Organic shampoo vs. Regular Shampoo

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Are you confused about the buzz and debate over whether to use organic shampoo or regular? If so, you’ve come to the right place for help.

As we know, shampoo is a staple of any beauty regimen. However, it’s about more than just the simple cleaning function. You choose to shampoo with – whether organic or regular shampoo – that can affect your hair in the long run.

The answer is simple. Organic shampoos don’t have chemicals, while regular ones do. Keep reading to know more about both and determine which you choose from here on out!


Organic shampoo

Organic shampoo

Organic shampoos are made of natural materials. They clean your hair, keep it moisturized, and help repair damage if you’re prone to hair problems.

Organic shampoos are specially made to ensure the health of the customer. It is directly extracted using herbal ingredients without adding colors or preservatives to the product. You can apply these shampoos to your scalp without fearing side effects. Organic shampoo is absent of toxic chemicals that cause irritation and allergy to the scalp and hair.


Regular Shampoo

Regular Shampoo

Regular shampoo is a mild cleanser that binds to sebum, dead skin cells, and other residues and then works to remove the superficial layer from hair.

People prefer using this shampoo because they believe it cleans their hair more than others. However, they don’t know that they’re harming themselves by using regular shampoos.

Regular shampoo frequently includes artificial compounds such as SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate). According to tests, the chemical can affect our skin by being absorbed into our bodies and depositing in our inner organs.


Regular vs. organic shampoo – Differences

Shampoos are necessary for our hair to clean and look fresh. We should find out the differences between regular shampoo and organic. Mainly, it is about the chemicals used in the crucial hair cleansing process. Let’s look at several differences-

Regular Shampoo Organic shampoo
The regular shampoo contains sodium laureth sulfate, a petroleum-based ingredient that dries and irritates the scalp. Organic shampoos are not just good for your hair but also for the health of your scalp and the environment as they contain organic ingredients.
Regular shampoo is filled with toxins that can make your hair vulnerable to breakage. Organic shampoo is eco-certified.
It contains toxins like Formaldehyde, Parabens,  Propylene, and Paraffin. They contain no parabens, chemicals, or synthetic coloring, and they are 100% cruelty-free.
Regular shampoo removes the keratin layer that forms due to excessive amounts of foam. Although organic shampoos make less foam when used, it lathers better and cleanses your hair thoroughly.
The soap dissolves the keratin on the hair, making it hard and rough when dry. It doesn’t make a lot of foam, which would wipe away the natural keratin coating.
Over time, regular shampoos can reduce the size of hair follicles and even irreversibly irritate oil glands. This can eventually lead to more significant hair loss. Organic shampoos activate hair follicles to encourage hair development organically and retain hydration.


Let’s in-depth at the above differences between ​regular and organic shampoo.

Regular shampoo and organic shampoo are entirely different. Regular shampoo is derived from petroleum products; organic shampoos are from all-natural ingredients. Petroleum is a byproduct of the oil industry which naturally depletes the Earth’s natural supplies.

Petroleum-based shampoos contain sodium Laureth sulfate, a detergent that dries and irritates the scalp. In contrast, organic shampoos are not just good for your hair but also for the health of your scalp and the environment as they contain organic ingredients.

Studies have shown that regular shampoos lead to hair loss. Most regular shampoos contain alcohol and SLS, which can cause severe damage to your hair.

In contrast, organic or eco-certified shampoo follows strict guidelines when it comes to the ingredients that are used. These shampoos typically contain fewer toxic chemicals that can damage your hair and hair follicles. They can be more expensive than regular shampoos, but they’re well worth investing in your hair’s long-term health and appearance.

While both kinds of shampoo can make your hair look clean, regular shampoos are made from synthetic detergents and foaming agents. Regular shampoos have many chemicals and artificial fragrances added to make the foam more efficiently, which can gradually weaken hair structure. In contrast, organic shampoos retain the natural pH balance of the scalp and hair.

The regular shampoo leaves a dull, coarse feel on hair and makes it hard. In contrast, organic shampoo has completely different effects. It won’t make your hair hard. It won’t interfere with natural keratin.

And as I mentioned before, it will help prevent any damage to our hair follicles. Unlike regular shampoos that compromise the integrity of our scalp and hair follicles, organic shampoos are designed to be the gentlest and most beneficial shampoo possible!

Frequently asked questions


Question 1:- How long will the hair take to respond to using organic shampoo?

Ans:- The hair will respond to organic shampoo in up to 4-6 weeks, but you can experience an adjustment for 2-3 weeks in most situations.


Question 2:- When you switch to organic shampoo, what happens?

Ans:- When you switch to natural hair products, your hair will initially respond differently. Your hair is going through a massive transition, so that you may notice dryness, breakage, and even hair loss over the first few weeks.


Question 3:- Why maximum people prefer regular shampoo?

Ans:- It is because of the foaming effect. People usually think shampoos that do not make foam are not practical because they leave behind residue. And the regular shampoos make a lot of foam.


The bottom line-

When it comes to organic shampoo vs. regular shampoo, the decision about hair care is made a lot easier for you now, but you also have a better understanding of what you’re putting into your hair. Organic might be for you if you want to emphasize healthiness and all-natural ingredients at a good price. And that’s something that should be of utmost importance to anyone who wants great hair.

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