10 Best Pre-Workout Foods to Boost Stamina

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10 Best Pre Workout Foods

Workouts can be pretty intense for everyone, making it essential to fill in your body with healthy and relevant foods before you workout. Exercising requires energy and strength, and we get that from our foods. 

According to research, having proper nutritional food before working out can maximize your glycogen store and influence its usage during the workout. 

Not having a proper pre-workout diet will result in you feeling extra weak, and you won’t be able to complete your workout the way you desire. But with the end number of choices in food, how can an individual decide what is beneficial and what isn’t? 

If you face this trouble as well, then no worries. In this article, I will mention the ten best pre-workout foods that can be great for you before working out. 


10 Best Pre-Workout Foods!

1. Bananas 


Bananas contain potassium and carbohydrates that help in supporting nerve and muscle functioning. When you consume potassium, it usually only stores in your body for a limited amount of time. 

You should have a banana half hour before your workout, as consuming a banana before an exercise will help increase your blood sugar levels and boost your glycogen stores. 

Bananas are also highly affordable and easy to find, making them a top choice for pre-workout food. 


2. Eggs


Eggs are extremely rich in fiber and protein. It also contains several essential vitamins that are necessary for the body. 

People often consume eggs before the workout to provide this crucial vitamin to the body, making eggs a great pre-workout food. 

There are quite options for eggs; you can have a boiled egg, a poached egg, or an omelet. You can eat around one to two eggs before working out. 


3. Energy Bars 

Energy Bar

Eating an energy bar before hitting your gym can be great for you as energy bars contain carbs that help provide more energy to your body. These energy bars are very energizing and portable. 

It includes protein, fiber, essential fats, and carbs that help fuel up your muscles. These energy bars help keep your stomach satisfied and level up your energy before working out. 

It would be best to consume a bar that contains 200 calories with around 4/5 grams of fiber and protein as a pre-workout food. 


4. Yogurt 


Yogurt is excellent and easy for your stomach and your digestive system, due to which it’s a great food option to consume before a heavy workout. Yogurt is high in protein and calcium, which is excellent for your body. 

Another great benefit of consuming yogurt is it is rich in minerals and vitamins, which play a significant part in your bone health. You can also add some whole-grain cereal, honey, or fruit. This can help you provide an energy boost to your body. 


5. Oatmeal 


Oatmeal can help provide tons of energy to your body. You can choose any oats, whether it’s whole or steel-cut oats, based on your preference as oatmeal settle nicely into your stomach and make a healthy pre-workout meal.

To make your meal more beneficial, you can add fruits such as mashed banana, honey, or more to your oatmeal. Also, oatmeals are easy to make, so people often prefer them as a morning breakfast. 


6. Seeds and Nuts 

Seeds And Nuts

Having Seeds and nuts as a pre-workout food can help cover all your essential macronutrient bases such as protein, carbs, and fat. 

Apart from nutrients, seeds and nuts can before a workout can also boost your energy and keep your body going during intense activity or training. You can get around 34 grams of protein by just half a cup of nuts and seeds. 


7. Protein Shake 

Protein Shake

Protein shakes are extremely popular among athletes and people who regularly hit the gym. It is a drink that is made using protein powder with normal water. 

You can also combine a few more ingredients to the drink based on your choice as per your preference. Protein is vital for the overall development of bones and muscles. 

It provides instant energy to your body, due to which most people intake these protein shakes. Also, there are tons of flavors available in these protein shakes, giving you the ability to choose a shake based on your preference and flavor. 

Protein shakes are highly consumed by those who have difficulty increasing their intake or cannot reach their required protein intake through food. 


8. Peanut Butter Toast

Peanut Butter Toast

Peanut butter is rich in protein which makes a delicious and healthy snack for all fitness lovers. Having a good source of energy and food is essential before working out. 

These peanut butter toast are rich in folic and niacin acid, which can help transform your food into energy. 

The protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber make sure that the transformed energy is released gently and gradually, so you can feel energetic and active for a long time. 

Therefore you should have a peanut butter toast before your workout can help provide your body with essential protein and boost your energy for intense workout sessions. Just take a toast and scoop in, and spread peanut butter evenly on your toast.


9. Smoothies 


Smoothies are recognized as one of the most delicious and healthy drinks you can have before your workout. It is an ideal energy source, and they provide you with the essential nutrients you need before heavy activities. 

You can treat yourself to various smoothies, such as berry smoothies, banana smoothies, and more. 

Although you should ensure you are not adding any sugar, you should check and calculate the nutritional content to ensure you aren’t taking too much fat or sugar. 

Try to include good healthy vegetables in your smoothies, such as spinach which will help provide you fiber. 

Choose green leafy vegetables that give you vitamin C and A, iron, calcium, and several other nutrients. Homemade smoothies are the best to make them yourself and ensure no unhealthy ingredients are involved. 

You can also use unsweetened yogurt in your smoothies to give them a flavor and make them more delicious. 


10. Chicken Salad 

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is excellent pre-workout food. You can add large or small chicken pieces to your salad. You can use a lot of green vegetables and grilling or seasoning to make it delicious and healthy at the same time. 

Chicken salad is extremely easy to make and it help provide fiber and protein that can boost your energy before a workout. If you don’t want to have chicken, you can also replace it with boiled egg as it is also equally beneficial for your body. 


Benefits of Pre-workout Meal 

Benefits of Pre-workout Meal 

Some of the benefits of having a pre-workout meal or food are as follows: 

1. Increases your Performance 

Visiting a gym without any energy in your body is always a bad idea. Having a pre-workout food or meal helps give your body the energy it requires so you can perform those workouts. 

Some people even intake pre-workout supplements to boost their energy levels. A few of the best pre-workout supplements are creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and more

When you work out, your body transforms the glycogen to glucose, and this plays a crucial role in muscle contraction, by providing proper nutrition to your body before exercising can decrease muscle glycogen depletion. 

Therefore, you have the right food and carbs before working out. 


2. Prevents Fatigue 

Performing heavy workouts or exercises can deplete energy levels, and your muscles can become tired out. 

But having a proper pre-workout meal with correct nutrients will prevent your body muscles from tiring out as it fuels your body for optimum performance. So you can perform exercises without feeling completely tired out. 

All these are some of the primary reasons you should invest in proper pre-workout foods. 



Can I eat rice after working out? 

Yes, you can have rice after working out as it contains carbohydrates that are important for your body. It helps replenish your depleted glycogen levels, providing your body energy and helping your body fight fatigue. 


Should I drink water before working out?

Yes, your body needs to be hydrated. Therefore you should drink around two to three cups of water. You should drink water between your workout to make sure you are not dehydrated from all the workouts. 


Is lemon water an excellent pre-workout drink? 

Yes, lemon encourages fast absorption of vitamin C in your body and eliminates excessive acids. Simply adding half lemon juice to your water can keep your body hydrated. In contrast, you sweat off those extra calories from your body.  



It’s essential to have a pre-workout diet to ensure your workout session is going perfectly. Above, we have named some of the best pre-workout foods that can be highly beneficial for you and your body before working out. 

Not only does the food mentioned above provide you with the energy you require, but it also ensures you are getting all the crucial nutrients your body needs to function correctly. 

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