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Well, what’s it like? Has the ‘November depression’ already struck with sporting displeasure, and the sofa is shouting for the company? Then give your training a new kick and seek inspiration. For this, you can use different sources; I have put together a few for you. Who does not know the weekly training work of bench press, chest press, Dumbell Flys and Co. warm-up program, different sets with 10-12 repetitions, etc. The exercises in combination or on different days of the week, as usual. At some point, everyone gets bored. Such identical exercise sequences and recurring sets with constant repetition numbers are not only boring in the long run and gnaw at the motivation but they also no longer lead to an improvement in strength and/or condition values at a certain point. For this, the muscles need new stimuli. That’s why variety is the magic word! This should apply not only to the number of sets and repetitions but also to the selection of exercises! Since not every athlete tends to be creative when it comes to training, here are a few simple tips on where and how to be inspired.


Tips for finding new workouts

Tips for finding new workouts

Face to Face

It would help if you never put the other studio visitors so close to the people that your breath reveals yesterday’s menu sequence. Rather, it means open communication with other athletes who do unfamiliar exercises. Usually, training athletes do not. As a rule, they are willing to assist, not without first saying clarifying things about the execution. The trainers in the studio are also a good contact for the correct execution. Quite a few athletes feel flattered when their exercises attract the attention of others!



The YouTube channel offers an easily accessible, vivid, and comprehensive platform to learn about new exercise forms. The range of proposals put forward is almost unmanageable. Depending on the goals set and the chosen sport, you will find a wealth of information.
However, this also poses dangers. Every single YouTuber and company with a YouTube channel promotes its own training form and truth. Personally, I’m always looking for YouTube channels that list different subgroups. A particular exercise is illustrated in several short videos of A-Z, with vivid explanations and understandable to everyone.

Here you will find various information and training ideas of Tim Whatever and other athletes.



Again, this is a social media channel where you can’t avoid crisp butts and attractive women and men. There are also a lot of exercises and training methods to be found here. Sometimes, however, I doubt whether many reports are only aimed at finding new followers. Therefore, look for sites dedicated to a particular athlete or fitness area.



Facebook, as the most widely used platform at the moment, must not be missing, of course. All those who have acquired a serious name in the fitness and sports sector have their own account, and the importance as a stock exchange of new fitness trends should not be underestimated. This includes the critical discussion of individual topics since their opinions are always expressed, often supported by investigations! Videos, do’s, and dont’s and other visual facts support what has been said.



Yes, they still exist! Even in rich numbers! Contemporary formats are peppered with practical tips, tricks, and complete workouts! An almost ideal way to get inspiration for your next workout!



That would be my personal favorite. Old-fashioned books on strength training have the advantage, among other things, that the authors still come largely from the analog world. They have acquired a wealth of experience (without fast internet), they know the small defeats and the building highlights. They are often ambassadors on their own behalf. Even experienced athletes should occasionally sacrifice a little time to browse these books.



Finally, I would like to mention the numerous apps in the app or play store. Not infrequently, they offer precise training plans, exercise overviews, variants, and aids. This makes them very practical and practical, especially for beginners, as you can also take a look at the correct execution or the next exercise in between. Advanced and ambitious athletes should deal with the actual workout and leave the mobile phone in the studio rather than left. It already receives a lot of attention during the course of the day. But it can be a natural example for your workouts. Otherwise, the sport should be in the foreground.



For beginners and advanced athletes, there are many possibilities to find out about new training variants. Smartphones and co offer fast and often visually animated training ideas via YouTube, Facebook, etc. Books and journals provide more background knowledge for those who want to delve deeper into certain exercises’ effects. Here, too, detailed photo sections for the correct execution can usually be found.
So there is something for every need and therefore – excuses were yesterday. If you are bored during training or your performance stagnates, just look at the different offers and get new training ideas!

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