How to Do the Korean Skin Care Routine for Indians (10-Step Guide)

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Do you sometimes wonder how Korean people have flawless and glass-like even tone skin?. Besides K-pop and Korean TV shows, the Korean skincare routine is gaining immense popularity.

Indian people are often skeptical about using many products on their skin and stick to basic and food-based home remedies. But that won’t work with increasing pollution and toxicity in the environment; it would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Tag along till the end of this article as we tell you about the 10 steps Korean skincare routine suitable for Indian skin.


10 Step Korean Skincare Routine for Indians

10 step Korean skincare routine 

There are different skincare regimens based on skin type. If layering suits your skin and shows positive results without breakouts, a Korean skincare routine is good for your skin. The skincare routine depends highly on the climatic condition as well. If you live in high humidity or high heat areas, you should have a less complex skincare routine.

A patch test is an efficient way to determine if a product suits your skin or not. Remember, it takes consistency and patience in achieving anything, so give a new skincare regime some time to work its magic.

An effective Korean skincare routine is all about getting the layers right. We have listed below 10 steps of a Korean skincare routine that you can follow –


Step 1: Oil Cleanser

People these days tend to wear makeup almost every day. Along with the increasing pollution and dirt in the environment, the surface of your skin becomes oily, and to get that off, we need to do an oil cleanse followed by a water-based cleanse. We know that oil does not blend into the water; the same applies to your skin. To get the oil off, you need an oil cleanser. It’s all science!

The oil cleanser helps you get all the oil, dirt, foundation, sebum, and SPF off your skin. An oil cleanser is especially beneficial for people with dry skin. It also acts as a highly competent makeup remover. Take the oil cleanser and massage it to your face for 2 – 3 minutes, followed by wiping it off with a cotton pad. Massaging in circular motion also increases blood flow to your skin.


Step 2: Foam Cleanser

Water foam cleanser

Foam cleansers strip all the moisture out of the skin and make it dry. The Koreans believe in pampering their skin; hence they do not use a foam cleanser with a high pH value. Instead, they use a natural and gentle cleanser that hydrates the skin.

A water-based cleanser helps get all the water-soluble substances off your skin, including any remaining oil and dirt. After the oil cleansing, take some foam cleanser to thoroughly clean your face and rinse it off with cold water. Adding some water to your foam cleanser makes it easier to apply.


Step 3: Exfoliation


Exfoliating your skin helps get rid of the dead cells on the skin’s surface and promotes the regeneration of cells. It also gets deeper into your skin and unclogs pores.

There are two types of exfoliation: chemical-based exfoliation which uses enzymes and acids like AHA, BHA, etc. the second type of exfoliation is a physical exfoliation commonly known as a scrub which uses natural ingredients.

The exfoliation should be carried out only twice a week. People with sensitive skin should choose their exfoliators carefully and generally use a chemical cleaner. Use gentle motions using your fingertips focusing on the nose area, and wash it off with water.

AUTHORS NOTE – Excessive exfoliation triggers the heavy secretion of melanin which results in the darkening of the skin.


Step 4: Toner


A traditional Korean toner is mild and soothing, rehydrating the skin and preparing it for upcoming steps. The intention of applying a toner is to maintain the skin’s pH balance. It is essential to use an alcohol-free toner.

You can apply the toner with a cotton pad, cotton ball, or your fingertips. Lightly pat your skin after applying the toner, as doing so helps the product go deep into the skin layers.


Step 5: Essence


Applying essence is very important as it hydrates your skin throughout the night. Remember, an essence always follows the toner. Using an essence helps absorb the upcoming products in your Korean skincare regime. Essence puts all the amino acids back into your face and nourishes your skin, giving it a radiant glow. Some essence also acts as an anti–pollutant and delays aging.

Pump a few drops of essence on your fingers and gently pat it into the skin.


Step 6: Serum

Apply Face Serum 

The serum contains concentrated ingredients capable of treating particular problems like breakouts (acne), pigmentation, aging, wrinkles, and dullness. A face serum also helps maintain the skin’s health in the long run.

You can apply serum to the entire face and neck or just the areas you want to treat.


Step 7: Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask

You can never have too much hydration for Korean skincare standards. A sheet mask is a typical face-shaped mask drenched in goodness, which locks in moisture and gives additional hydration.

A sheet mask is suitable for all skin types and prevents the pre-applied products from evaporating. There is a range of varieties in sheet masks, and they can also be effective in treating skin problems.

AUTHORS NOTE – you don’t have to use a sheet mask every day; you can use it 3 – 4 times a week.


Step 8: Eye Cream

Eye cream

With the constant use of electronics and binge-watching our favorite movies and TV shows all night, we all tend to have dark circles which need to be treated with an Eye Cream. Eye cream is a vital component in their skincare regime for Korean people as the skin near our eyes is susceptible and needs proper care.

Take a pea-size amount of the product on your fingertip and apply it under your eye. Eye cream hydrates your skin, making the dark circles lighter.


Step 9: Moisturizer

Face Moisturizer

The last step in a Korean nighttime skincare routine is the moisturizer which seals all the products applied earlier. Applying a moisturizer twice a day will give you soft and supple skin. Always apply a moisturizer at the end because it forms a layer on the skin surface.


Step 10: Sunscreen


With the growing intensity of UV radiation, it is necessary now more than ever to use a sunblock before heading out. Applying sunscreen prevents problems like skin cancer, inflammation, and tanning.

There are 2 types of sunscreens available: mineral sunscreen and physical sunscreen. The difference between both is a mineral sunscreen repulses UV radiation, whereas a physical sunscreen absorbs UV radiation. The two primary minerals present in sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.



1. What are some famous and authentic brands that have Korean skincare products?

With the world getting smaller, any product is easily accessible through online orders. COSRX, Laneige, banila co., Innisfree, and klairs are well-known Korean skincare product brands. Also, some local brands are available which are organic and highly effective.


2. Can I get skin like Korean people with a 10 step skincare routine?

The changes in your skin are determined by hormonal changes, genetics, weather conditions, skin type, lifestyle, etc. A 10 step skincare routine will significantly improve and healthify your skin if followed with consistency.


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Using skin care products on the exterior is not enough. The diet plays a vital role in nourishing the skin from the inside. Also, a lot depends on the proper selection of products based on skin type. A Korean skincare routine will help you wake up in a happy and confident mood.

Give this 10 steps Korean skincare routine a try and let us know if it helps in the comments section below.

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