relax! We have your back!

Before trying any chemical treatment, follow some effective home remedies to get rid of grey hair naturally. In this article, you will learn about ten effective home remedies to get rid of your grey hair.

Let’s start with homemade paste remedies you can follow easily at home with the materials available in your kitchen.


10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Grey Hair Naturally

1. Homemade Paste Remedies

Here are some homemade paste remedies you can try!

a. Coffee & Henna Paste

Coffee Henna Paste

Henna acts as a natural colourant and conditioner. Leaves and powders of henna help darken the grey hairs. Coffee, with caffeine as an ingredient, has antioxidants that help hair shinier & thicker.


Boil one tablespoon of coffee powder. Cool the mixture. Make a paste by adding the henna powder to the cool-down mix. You can add henna as per the length of your hair.

Now, rest the paste for an hour. Then, mix a few drops of your preferred hair oil and apply. After 2-3 hours, when you feel your hair dry, then wash it off with a mild shampoo.


You can repeat the procedure once or twice a week for better results.


b. Curd & Black Pepper Paste

Curd And Black Pepper Paste

Black peppers are rich in antioxidants, which prevent cell damage & fight the first signs of hair greying. Curd (or yoghurt) provides the necessary moisture to your scalp (conditioning) and helps in reversing grey hairs. In addition, curd also helps in shiny & soft hair.


Mix a cup of curd and one teaspoon of crushed black pepper in a bowl. Apply thoroughly from roots to tips of the hair. Then cover your hair with a shower cap to keep it moist. After an hour or two, wash it off with water.


You can apply this paste thrice a week for the best results.


2. Homemade Oil Remedies

Here are a few homemade oil remedies you can try!

a. Amla & Oil Mix


Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, Indian gooseberry (amla) prevents hair damage. Along with the nutrients of fenugreek (methi) seeds, amla helps prevent grey hair and improve hair growth.


Boil 5-6 amla pieces and three tablespoons of oil in a pan for few minutes. Then, add one tablespoon of fenugreek powder to the pan. Put off the flame. Make a paste by mixing all ingredients well after the paste cools down. Apply on the hair overnight and wash it off the following day with a mild shampoo.


You can follow this procedure once or twice a week for remarkable results.


b. Curry Leaves & Coconut Oil

close up shot transparent coconut oil

Curry Leaves & coconut oil are excellent ingredients for any home remedy for hair. Curry Leaves have vitamins & minerals, and antioxidants that prevent grey hair production.


Heat 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Add curry leaves to the heated oil till the leaves turn into black residue. Put off the flame & cool down the mixture. Apply thoroughly on hair from roots to end for an hour. Wash it off with a chemical-free shampoo.


Apply this oil mix twice a week for ideal results.


c. Almond Oil Mask

Almond and coconut oil

Rich in vitamin E, almond oil protects hair from premature greying. In this mask, you need lemons also. Lemons improve hair growth, add shine & volume to the hair.


Take almond oil and lemon in the ratio of 2:3 and mix them well. Apply across the hair length for 30-40 minutes. Wash it off with an organic & chemical-free shampoo. Make sure to do a patch test on your skin before applying; some people’s skin is allergic to lemon!


You can repeat this oil mix procedure twice or thrice a week.


3. Rinsing Remedies

In this section, you will know about the home remedies in which you can rinse your grey hair with homemade and effective rinsing liquids.

a. Black Tea Rinse

Due to the antioxidant properties of caffeine present in black tea, it helps prevent grey hair growth. Black tea also strengthens hair follicles, thus helping in new hair production.


Boil 2 tablespoons of black tea leaves with one tablespoon of salt and 2 cups of water in a pan. Mix them well. Let the mixture cool down. Rinse your hair with the prepared liquid.

You can also transfer this liquid to a spray bottle. Instead of rinsing, you can spray the prepared liquid evenly throughout your hair.

Use the rinsing liquid as a leave-in conditioner, formulated to be left in your hair after rinsing it.


You can follow this procedure twice or thrice once a week for wonderful results.


b. Potato Peel

Starch present in potato peels helps to restore colour pigment in the hair.


Collect peels of 5 to 6 potatoes. Boil these peels with 2 cups of water in a pan till starch solution starts to form. Take the pan off the stove and let it cool down. Strain the mixture.

Wash your hair with the prepared potato peel water as a last rinse after washing your hair with a chemical-free shampoo.


Repeat the procedure twice a week for better results.


4. Natural Hair Dyes

Now, let’s know about the homemade hair dyes you can use in your home with the raw material available at your home!

a. Black Pepper & Lemon

Black Pepper And Lemon

Rich in antioxidants, black pepper helps fight the first signs of grey hair. Vitamins and minerals in lemon and curd moisturize the scalp and prevent hair damage too!


Freshly ground one tablespoon of black pepper granules. Mix them well with one tablespoon of lemon juice and half a cup of yoghurt or curd. Apply evenly on scalp and hair and massage. Keep for an hour and wash it off with lukewarm water.


