Why are Some Mattresses so Expensive?

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I feel how the experience is challenging for you to select your choice of mattress. The pricey tag being a headache makes you ponder the question, “why these mattresses are so expensive?”. The sleeping industry pushes the cost a little bit further, all for just a good night’s sleep.

These fundamental reasons include increasing cost price to profit, high-quality materials used, or fishy marketing tactics. There is more than it meets the eye, and to clarify through this article, I’ll enlighten you on why some mattresses are so expensive.


Primary Reasons why Mattresses are Expensive

Primary Reasons why Mattresses are Expensive

High-Quality Materials Usage

A few weeks before, I had some choices in mind to buy a mattress & my preference was Sleepwell. I found out that Sleepwell mattresses use high-quality latex material, making them expensive.

Hence, you do expect to pay more for such mattresses, which certify their organic material in them. Relate with the other low quality and cheap cotton & polyfoams, which aren’t worth their price.

Here are a few high-quality materials causing mattresses to be expensive:

  • Type of Fibres & Fabric
  • Latex Foam
  • Memory Foam

It’s one of the primary reasons why mattresses are expensive. Next up is the marketing tactic that lures the customer into purchasing expensive mattresses.


Marketing Tactics that make a Pricey Tag

If you have seen a variety of the same mattress on a different price tag, it’s probably a marketing tactic. The retailers make it hard for a customer like you to save your expenses.

It’s often seen at offline stores, where it’s hard to relate prices & compare multiple labels of the exact mattress. It is quite a drag & notoriously complicated but do not worry; online stores are here to the rescue!

An addition of a couple springs or a few extra inches of cushioning carries a significant price difference. That is why some mattresses are so expensive.


Paid Promotions

Imagine, while coming back home, you notice a hoarding says, “The Perfect Mattress to Face your Demons” by Sleepwell Brand. It would likely get your attention & millions of people around you. Thus, increasing its demand.

Due to its demand, the prices do likely go higher & results in an expensive mattress. Top paid promotions are being advertised on television and banners to get an enormous reach.

It costs much & to neutralize the loss; the retailer increases the cost price of the mattress.


Top-Tier Features

It is obvious to represent the top-tier features that determine an expensive mattress. Components in a mattress play a demanding role that outclasses its price. The characteristics given below can be of high potential or just a marketing tactic.

Let’s discuss them out:-

  • Cooling Capabilities: The infusion of gel in the foam structure adds a cooling feature.
  • More Thickness & Padding: Either this is a marketing tactic or a feature. This adds extra cushioning to your mattress that increases its price.
  • Support: Good quality springs adds comfortable edge support, which is good for back pain.

These are the top-tier features in a mattress that makes them expensive. It differs from brand to brand.


Purchasing from Offline Stores

Purchasing from Offline Stores

There is a huge difference when you visit a storefront & explore varieties of mattresses. Here are a set of reasons why offline stores can make some mattresses quite expensive.

  • The retailer from a store pushes the price to a point where they can cover the expenses of the rent, advertising cost, commission of the mattresses.
  • The cost of manufactured mattresses can be high price to its retail price. This increases serious leverage of bargaining too.

Most of the showrooms have a large variety of mattresses in a comfortable zone. Every hired worker guides their customers to explore the mattress. This adds to the cost of the mattress too! Yes!

The retailers cover the expenses of each worker to the showroom’s rent. It can cut the cost through online stores.


My Opinion

Mattresses are more like a last-minute purchase. In my perspective, they are demanding & essential for every customer like you. There are also some limited sources & varieties of mattresses when you look up online. This increases the chances of you visiting offline stores.

  • I believe there is less chance that a customer could visualise the mattress. It increases the chances of them visiting showrooms.
  • The Sleeping Industry delivers a new product every time, and it gives them a chance to increase the retail price every time.
  • They often change labels for the exact mattress. It makes the prices vary from each other.
  • It’s considered the most profitable industry. The manufacturers & retailers do everything to make a profit out of it.
  • It is a product owned by all of us & makes it a part of our lifestyle. This increases demand.
  • Last but not least, the rise of commercials and advertisements of major brands promoting their mattresses is one of the core reasons.



To summarise and conclude all the primary reasons and my opinions, I’ll say the Sleeping Industry is even raking high profit through small changes. For a middle-class person like me, saving money with serious haggling is the key.

Analysing with proper research can save your time and money instead of booking the mattress at the first price.

Let us know your suggestions in the comments section about how you would prefer shopping for a mattress online or at the store?

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