Multivitamins Vs Individual Vitamins | Which Are Better?

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“Pills aren’t a shortcut to health & prevention to diseases. Your diet is.”

You would have seen that many of your friends, families are intaking multivitamins or individual vitamins with or without knowledge. Several Vitamins, in general, are the source of energy, either in the form of delicious food you eat or liquids & tablets consume. A confusion or, let’s say, a difficult choice must be in your mind that one of them is the effective and the better selection of vitamins.

In this article, we’ll find the exact difference between them and how these essentials can be practical for your health. Taking your lifestyle into account, it must be important which form of the vitamin is the worthy choice for you. Let’s delve into finding out the source of whether these tailored vitamins are better or individual ones.


MultiVitamins: A Pill of Energy?

MultiVitamins pills

There isn’t any calculation nor any algorithm to gain instant growth. The same goes for Multivitamins. These have the primary attribute of protecting the brain and heart only when you understand its essence, reason & proper intake to know its evidence of being an appropriate cocktail for vitamins.

There is a misconception with Multivitamins for some people that it gives energy, but it’s just the extra supplement in the form of several vitamins packed into a tiny slab. With sufficient supper consumption, multivitamins can then be taken into consideration. Let’s brief out some of the multivitamins out there.

  1. The authenticity of Multivitamins: The basic and the sole property of these multivitamins is that they mimic the activity of essential nutrients in your body. Multivitamins are not whole supplements, but they are synthetically produced.

The labels tell us that Multivitamins are plant & animal-based products & don’t benefit unless you take natural nutrients first.

  1. Dosage (Multivitamins Intake): The linkage is essential between the day-to-day meals & multivitamins for complete absorption of the vitamins in the body. Excessive dosing should be neglected unless advised.

The absorption rate is prolonged if you solely depend on these, which we never recommend. A proper diet is essential regardless of what your reason might be for, with consuming multivitamin pills.

  1. Anyone like you who eat a balanced diet ever thinks that consuming a Multivitamin will boost your energy; you’re in a big misconception. The only sources in the food pyramid are carbohydrates. Your important meal is a must when it comes to following a diet plan & boosting your energy.

Certain groups like older people, pregnant women, people with deficiencies in nutrients can benefit from Multivitamins. Otherwise, synthetic vitamins may be downright harmful to the body.


Individual Vitamins: Know Your Diet

Individual Vitamins Know Your Diet

  1. Definition & Purpose: When you consume a meal or follow a balanced diet plan, your body can absorb some minerals and vitamins. Minerals such as B12 or D are essential, which can help in digesting the vitamins. Hence, knowing what Mineral you need could help you grow better. When you consume your food, you get all the multivitamins & the minerals. Individual Minerals are much of a better choice because here you know of what Vitamin deficiency you possess. So you can consume that particular vitamin & bump it up into your body.
  1. Dosage Techniques: First off, having a proper diet is necessary no matter what you do. Natural Whole Fruits, Beans, Nuts, Seeds & Whole Grain are all primary sources of the nutrients in your body.

After your body is digesting nutrients in these natural vitamins, an individual vitamin pill can be consumed after the meal. Make sure that you know your Vitamin deficiency so that you can consume a particular vitamin as instructed.


Imbalances & Safety

As mentioned earlier in the article about certain groups of people who has certain deficiencies,  can be treated by these single vitamin or multivitamins, whether it’s about Vitamin B-12 intake for older adults, folic acid for pregnant women to prevent anaemia.

There is a risk of overdosing on these individual vitamins or multivitamins, in the form of fat-soluble vitamins, which can cause health deterioration & brain damage. It can be prevented if you consume these vitamins with exact knowledge & instructions from the doctor.


The Vitamin Verdict

There might be an exception of certain groups intaking these multivitamins, but our Vitamin Verdict for you is to know your food & with a perfectly balanced diet, you can achieve your Vitamin Goal.

There can be a long debate about these, but we suggest that the individual vitamins are the best you can invest in. Multivitamins are not necessary, and we urge you not to let them be part of your diet.

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