How To Care For A Mattress (Noobs Guide)

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The modern orthopedic mattress gives us a great chance to stay healthy without drugs, doctors, and simulators. If you choose it correctly, sound sleep, cheerful well-being, good mood in the morning are provided. And to extend the life of the mattress – it must be properly cared for.

There are three main mattress care requirements:

  • Regular flipping
  • Proper cleaning
  • protection


  1. Why turn the mattress over
  2. How and when to turn the mattress
  3. Do all models need to be flipped
  4. Care rules
  5. Features of cleaning
  6. It is important to remember when cleaning a mattress
  7. How to protect the mattress
  8. Useful life hacks


Why turn the mattress over

Why turn the mattress over

The easiest and most affordable way to care is to turn the mattress over regularly. It is necessary to preserve the orthopedic properties of the product, which provide us with the convenience of night rest, keeping the body in the right position.

A person sleeps every night in roughly the same poses. The areas where the shoulders and hips are are under the most pressure are exposed. Providing them with the necessary support, the anatomical product adjusts to the reliefs of the body. If mattress fillers are constantly experiencing loads on the same areas, their deformation will begin.


How and when to turn the mattress

To extend the life of the product and avoid the appearance of deformation, the mattress should be regularly turned over:

  • As soon as you bought it. Once you have purchased the mattress for sleeping, it needs to be given time to recover after transportation. Let the mattress lie in the ventilated room and take the final shape for a maximum of 12 hours. Then flip it over and allow the sleeping place to align the other side. This procedure is essential for mattresses in twisting;
  • Every three months, head/foot, that is, turn the mattress in a horizontal plane, changing places where there used to be ahead and legs;
  • Once every six months, swap the mattress in top-bottom and head-to-head positions.

It is easier to remember the frequency if you take the rule at the beginning of each season to make “health” procedures for the mattress not to be deformed. For example: after the new year, change the sides of the head and legs, by March 8, turn the body of the mattress from one side to the other, the onset of summer will mark the change of the location of the legs and head, on the Day of Knowledge again turn the sides of the product.


Do all models need to be flipped.

Bilateral mattresses with surfaces “winter-summer“Easier to turn over the seasons, this model will remind you of the need to change the position of the uncomfortable feeling of insulation at the onset of summer or uncomfortable coolness in the cold period of the year.

Mattresses with spring block, it is also necessary to turn over promptly. Springs and comfortable layers (foam/latex) in unscathed models experience loads, deform, require voltage relief, and restore surface quality.

There are models of mattresses that do not need to be flipped. These are mattresses that have Orthopedic property has only one side. For the opposite surface is provided only tight cloth.


Care rules

  • Do not try to cope with turning over a bulky double mattress alone, especially if you need to turn it from one surface to another. This can cause injury to a person or pet, a broken bedside lamp, destroyed by a favorite figurine. It is better to call someone to help:
  • Turning the mattress in any direction is more convenient if freed from the case, bedspreads, pillows, and bed linen.
  • Try to check the movements in advance in the upcoming flipping, do not make jerks, and calculate the power load. Spring models have a lot of weight, and getting a muscle sprain or “ripping off” your back is quite real.
  • Impeccably clean your mattress in the dry cleaners, but it is a long, labor-intensive, and expensive service. Therefore, most homemakers prefer to wash mattresses at home. It’s easy, and the effect of handwashing is good if you consider The following rules:
  1. Do not use aggressive detergents for wet cleaning of the mattress;
  2. Use only liquid means: household soap solution, baking soda, wash gels or shampoos;
  3. Do not wet the surface profusely: it is impossible to allow moisture to penetrate the comfortable layers of the mattress, it will damage its structure and shorten the life of life;
  4. Apply for cleaning only soft brushes, clean napkins, new sponges;
  5. Excellent cope with cleaning the bedroom steam generator. It will clean the product without the use of detergents. Hot steam will destroy dust mites and mold fungi and perfectly disinfect the surface on all sides. After this treatment, you won’t need to dry for a long time;
  6. After washing, you need to dry the mattress outdoors thoroughly. Do not use electrical appliances (hairdryer and iron) for drying.


It is important to remember when cleaning a mattress

Depending on the filler, the approach to cleaning the mattress is different:

  • Models equipped with a unit Independent springs, it is impossible to moisturize intensively, so manufacturers recommend using special means for their cleaning: sprays, wet wipes, pencils;
  • Mattresses with coconut colors are also afraid of abundant wetting. They can lose their operational merits by becoming fragile and brittle. Do not model with such filler and intensively rub;
  • Not afraid of moisture mattresses from Latex. They can be safely wiped with a damp sponge and dried in the shade on the street or at home with an open window;
  • Owners of mattresses made of foam with memory effect (memorial) – it is better to use only the dry cleaning services, as cleaning the product with this filler at home is very problematic.


How to protect the mattress

How to protect the mattress

Extend the life and protect the mattress from unpleasant consequences will help the textile accessory for comfortable sleep – protective cover. Its main task is to protect the mattress from mechanical damage and, since erasure, to keep the freshness and cleanliness of the bed.

Functional properties of the case:

  1. Protect the bed from dust mites and bedbugs;
  2. Extending the life of the mattress;
  3. Purchasing a case complete with a mattress often provides an additional guarantee for an expensive product;
  4. The fluffy texture of most cases provides a reliable fixation of the sheet, which relieves discomfort during sleep due to the displacement and flattening of the sheets;
  5. Waterproof cases are a great solution for families with young children and pet owners;
  6. It is easy to remove and wash in the washing machine, returning it to cleanliness and pleasant appearance.
  7. Covers do not need the same frequent washing as bed linen. They can be hung once a month for airing or weekly cleaning vacuumed with a soft nozzle for furniture.


Useful life hacks

What if the liquid is spilled on the mattress and there is no case on it? Note the universal recipes:

  • Nasheed alcohol is a “specialist” of a wide profile; it eliminates the most common stains (from tea, coffee, juice). To prepare the cleaning solution in one liter of water, dissolve 15 mg of the wash. To enhance the effect, add a few drops of dishwashing. Treat the stain with a sponge soaked, and wipe with a clean wet cloth after drying;
  • Spilled red wine immediately pour salt on the mattress, rub with a sponge or a soft brush (you can dental) and leave for 40 minutes. Remove the dried salt with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Any fresh stains will destroy hydrogen peroxide. It is enough to treat it with a wet place on the mattress of the sprayer and leave for a few hours. Will strengthen the effect of peroxide soda. Place treated with hydrogen peroxide, sprinkle with soda, and after drying the vacuum mattress;
  • Remove “unexpected” stains on the mattress kids need as quickly as possible. Wet the stain with a napkin or a dry cloth. Then mix the lemon juice (or citric acid solution) with salt in equal quantities. Treat the stain with porridge and leave for an hour. Then dust.

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