Biotin is The Solution For Damage Hair – Know Other Benefits of Biotin

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Do you suffer from hair loss and hair damage? In that case, Biotin is the perfect solution for you.

It not only repairs your damaged hair but is also great for your skin and nails. It will even provide you with long, silky, and smooth hair like Dumbledore. That is the secret to his beautiful hair that has made all of us jealous.

Biotin is known across the world for its many benefits on healthy hair and nail growth. It helps you repair your damaged hair and prevent it from getting damaged any further.


Why is Biotin the best solution for Hair growth?

Why is Biotin the best solution for Hair growth

Biotin is or as also known vitamin B7 or vitamin H that we find in our food. Here the ‘H’ stands for ‘Haar and Haut’, which means ‘Hair and skin,’ in German. It helps our body convert the food we consume into energy and plays a huge role in other essential factors, such as keeping our hair and skin healthy.

It is a water-soluble vitamin that also works as an essential cofactor for Carboxylase enzymes in multiple metabolic pathways.

And due to its comparatively low cost and plenty of availability in make-up products and cosmetic products, it has become more prevalent. It is a high demand for people who wish to have long and healthy hair and nails.

The vitamin B complex is essential for our hair’s health. It improves the keratin structure in our body and is also necessary for the excellent health of our nails.


Benefits of Biotin:

Improves Hair Health-

Improves Hair Health

Biotin is popular for its hair healing properties. It is famous among people and is in demand as it helps improve your hair condition and is essential for the excellent health of nails.

The vitamins of the B complex, which are present in Biotin, play an essential role in our healthy hair. It improves the keratin structure, which is necessary for good, healthy hair as well as nails.


Good for Skin Health-

Good for Skin Health

Biotin is excellent for the health of your skin. It is pretty essential for the wellness of our skin. Biotin helps in moisturizing your skin and even prevents it from drying up.


Effective in Weight Loss-

Weight Loss

Biotin plays a vital role in our metabolism. It helps keep up your metabolism rate, which helps break down the food you have eaten into energy. Thus, it is pretty helpful for weight loss.


Good for Heart Health-

Improves Heart Health

Biotin is also helpful for your heart’s health and often prevents heart diseases.

It boosts your heart health and increases the good cholesterol while reducing the bad cholesterol level in your body, preventing certain types of diseases.


Works as an Aid in Muscle Repair and Regrowth-

Biotin consumption will give you support to take the full benefit of the carbohydrate you have collected in the muscles of your body in the form of glycogen, allowing you to go through long workout sessions.


Helps in keeping the Nails Healthy-

Biotin helps promote the strong growth of cells and supports the metabolism of protein-building amino acids. These amino acids are essential for the development of your nails.

Foods that are rich in Biotin can help in increasing your brittle fingernails.


Glowing skin-

Biotin even helps in getting glowing skin. Biotin helps in regulating the metabolism of fat, which is vital for maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

There are several other benefits and uses of Biotin:

  • It reduces inflammation
  • Helps with lowering blood sugar level in people who are suffering from diabetes.
  • It helps in improving the cognitive function of your body.
  • Increases good cholesterol or HDL and reduces bad cholesterol or LDL.


Sources of Biotin:

Biotin can be found in various types of foods. The highest amount of Biotin is found in vegetables such as potatoes, seeds, nuts, organ meats, eggs, fish, meat, etc.

Sources and the amount of Biotin in them: (Non-veg Sources)

Non-veg SourcesAmount (100g)
Chicken liver187
Beef liver42
Egg white5.8
Egg yolk27
Pork chop4.5
Turkey breast0.7


Sources and the amount of Biotin in them: (veg Sources)

Veg SourcesAmount (100g)
Roasted Peanuts17.5
Roasted Sunflower Seeds7.8
Roasted Almod4.4
Sweet potato1.5


There are several other foods that contain Biotin, such as oat flakes, rice, white mushrooms, spinach, and cauliflower, dairy products like cheese, curds and cow’s milk, apples, bananas, carrots, etc.

A nutritious diet containing these foods might be an excellent source to provide these vitamins for some people. But for others, supplements might be needed.

You can get biotin supplements on the market anytime. There are plenty of biotin supplements that can be found in stores. Taking biotin supplements is considered safe to be used.

But if you take an excessive amount of Biotin, it doesn’t have any additional benefit.


Is there any risk in using Biotin?

There is no risk in adding biotin-rich foods to your diet, and neither is having an excessive amount of it, but there is also no additional benefit in using more than the mentioned amount.

As it is a water-soluble vitamin, any extra vitamin that you may take will be flushed out of your body in the form of urine. So it doesn’t have any effect even if you use an overdose.

Even though there is no risk or side effects in using Biotin, it still should be used considerately. And you should check in with a doctor before adding a supplement in diet or before increasing the dose of the supplement.


What is the use of Biotin?

Biotin is popular because of its hair healing properties. It is primarily used for the growth of hair and nails. It helps in preventing hair loss and even repairs damaged hair.

It is also used as a supplement for people who are Biotin deficient. But this kind of biotin deficiency is quite rare to be found.

Biotin is also added in shampoos to reduce hair loss. But there is no proven evidence that Biotin helps in reducing hair fall. Consuming Biotin will help you in repairing and improving the overall health of your hair.

Making your hair stronger means it will automatically be less prone to hair fall or split ends and will also be less damaged as Biotin boosts the keratin in your hair which works as a shield against damages that are caused due to pollution and dust.


The daily dose of your Biotin

Though there is no recommended dose of Biotin by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an adequate dose of 30 micrograms (mcg) should be sufficient.

The amount of Biotin that they get from internal production and their diet is enough for most people.

But people who have biotin deficiency and breastfeeding women may require more biotin supplements for extra Biotin than the rest.

Professionals of the medical or healthcare professionals may prescribe a daily dose of 5 milligrams per day to a person with biotin deficiency. But the required quantity of supplementation may vary depending on the individual circumstances.


Side effects of Biotin Supplements

Most of the people who have used biotin supplements didn’t face any side effects or negative responses. But some people may get minor side effects from using the supplements like:

Nausea – Some people might feel nauseous after taking Biotin supplements.

Cramping: A few people have even claimed about getting cramps after using Biotin, but not many pieces of evidence have been given regarding this.

Diarrhea: There was even some case about people getting diarrhea due to Biotin.

In most of the cases, nothing has been found to be considered as solid proof or evidence that Biotin causes any such problem. Most people who have used Biotin has claimed it to be valid.

But these side effects may be reduced or controlled if taken with food. Supplements don’t suit everyone, so it is recommended to consult your doctor before using the supplements.

According to your condition, the doctor will guide you regarding the amount of supplement you should take and even the benefits and risks that there might be.


To Conclude it

If you are dealing with hair fall and damaged hair like every other person on this entire planet, then as the title suggests, Biotin is the solution you have been looking for and is probably why you are reading this.

You may be already getting the amount of Biotin needed from your body’s internal production or your diet, but if you aren’t getting the proper amount of Biotin, then we have a solution for that. And that solution is Biotin supplements that you can buy from any cosmetics or healthcare store.

Biotin can give your damaged and thinning hair the much-needed care and will protect it against further damage. It helps improve your hair’s health and repairs the already damaged ones, making it thicker and shinier. It gives you the soft, shiny, beautiful hair you have always dreamed about. And in case you don’t believe us, then go and ask Dumbledore.

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