Do Derma Rollers Really Work?

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Derma rollers are pretty in the trend these days, and you might have heard of them a lot. Derma rolling, or micro-needling is said to be a safe, effective, and simple method of addressing various skin-related issues. Derma rollers are the devices that are used for micro-needling techniques on the skin. But the question is, do they even work?

With all the buzz around them, they should! Well, let’s read on and find out what research says.


Are derma Rollers Efficient?

A derma roller is a handy device that is used for micro-needling techniques on the skin. It has a cylindrical body with a handle attached to it for easy grip. The hundreds of needles on the surface of derma rollers do the job by penetrating the surface of the skin and inducing collagen production.

You can also go for a DIY derma rolling. However, that might not provide you with the same result as professional micro-needling would. This is because the penetration of needles in in-home derma rollers is not deep enough.


What skin issues can derma rollers help with?

What skin issues can derma rollers help with?

Derma rollers can have a considerable impact on your fine lines, acne marks, and even pigmentation. However, the results would be much better if you opt for a clinic-based treatment since the needles there are longer. Study shows that micro-needling was responsible for a rise in collagen production in the skin.

Derma rolling has a wide range of benefits to offer to your skin. It includes skin rejuvenation since it reorganizes old collagen fibres and initiates laying down of new collagen and elastin, making your skin appear tighter. The same study also contends that improved effects are seen when this treatment is coupled with the use of topical Vitamin C.

Acne scars can be pretty stubborn. One of the main purposes of getting micro-needling done is to treat acne scars. It is quite an effective method and works for all skin types. To see a considerable effect, you must undergo at least 4 – 5 sessions.

Apart from acne scars, micro-needling can also be helpful in the treatment of other kinds of scars. These could be post-surgical scars, post-burn scars, varicella scars, etc.

If you are someone who deals with acne vulgaris and no medicines or prescriptions seem to work for you, micro-needling may come to your rescue. It helps target the sebaceous glands, which results in a decrease in the level of sebum production. Hence, it might reduce your acne to a large extent. Other than that, derma rollers can also help with the problem of pigmentation. 


How do derma rollers work?

How do derma rollers work?

You might also want to be aware of the working of derma rollers in case you are considering giving it a try. Here is what it does.

Derma roller creates micro-wounds on your face with the help of the microneedles present on its surface. This, in turn, boosts the collagen production of your skin as your skin tries to repair itself. Collagen production further addresses a number of skin problems, such as scarring, acne, pigmentation, and wrinkles. It also helps in improving the overall texture of your skin.

The study declares the derma roller as a vital tool in dermatology, as it has helped in managing the cosmetic problem of scarring. Using serums after derma rolling is a good idea, as they can get penetrated better in the skin, providing optimum benefit to your skin.

You must also note that before settling for a DIY derma roller session, you must do some research to save yourself from any side effects of it. It is not for everyone. People with certain skin conditions must not undergo derma rolling. If you are using certain medications, then also you need to be sure whether it would be okay for you to go for derma rolling. Hence, it would be best to talk to your doctor before going for it.

Tip: If you are thinking of using a derma roller at home, make sure to sanitize it properly before using it. Contaminated derma rollers can aggravate your skin issues.



1. Is it painful to use a derma roller?

The idea of plenty of needles penetrating the surface of your skin certainly sounds scary and painful. Derma rolling therapy sure can be somewhat painful, but you can deal with it by using topical anesthesia. When you get it done professionally, doctors also tend to use anesthesia to numb the skin so that no pain is caused. The pain is generally tolerable and mild. Your skin, however, may feel irritate post-treatment.


2. What are the downsides of derma rolling?

Derma rolling does have certain downsides, one being its inefficacy on certain types of scars, such as pitted scars or boxcar scars. However, this can be fixed by combining it with other surgical procedures. It can also lead to irritation of your skin; however, it gets fine in a few hours. The use of non-sterile derma rollers may lead to worse skin conditions.


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Now you know what all derma rolling can offer to your skin. In cases where topical creams and prescriptions do not seem to work for you, you can talk to your dermatologist regarding getting micro-needling done.

It can be done professionally and at home using derma rollers. If you have already given derma rollers a shot, we would love to hear from you how it worked for you.


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