What Is Protein Water and Should You Be Drinking It?

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Let me ask you, How would you consume protein powder? Liquid form or would you just consume in powder form, it’s a big confusion to choose among them. With the help of this article, you will be able to figure out what’s the best for you & what procedure you must follow to drink it.

The idea of drinking protein sounds easy & refreshing but in order to get the exact benefits of a protein powder, we need to go to its roots & observe its benefits and uses. In the end, through this article, you will be able to overcome your fears by deciding the right choice of protein.


Protein Water: An Overview

Protein Water

As simple as it sounds, The Protein Powder constitutes water mixed with protein isolates or any other plant protein too. Don’t confuse it with the actual mixing of your protein powder with water, because it’s completely different from it. This drink uses an isolated form of whey protein due to its different advantages and low intolerance to lactose.

It is true that Protein water is not as beneficial as the powder form itself due to its low content of protein and that too in the liquid form can hydrate you to a certain point but does it meets your needs? Let’s start finding out its benefits.


Is Protein Water Beneficial?

Before we head on, these protein waters are highly good in protein content with fewer calories. They also do have multiple vitamins and minerals which are having good use of B6, B12, C, D. They could be very beneficial and replaceable to sugary energy drinks like red bull or any other sort of energy drink which promises you to boost your immunity.

There are a few benefits of protein water we’d like to discuss:

  1. A low calorie & high protein is a big benefit for protein water as they contain around 15 to 20 gms of protein in a 500ml of the bottle.
  2. If you are managing your healthy diet with a regular workout session, then this extra bump of protein water can be effective in processing your food & hydrating you at the same time.
  3. It should be considered as your post-workout drink in order to add a touch of healthiness.
  4. Along with your protein consumption from your daily meals, protein water adds a touch of fullness.

If you ask us, is protein water is beneficial? Then yes it is worth drinking, but there are several points and drawbacks which you need to overcome to get a better protein water advantage. There are certain groups of people who can make a benefit out of protein water such as athletes & performers who dedicate themselves to stretch up their bodies.

But if you ask me to suggest for the common people as a matter of a fun drink to consume, then I might make you aware to stay away from it. As if you do not want to consume this expensive habit of drinking protein water.


Who should Drink & Avoid?

Who should Drink & Avoid

Many sports nutritionists have suggested that refreshing yourself post-workout protein water with zero sugar and sufficient protein content can be effective than protein powder shakes. But the question to drink or avoid needs to be analyzed and observe its precautions & pros and cons. Let’s take a deep delve into it then.

Protein Water Precautions:

If you are consuming any sort of protein content, will result in helping out your lean muscle. In the case of protein water due to its less content of ingredients with a question in mind regarding its sugary content, there is a certain number of precautions you need to consider before experiencing it.

  • A balanced diet is necessary to cope up with the advantages of Protein Water.
  • One should be aware of some brands, trying to sell protein water with sugary content like sucralose which could be harmful to some extent.
  • It doesn’t contain all the nine types of amino acids which means it would still be less protein content than in protein powders.
  • If you think to chug up the protein water after a workout, then unfortunately it won’t work out because it is not the sole reason for getting a profitable experience of protein.


Advantages of Protein Water:

The precautions which you read earlier, are the solution for you to get full advantage out of protein water. Let’s see what are these pros. which can help you out in experiencing much better.

  • There are a particular number of brands that can give you a nutritious lineup of minerals and vitamins which has natural abilities.
  • This can erase all the possibilities for you to use any sort of protein pills or extra mixing of whey powder with water, & can fulfil your nutritional gaps.
  • This could be beneficial for some people who would prefer natural flavors and doesn’t prefer to drink plain water which might sound boring and plain for them.


Disadvantages of Protein Water

  • For health-conscious people, the addition of excess sugar in some of the protein water brands can be harmful as they contain artificial sweeteners.
  • If you are out in the market to purchase protein water, it could cost you much more expensive than whey protein supplements/powders.
  • Vitamins in the form of water-soluble options can be harmful and one should avoid such sort of products.


The Final Verdict

A packaged protein water made with collagen elements or whey protein can sound pleasing & effective but one should be very careful of the brands out there in the market which sell harmful sugary protein water. It will be unnecessary for a few people who wish to wish to meet their protein needs.

I prefer you to be very careful before choosing a Protein Water, it can be beneficial only if you follow and prioritise your diet, workout sessions & boycott certain brands which promote protein water with artificial sweeteners.

Keeping all these in mind, you can benefit from protein water & can dive into this extract of freshness.

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