Should i Drink a Protein Shake During Workout?

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No doubt, protein shakes are essential for consumption, and putting them on a routine is a must. We’ve heard whether you should drink protein before or after your workout, which plays a vital role in making your lean body muscle. But, protein shakes during your activity needs to be investigated.

Through this article, we will explain to you the aspects of when this need for protein is at the tip of an iceberg & when it’s just merely a myth, and we need to stop following. The timing of protein consumption is very crucial & should never be messed. Let’s start with this article by explaining how these steps are vital for you to follow.


Need for Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes

In the class of micronutrients, protein is considered to be the most important & chugging a protein shake while pre and post-workout had to do a lot with the proper posture of your body. A question arises that if there is a need for protein shakes, the answer is definitely yes. The complete nutrients with all sorts of amino acids in your body aiding the process are essential.

The timing is the critical part of analysing and organising how you need to follow the steps of a proper protein intake as most of us aren’t able to realise when we should be able to schedule our protein intake.


Timing for Protein Shakes (Before, After or During Your Workout)

Before you decide, measure your strength and capabilities of how you should be planning out your protein shakes intake. Whether it is pre-workout, post-workout or during the workout, it’s up to you how you should deal with your priorities.

After you have decided, follow the primary protein consumption, which, according to the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, your protein consumption should be around 0.4 gms per kgs to maintain a good body.


Pre-Workout Protein Shake Consumption

When you are getting ready to exercise under a controlled behaviour and system, you must prepare for a big fight with yourself by consuming a blend of different protein shakes. This will allow your body to be ready for all the pain and gain which you deserve.

The pool of amino acids will combine altogether and will help your body by signalling muscle protein synthesis about your process. For a long term workout session, these proteins in your bloodstream will help you in your muscle tear and repair. The protein consumption 3-4 hours earlier is the best time for you.


Post-Workout Protein Shake Consumption

When you have a particular workout session, your muscles tear, and they further need energy and protein simultaneously to repair them. While you work out, the stress all over your body & mind doesn’t make you stand back on your own, so a post-workout protein shake is essential.

It depends on what protein you seek post-workout, but your body needs water to hydrate and replenish your energy. That is why a Protein Shake is a good idea for you to consider. It doesn’t matter if are using milk or water as a liquid in your protein shake, either way, it will help you in recovery.


Taking Protein Shake During a Workout?

protein shake during workout

I must say this question has several opinions on how you can take protein shakes during your workout. It all depends on you, whether you want to consume carbohydrates and protein altogether as a cyclist. you can get a proper protein shake only when you are an endurance athlete.

This allows you to replenish your energy while you work out and never let you feel tiring. It’s important that you observe what type of training you are focusing on. Hence there is a chance that this could lead you to several stomach issues. Let’s take a brief look at this.


Advantages of Protein Shake during Workouts

  1. The main benefit of consuming a protein shake during a workout is that it replenishes your energy. So it is better you take a light/diluted protein shake during your workout.
  2. This could extend your timing for your workout sessions & you could go for longer durations.
  3. A proper water supplement along with protein in a shake can benefit you with tons of energy in your body.


Drawbacks of Protein Shake during Workouts

  1. If you ever have a concentrated protein shake during a workout with less water content then it might create problems for your stomach as it will absorb all the water content from your body and the remaining heavy protein content will be a hard task for your stomach to digest.
  2. This could cause stomach aches and pain during workouts & it is unhealthy for you to take concentrated protein content.
  3. You should be very careful in taking whey protein during your workouts, we suggest you take a casein protein shake if you are keen to consume protein shakes.


Our Thoughts

After you might have got an idea of how this works as your body uses protein and do all the muscle wear and tear, this allows you to analyse at what time and place your protein shake consumption should be, & what measure you need to take.

If you consider and choose to consume a protein shake during a workout then I believe you should consider a major water content in your shake. This will allow you to dehydrate more with a few protein contents, so it won’t make your stomach pain.

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