How To Moisturize the Skin With Home Remedies

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Having adequately hydrated skin is essential to show off a beautiful, wrinkle-free dermis. Hydration is, together with cleansing, one of the bases of the care of our skin; that is why we cannot overlook it and is that in addition to using soaps with nutrients and lotions that provide greater hydration, we can use some natural solutions that will enhance moisturization. You don’t know what they are; read on because explains how to easily moisturize the skin with home remedies.


Steps to follow | Moisturize the Skin With Home Remedies

Moisturize the Skin

1.Moisturizing creams for sale on the market have many natural ingredients, as some of them have very outstanding properties to promote the moisturization of our skin. And one of the most popular is oatmeal, so it is always part of the options to moisturize the skin with home remedies.

There are several ways to use it We propose you make a moisturizer based on this ingredient. To do so, you will need:

  • 1/4 cup oatmeal previously cooked
  • 1 tablespoon pre-washed aloe vera pulp
  • 2 tablespoons honey

Oatmeal is an excellent option to provide hydration to our dermis; for its part, aloe vera promotes healing, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, and nutrition of the dermis, while honey has great moisturizing cleansing and antioxidant properties, which favors the prevention of premature aging.

To make this natural moisturizer, you will have to cook the oats and let it cool; add the aloe pulp that you will extract by cutting a leaf from the plant and removing the gel inside and then washing it and removing the iodine it contains and incorporating the honey. Mix everything well and apply it to your skin once or twice a day. Please note that as you do not have preservatives, this option will last about 7 days.


2.Suppose your intention is not to replace your moisturizer but to get other alternatives to moisturize your skin. Taking an herbal bath once a week is an ideal alternative to moisturize the skin with home remedies. This option has perfect ingredients for the dermis, such as chamomile, which serves to deflate, soothe and moisturize the skin; the melisa that, in addition to soothing properties, favors the toning of dermis and honey, whose moisturizing and antioxidant properties we have already explained above.

To perform this revitalizing bath, you will need to fill the bathtub with warm water; it is important that it is not very hot, and add an infusion prepared with:

  • 2 liters water
  • 6 spoons or bags of chamomile
  • 6 tablespoons or bags of Melisa
  • 6 teaspoons honey

When the water breaks to boil, add the plants, turn off the heat and then incorporate the honey by stirring well. Let the mixture rest for at least 30 minutes; after this time, start preparing the bath and add this liquid to the water. Just take a 20-minute bath to enjoy the benefits of this mixture on your skin.


3The oat bath is also an excellent alternative to naturally bring hydration to your skin and directly receive all the benefits of this food on your dermis. This ingredient is perfect for promoting hydration, soothing irritated skin, and providing nutrients that make it look beautiful and in perfect condition.

You can make this bath up to 2 times a week in a straightforward way. You only have to liquefy 2 cups of oat flakes, wrap them in gauze by tying it to a sachet, and place it in the bathtub so that the cereal releases all its properties. If you want to know the step by step in detail, we invite you to consult our article on making an oat bath.


4 The properties of shea butter have made this natural ingredient one of the most outstanding moisturizing alternatives. It gives our skin vitamin A, D, E, and F, fights irritation of the dermis helps prevent stretch marks, and nourishes the skin and hair, eliminating any trace of dryness.

Moisturizing the skin with shea butter is very easy because it is a product that does not require preparation; you can buy it as is in natural products stores or herbalist shops. It is recommended to buy Class A butter as it is the most refined, benefiting your skin much more.

This product hardens when the weather is not very warm, so it is advisable to melt a water bath part before applying it to the skin in the same way you would with any moisturizing lotion. You can use shea butter daily or when you want to give your skin extra hydration.


5 Another excellent idea to enhance the hydration of our skin naturally is to opt for oils that have outstanding moisturizing properties, provide vitamins, and look beautiful skin.

Two good options are olive oil and almond oil, which can be applied directly to previously cleansed skin or added to our moisturizing lotion to enhance its effects. It is important to be clear that these products should be used sparingly as they can stain our clothes and textiles, so it is recommended to apply them to the skin for 20 minutes, clean it well, or mix them with other cosmetics products. 


6 And if your goal is to moisturize the skin of the face with home remedies, there is no better alternative than natural masks made from ingredients such as yogurt, honey, avocado, or oats, which will bring to your skin the nutrition and beauty you are looking for.

The options are several, and in our article on how to make moisturizing masks for the face, we have them all, so encourage yourself to try these natural solutions and look beautiful and dry skin.

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