10 Ways to Make Raw Whey Protein Tasty

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Are you a fitness enthusiast? If yes, it is obvious that you need to consume your daily protein. Whey Protein is the best way to make sure your daily protein intake is being met.

But wouldn’t it be nice if somehow your raw whey protein tasted nice? Hmm. That’s right. You don’t have to compromise with your taste in order to achieve fitness. There are certain twists you can give to your basic raw whey protein to make it yummy, naturally.

In this article, we will provide you with some very useful tips which will help you to maintain your protein intake tastefully!!


10 easy tricks to make raw why protein yummier

10 easy tricks to make raw why protein yummier

Your raw whey protein is the best when it is unflavoured, but that leaves it tasteless and hence difficult to consume. Here are a few things you could try doing with your not-so-tasty raw whey protein to make it yummier. We are sure these will help you add some taste to it.

1. Adding honey to your raw whey protein


We recommend buying plain and unflavoured raw whey protein powder and then doing your own bit to add taste to it.

Some honey can come to your rescue! You can use honey to enhance the taste of your plain raw whey protein. Add a tablespoon of honey to your raw whey protein, and you will see the difference.

It is also suitable to be consumed post-workout. As per the report, honey is said to be rich in glucose. After working out in the gym, having honey with whey protein will help to refuel and replenish your body.


2. Adding fruits to your raw whey protein



Now, this is one nutritious solution. You can add fruits to your raw whey protein to make it taste much better instantly. Try using sliced bananas, any fruit juice of your choice, or even mashed berries for the purpose. Fruits are healthy, as well as tasty; hence a great option!


3. Consume the raw whey protein shake cold

While this tip will not make any drastic change in the taste of your raw whey protein, there will surely be a difference. You must have noticed that a lot of the beverages tend to taste better when they are served chilled.

So, the trick here is to add some ice to your plain whey protein shake to make it better.

Tip: In case you are carrying it with you somewhere and not consuming it immediately, pour the shake in a stainless-steel bottle. Doing so will keep your whey protein cold for long hours.


4. Adding flavor to your raw whey protein

Adding spoonsful of sugar to your whey protein beats the purpose of buying an unflavoured, unadulterated one. You can instead try adding peanut butter or almond butter to add a flavor to it. You can also add coffee powder to it to get the flavor of the coffee. Adding such an ingredient to your plain raw whey protein will make it taste better and sweeten it.

You can also try blending your whey protein powder with some ice cream and peanut butter and then freezing them after putting them in ice moulds.


5. Add Creatine powder to your raw whey protein.

Proburst Creatine Monohydrate Supplement Powder

Creatine is considered a highly beneficial supplement. Adding creatine powder to your raw whey protein will make it tasty without compromising the nutrition factor. All you need to do is take one scoop of raw whey protein in a glass and add one scoop of flavored creatine into it. Pour some drinking water into the mug and stir it with a spoon.

You will surely notice an improvement in taste. As per this report, creatine is known to increase strength and fat-free mass. Other than that, creatin is also a calorie-free supplement.


6. Adding your raw whey protein to muesli or oats

You can reach your daily intake of whey protein by having it with breakfast. Adding raw whey protein to oats or muesli will make it taste good. It will also meet your carbs and protein intake requirement.

While adding the whey protein powder to your oats, make sure to stir it properly so that it gets dissolved well.


7. Having your raw whey protein with a milkshake

Peanut butter milkshake

Having your raw whey protein with a milkshake is one of the best options you can choose. You could add fruits like banana, mango, or dates to your raw protein and make a yummy milkshake out of it. Yum!


8. Use yoghurt for thickness and texture.

While it might not suit everyone’s taste buds, but some of you might love it. You can add a few tablespoons of yoghurt to your whey protein shake to make it thicker and add texture to it. Healthy and yummy!


9. Add flavored milk or juices to your raw whey protein


It is an effective way to make your ordinary raw way protein taste much better. Instead of having it with plain water, use milk with it. You can also go for coconut or almond, or soy milk.

If you do not like the idea of having whey protein with milk, you can switch to any fruit juice of your choice. Do make sure that you use fresh and natural fruit juice instead of the packed one.


10. Make Pancakes using raw whey protein

Peanut Butter Pancake

You read that right! You can make pancakes using whey protein and have them in your breakfast. You will need the following ingredients for it:

¼ cup of raw oats, ¼ cup cottage cheese, a half scoop of raw whey protein powder, and a half cup of egg whites.

You need to blend all these ingredients and then pour the mix into a pan. Once the edges start turning brown, flip the batter. You can do some garnishing using dry fruits.



What is the primary benefit of consuming raw whey protein?

Raw whey protein can help with promoting muscle growth and its maintenance. It is also a simple protein and can easily be digested by the body.


When is the right time to consume raw whey protein?

You should schedule your whey protein intake throughout the day. However, it would be best to take your whey protein post-workout protein as it promotes muscle rebuilding. You can also ensure your regular protein intake through your everyday protein-rich meals, but whey protein supplementation is a way of making sure that your daily protein intake is met.


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The reason you buy raw whey protein from the market is that it is unadulterated, without any artificial flavoring, and at the same time on the cheaper side. There are many top whey protein brands available in the market, and you can choose the best ones for yourself.

The tips and ways that we have suggested to you will provide you with taste without compromising on the health quotient of your whey protein. You can keep experimenting with your whey protein to make it tastier while also making sure that you consume the right amount daily.

We hope you can come up with a variety of possibilities to make your whey protein consumable through our article. Once you try your favourite recipe for the same, let us know about it in the comments below.

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