Repeat the process thrice a week for the best results.


b. Hibiscus


Vitamins in the hibiscus help produce melanin, the naturally occurring skin pigment that gives natural colour to hair. Hibiscus gives your hair a crimson tinge.


First Method

Keep leaves and flowers of hibiscus soaked in water overnight. The next day, rinse the mixture. Use this mixture to wash your hair.

Second Method

You can use hibiscus powder with henna powder. Apply a paste of these mixed powders for an hour or two. Wash it off with water.


You can repeat both these methods twice/thrice a week for visible results.


5. Vegetables


Research studies have shown that folic acid helps improve hair health and reduce the rate of premature greying. Green leafy vegetables are rich in folic acid. Lettuce, spinach, and cauliflower are examples of green leafy vegetables. Copper-rich vegetables, like kale and broccoli, help in lending pigment to hair follicles.


Do try to include these vegetables every day in your diet.


6. Homemade Juices

Now, let’s know about homemade juices’ remedies for grey hair prevention.

Onion Juice

Onion enhances the production of an enzyme, catalase, which helps darken the hair texture. When mixed with lemon juice, it also brings out the shine and bounces to your hair!


Grind two onions with half a cup of water to make a coarse onion paste. Strain the paste with the help of a muslin cloth.

Take two teaspoons of onion juice with one teaspoon of lemon juice & one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix all these ingredients well. Massage your scalp and hair with the prepared liquid mix. After half an hour, wash it off with water.


You can repeat the process twice or thrice a week for visible results.

Now, let’s get started with an important routine for hair care that helps prevent hair damage & grey hair production.


7. Healthy Hair Care Habits

Healthy Hair Care Habits

Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Don’t use hot water for hair wash, as it leads to scalp inflammation, irritation, and premature greying. Thus, use warm, cold, or lukewarm water for hair washes.

Excessive exposure to sun rays is harmful to hair—UV rays damage your scalp by turning hair dry, brittle, and grey. So, protect your hair by wearing a scarf, cap, or hat while going out in the sun.

Avoid excessive use of chemical products and treatments on your hair. The use of chemical dyes, shampoos, and treatments contains harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, which may bleach hair & turn them white!

Caffeine dependency is linked to cellular aging, resulting in early wrinkles and premature hair greying. So, you must limit the caffeinated drinks.

Smoking tobacco can enhance the chances of premature hair greying. A 2010 observational study has concluded that the prevalence of the first appearance of grey hairs under 30  with smoking habits is 2.5 times higher than those without smoking.


8. Foods that Prevent Hair Greying

In this section, you will know about the foods that prevent the occurrence of hair greying.



A 2016 research study has concluded that persons with premature greying are more likely to have a B-12 deficiency. Eggs are a good source of vitamin B-12 and protein. You can consume boiled eggs or omelette filled with vegetables for breakfast every day.




Rich in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins, the fatty fish salmon may help in releasing hair pigment and thus prevent hair greying.


Fermented Foods

Fermented or probiotic foods are good for healthy gut bacteria, which helps produce B-vitamins (biotin). It is the biotin deficiency that changes hair color & makes them brittle. So, include fermented foods like idli (puffed rice cake), homemade curd & pickles, kadhi (gram flour curry), etc., in your diet.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are rich in iron & copper, which helps in preventing grey hair. Ferritin is a protein, which stores iron in your blood cells. An observational study has shown that low ferritin leads to premature greying.


9. Fruits

Now, let’s know about the fruit which can help in the prevention of grey hair.



Blueberries contain a compound, proanthocyanidins, which trigger the reverse greying process due to vitamin B-12 deficiency. These berries have a large amount of zinc, iodine, and copper that helps in hair growth.


10. Vitamins & Supplements

Let’s come to the section of vitamins you must know for grey hair prevention.

Proteins (Keratin)

Keratin is a protein that’s present in surface cells. It enhances hair pigmentation and hence, prevents grey hair production.

You can’t directly get keratin from the foods. Your body makes keratin protein by extracting amino acids. So, it will be helpful if you have enough protein intake for the proper production of keratin.



Iron supports in creating haemoglobin of blood cells & carrying oxygen throughout the body. Its deficiency results in improper blood production which affects the health of hair too!

So, make sure to fulfil your body’s iron requirements by taking iron-rich foods. Tofu, legumes, beans, eggs, nuts, bananas, tomatoes, nuts, and wholegrain cereals are some sources of iron.



Copper supports blood cells and tissues that play a significant role in producing melanin (natural skin pigment) in the body. So, include copper-rich foods in your diet. Lentils, peanuts, white mushrooms, and almonds are some sources of copper.


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Final Takeaway

It’s true to say; grey hair is hard to accept! Everyone has a different reason for their grey hair. It can be genetic, medication, stress, unhealthy lifestyle & habits, hormonal changes, etc.

But there are ways to prevent their growth. You can go for inexpensive but effective homemade remedies to get rid of grey hair. These include recipes from the products available at your home, lifestyle changes, and food that can reduce the rate of grey hair.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these remedies & share your experiences in the comment section below.

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