Epilator vs Laser Hair Removal – The Better Choice For You! 

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Body hair removal processes usually require time, money, and ample patience. In some cases, removing body hair can also be a painful process.

However, technology has evolved with time, so have hair removal techniques. Today, there are various options to choose from, which only adds to the confused minds of people.

Over time, two hair removal methods have gained popularity amongst skincare and beauty enthusiasts: epilators and laser hair removal (also known as laser treatment).

You will learn about epilators, laser treatments, how they work, and their benefits and drawbacks. Read on to know more!


How does an epilator work?

How does epilator work

An epilator is a compact, electrical hair removal device that removes hair by pulling them out from the follicle. It consists of several tweezers and rotating disc-like mechanisms that grab the shortest body hair.


How do laser hair removal treatments work?

Laser hair removal

The laser hair removal treatment requires machines to emit powerful light rays on hair follicles. When the melanin (a pigment located under the hair root) absorbs the light, the body hair falls off your skin.


What are the benefits of using an epilator?

Let us look at the benefits of using an epilator –

1. Epilators are budget and size friendly

Epilators are inexpensive hair removal devices. Depending on the brand, they retail from approximately Rs.1000 in the market.

Moreover, they are compact. Therefore, you can carry epilators whenever and wherever you require. They will fit in your purse or your travel kit.


2. They are suitable for everybody!

Unlike a laser treatment requiring dark and coarse hair, you can use an epilator on all skin and hair types.


3. No more stressing about managing facial hair

Some epilators work safely and effectively on facial hair as well. While it does a decent job, it saves you all the pain and hassle of threading and waxing that may leave red spots or bumps.


4. Easy maintenance of the device

Epilators can be cleaned and stored easily for future use. They are so compact that they will fit in any corner of your room!


What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment?

Let us look at the benefits of undergoing a laser hair removal treatment –

1. Laser treatment is a sustainable method of hair removal

Laser hair removal ensures an almost permanent hair reduction. Moreover, the frequency of this treatment lessens over time as the growth rate of body hair slows down.

The results of laser treatment last for about one year. Within three to five years, you can notice almost no hair growth on your body!


2. It is a hassle-free method

It is one of the cleanest and most hassle-free methods of managing body hair growth since it does not require much work from your side.


3. It works effectively on your body and face

Laser hair removal is one of the best options to consider, especially in cases of dark and coarse hair on your face and body.


What are the drawbacks of using an epilator?

Despite such compelling benefits of using an epilator, there are several drawbacks. Let us take a closer look at them.

1. It can be a painful process

Using an epilator can be painful, especially in some dry and sensitive areas of your body and face.


2. It usually leaves the skin feeling irritable and swollen

Epilators can leave your skin feeling itchy and irritable. In some cases, you may experience red spots, rashes, and inflammation.


3. It may not remove body hair entirely

Epilators may not be able to remove ingrown hair or short body hair as the tweezers will not be able to grab them.


What are the drawbacks of laser hair treatment removal?

While laser hair removal can assure smooth skin without requiring much manual work, there are drawbacks to undergoing this treatment. Let us take a look at them –

1. Laser treatment is not suitable for everyone

Laser hair removal does not work for all skin and hair types. For instance, laser treatment is unsuitable if you have

  • Darker skin with lighter hair,
  • Skin that is prone to tanning easily,
  • Minimal to negligible contrast between skin and hair colour
  • Body hair in red, grey, white, or blonde shades.


2. It may cause irritable skin

There are chances of irritation, itchiness, and stinginess on your skin after your laser hair removal treatment.

If you undergo laser treatment on your face, you may also have blisters. In such cases, you will not be able to use makeup until it doesn’t wear off.


3. Laser treatments are not cost-friendly!

Unfortunately, there is no better way of putting it across. Laser hair removal sessions are expensive!

Laser treatment sessions for the entire body usually start from Rs. 50,000, and can go up to Rs. 1,50,000 and beyond!

Even if the total cost of 8 to 10 sessions might be less expensive than monthly appointments for waxing, it is more expensive than using an epilator.



You may refer to this table for a comparative understanding between epilator and laser hair removal.

EpilatorLaser Hair Removal
How It WorksRemoves hair from the follicleDestroys the follicle with the help of light rays
BenefitsBudget and size friendly
Suitable for everybody
Can easily manage facial hair too
Easy to clean and store for future use
Sustainable method for hair removal
Hassle-free, minimal manual labour required
Works effectively on body and face
DrawbacksCan be a painful process
May leave skin feeling irritable and swollen
Not suitable for everyone
Not budget-friendly
May result in stinginess, irritable sensations in the skin


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Most people believe that hair removal is essential to maintain hygiene and an overall aesthetic. However, removing body hair is always your choice.

There are many options available in today’s times, but it is up to you to make a choice that suits you best.

If you have used an epilator or undergone laser hair removal treatment, feel free to share your experiences with our readers in the comment section below!

We will continually update our page with more informative and helpful articles. So make sure you stay connected and come back for more!

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