How To Use Neem To Treat Dandruff? (4 Amazing Ways)

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Dandruff is one of the most frequently faced concerns among people. It can cause difficulties like itchiness in your scalp and flaking of skin all over your shoulders which can be annoying for anyone to witness.

There are tons of chemical-filled products available in the market to cure dandruff. But did you know you can use a natural ingredient like neem to prevent dandruff?

If no, then no worries. This article will address all the different ways you can use neem to cure dandruff naturally.


4 Different Ways To Use Neem To Cure Dandruff 

Neem contains beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial elements that can help remove dandruff naturally. Here are various ways on how you use neem to prevent dandruff from hair.

1. Neem Water

Neem Water

For this step, start by boiling around one liter of water. For this, you can either use a pot or a kettle, whichever works for you. Once the water is boiled, take it out in a large bowl and add about 40 leaves of neem to the bowl.

Let the water and neem leaves sit overnight. Then next day you can remove the leaves from the bowl and gently wash your hair using this water. Neem leaves contain anti-fungal components, which will help in removing dandruff from your scalp.

A dry scalp area is one of the reasons behind having itchiness in the scalp. Therefore, using neem water can provide nourishment to your scalp as neem is enhanced with vitamin E and fatty acids, which cure excessive dryness.

Neem water is considered one of the most natural ways to use to prevent dandruff.


2. Neem Hair Mask 

Neem Hair Mask 

Take around 20 to 30 neem leaves and heat them in a cup of water for 20 minutes. Then take the leaves out of the heat and blend them properly to make a paste-like thickness.

You can even use a bit of honey in this paste to provide extra moisture to your scalp. Once you have prepared this neem paste, apply it evenly to your scalp using a brush, or even your hands would work.

This neem hair pack is an effortless way to get rid of dandruff off your scalp. Neem contains fatty acids and vitamin E, which can also help keep your hair hydrated, while other factors of neem leaves help prevent dandruff.

So when you add honey to the mask, you can provide extra nourishment to your hair. sufficient


3. Coconut Oil & Neem

Coconut Oil

Take an adequate number of coconut oil in a heating cup and add around 15 neem leaves. Let the oil and leaves boil for about 20 minutes.

Now take the neem leaves out of the cup and let them cool off. Take the oil, add a few drops of castor oil and lemon juice to the coconut oil, and mix all three well together.

Then use a bottle to stock this oil and use it twice every week. Just use this stored oil on your roots and leave it on for around 45 mins and rinse.


4. Neem & Yogurt


Take about ten to fifteen neem leaves and grind them well to create a thick paste. Take a bowl and mix this thick paste with two tbsp of yogurt.

Then use this all over your hair and scalp and leave it for around thirty mins and then take this pack off.

When yogurt gets mixed with an ingredient like neem, not only can it help cure dandruff but also make your hair moisturized as yogurt contains numerous hydrating particles.



Should I use a neem hair mask every day on my scalp? 

No, using a neem hair mask twice a week is enough to treat hair problems. Using a mask every day on your hair will lead to weak and thin hair, so it’s better to use it twice.


Can I use neem gel instead of neem leaves to prevent dandruff? 

Neem gel may also work in preventing dandruff. However, a store-bought gel isn’t entirely natural and contains few chemical elements involved. Therefore, using natural neem leaves is considered best for treating dandruff off the hair.


Does neem leaves also help in growing hair?

Yes, apart from just curing the dandruff of your hair neem leaves can also be beneficial in hair growth as well. Neem contains regenerative components which can help in increasing your hair growth. Neem oil is considered best for hair growth purposes.


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Using neem can be a great assist in curing dandruff. By following the above-mentioned techniques, you can provide all the goodness to your hair and fix those irritating Dandruff present in the most natural way possible.

Aside from being remarkably natural and chemical-free, these neem methods are also affordable and easy to make.

Tell us in the comments if you have any questions related to neem and curing dandruff.

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