15 Essential Personal Grooming Tips for Women

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Are you looking for ways to look more presentable and elegant? Are you aspiring to have that flawless confident personality? We hear you!

Personal grooming are habits that will help you appear more confident and polished! Since the grooming is personal, it includes personal hygiene, from keeping your brows in shape to cleaning your toenails!

Contrary to popular belief, grooming is not limited to physical appearance but extends to a state of mental well-being.

Everyone has a different sense of hygiene and equities. To make things easier for you, we have listed down 15 essential grooming tips suitable for every woman irrespective of their age group!

Let’s dive right in!


15 Essential Grooming Tips for Women

Tip 1: Proper Skin Care

Proper Skin Care

I am sure you must have seen someone with naturally radiant skin and wondered if you could get that too! We are all drawn towards natural beauty! Thus, spending some time on a good skincare routine has become a must in this decade!

Multiple environmental challenges threaten our skin daily, such as UV rays, dust, pollution, etc. Let us look at three essential habits that can make your skin glow!

  • Moisturize

Investing in an excellent hydrating cream can make all the difference. A study found that using hyaluronic acid daily can give healthy and plump skin. Skin problems like acne, pimples, and eczema are common problems associated with dry skin. Vitamin E is like a skin-hydrating drink! A study states that Vitamin E can help in retaining the moisture in the skin and prevent dryness.

  • Cleansing

The use of a good face wash can significantly reduce blemishes and acne. Face scrubs can also help with thoroughly cleansing the skin and removing blackheads. A gentle cleanser can also aid in the removal of any remaining makeup or sunscreen remnants

  • Sleep 

We tend to compensate for our busy schedule by staying up late at night, which can seriously impact our health, especially on our skin. According to research, lack of sleep can promote undereye dark circles, wrinkles and ashen skin! Hence, an 8-hour sleep can help your skin rejuvenate and glow!


Tip 2: Glam Your Hair

Glam Your Hair

A good hairstyle can leave you looking ten years younger! Hence, it is imperative to get the perfect cut and to keep your mane healthy and lustrous!

Are you wondering how to achieve that? Make sure you choose a haircut that compliments your face; the right style can enhance your appearance. Besides shampooing and conditioning your hair when necessary, give yourself a scalp massage to improve blood flow in your scalp.

Avoid using excess hair products like gels and sprays because they can potentially damage your hair.

Furthermore, see a professional if you have split ends to promote hair growth. Consuming Biotin and omega-3 can help stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Tip 3: Shape your Brows

Shape your Brows

One of the fastest ways to add dimension to your face is to get that perfect arch!

I know we can fill our brows with makeup and get that bushy brow look, but what if I told you there are some natural remedies for those scanty eyebrows!

One such remedy is castor oil! This oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins and nourishing vitamins!

I am confident that this oil will transform your eyebrows!


Tip 4: Makeup

MakeupOne piece of makeup advice is to keep it natural! The idea of makeup is to accentuate your natural features and highlight them! Using excess products not only harms your skin but can also make you look cakey! Makeup is an art, and hence it needs to be learned.

Carefully choose your lip colour depending on the occasion; if the event calls for a bold colour, pick those reds and purples! However, for an everyday look, you may want to use light shades of nude and pink.

As a go-to beauty product, mascara and eyeliner should be a staple for everyone. I understand the fascination with fair skin but choose a foundation that matches your skin tone to avoid the pale and ashen look. If you don’t know how to select the right makeup products, you can watch videos and tutorials.


Tip 5: Nails


A well-kept nail is a sign of personal hygiene! A standard norm of greeting someone for the first time is shaking hands; thus, a person is bound to notice your nails. Painting your nail is not enough; it is essential to moisturize, trim, clean and file them to get the perfect nail look!

A short trimmed nail is usually a sign of professionalism; however, if you are fond of those long nails, ensure you maintain and clean them!


Tip 6: Smell Fresh

Smell Fresh

A foul body odour can hamper your confidence and overall appearance. It is essential to apply women’s perfume that is strong and pleasing to the senses to make people around you more comfortable.

You know your body better than anyone else! Thus if you sweat profusely, be sure to clean your underarm hair and deodorize that area!

A good cologne can make heads turn; hence choose your fragrance wisely!


Tip 7: Wax it Out! 

Wax it Out

A bushy eyebrow is a must for every woman, but a bushy mustache is a big NO! Thus getting an upper lip done at regular intervals is vital to give you that smooth appearance!

Shaved arms and legs are always desirable as it is a reflection of cleanliness and personal care. We all want to flaunt our skin, and it is not possible if our skin is covered with unwanted hair strands.


Tip 8: Invest in a suitable footwear

nvest in a suitable footwear

People tend to judge you based on your footwear; thus, you want to make sure you leave a lasting impression! Do not wear footwear that is torn, dirty, faded and old!

If you prefer comfort, ditch those pencil heels and opt for a pair of beautiful wedges. Ballerinas can make your look stand out if you want to wear something trendy but wouldn’t want to wear heels.

If you don’t want to spend too much on footwear, try buying neutral colours like white, black, and nude. These colours will blend in with every outfit!


Tip 9: Clothes


A clean, ironed, stylish attire can make you stand out from the crowd!

We all have our favourite colours, and wearing those hues will boost our self-esteem and confidence. Your clothes depict your personality; thus, wear outfits that make you feel comfortable.

Constantly fussing with your attire is not considered a desirable practice, and hence it should be avoided. Wear clothing that is tailored to your body type and is neither too loose nor too tight.


Tip 10: Accessorize


Once your outfit is in place, it is wise to accentuate it with statement pieces of jewellery, belts and handbags!

You can choose your accessories based on the look you want to achieve. A scarf, hat, and sunglasses will make you appear lovely if you’re headed to the beach!

Wear select jewellery pieces and pair them with a bejewelled clutch if the look intends to make you stand out from the crowd!

There is one accessory which everyone should carry. A smile! You can never go wrong with this one.


Tip 11: Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

You can’t ignore bad breath! It is important to brush our teeth at least twice a day! Don’t forget to floss before bedtime to prevent foul odour.

Take the time to clean your tongue because it is a breeding ground for bacteria that can produce an unpleasant odour. It is a good habit to carry fresh mints and breath fresheners if you notice that your breath tends to become stale.


Tip 12: Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Weight loss and self-esteem are strongly intertwined. Regular exercise has been shown in studies to have a favourable impact on mental health. Doing regular exercise can boost your energy and reduce anxiety and stress. Exercise-induced production of the feel-good hormone can also help you stay motivated and enthusiastic.

Select a fitness routine that suits your lifestyle. Yoga, aerobics, pilates, strength training, etc., are all options available!


Tip 13: Etiquettes

People can indeed forget what you’re wearing, what colour your nails were, or how your hair was styled; however, they will never forget how you treated them! Hence, make sure you add the polite thank you and please when needed.

You will not make a good impression if you speak in a vulgar and loud manner, so make sure you measure your words and speak softly.


Tip 14: Be Well Prepared

Be Well Prepared

Because anything can happen at any time, be sure you have your essentials with you. Bringing your makeup and comb is considered a good practice!

To be adequately prepared and armed for anything, throw in some scrunchies, cosmetic wipes, sanitary pads, paracetamol, pepper spray and a pocket-size mirror.


Tip 15: Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

We all have down days, and these are ideal times to visit the spa! Pampering oneself can help you relax and renew your mind. You can feel energised by listening to relaxing music and using aromatherapy.

An oil massage helps relieve pains and aches, allowing you to be more productive. Furthermore, a monthly manicure and pedicure are essential for maintaining a well-polished look.



It’s critical to dress oneself correctly and choose clothes and makeup that complement your personality if you want to appear polished and prime.

Furthermore, a good skincare routine combined with a healthy workout program can make you feel beautiful and energised.

Let us know if you found these tips helpful. My advice is to follow five tips and notice the difference in your overall confidence and personality.

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