How to Clean Wooden Comb

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Don’t you hate it when your wooden combs get dirty? Combs often accumulate hair debris and become difficult to handle. However, a simple solution will keep your combs clean as new.

Wooden combs have been used to comb hair since ancient times and remain popular even today. When your comb gets dirty, it’s not only unsightly but also hard to use. The simplest solution is to clean your comb periodically.

If you want to clean and prolong the life of your comb, we will share a few steps to do this process below.

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4 Steps to Clean Wooden Comb

Cleaning a wooden comb is very easy, and it doesn’t take much time. You can clean your wooden combs and make them as good as new ones with just a little effort. It’s not a tricky procedure, but it does need some patience. Here are 4 easy steps to clean wooden combs:


1. Wet a cotton ball

Wet a cotton ball

Start by wetting a cotton ball with oil. In this step, you apply the oil to your wooden comb and rub it in circular motions on your wooden comb. This will work the oil evenly along the surface, taking care of the toughest stains.

Prefer to use coconut oil for its natural properties, but olive oil or beard oil would work. Just make sure to pour warm water into the comb before applying the oil. This can help melt it and eliminate any clumps of hair that may be stuck on the comb.


2. Clean the comb’s teeth

Now that you’ve removed the main residue from the wooden comb, it’s time to clean the teeth of the comb. To get in between the teeth of your wooden comb, use a soft cloth to remove the dirt in-between the teeth.


3. Wipe the comb

Now you have completed the first set of procedures for cleaning wooden combs, you should be able to see some good results. Now you would wipe gently to eliminate all stains and dirt particles.


4. Keep the wooden comb safe

Keep the wooden comb safe

Now that you are done cleaning your teeth, it’s time to protect it. Give it a coat of protective oil now. A small coat of olive oil, coconut oil, or beard oil will seal your comb usually and prevent it from cracking over time. After applying the oil, store it away in a safe place for some time and let it dry completely before reuse.


FAQs related Comb Cleaning

Q1:- Is it okay to use a wooden comb to brush your hair?

Ans:- The answer is yes! There are many advantages to using wooden combs instead of metal ones. The strength of the wood and the quality of their bristles will reduce your scalp stress, increase the absorption of nutrients, and help maintain your hair health in the long run.


Q2:- What is the finest wood for a comb?

Ans:- Wooden combs constructed entirely of neem wood are popular with many people in India. This is because these combs provide several advantages over those made from other types of wood. The medicinal herb neem greatly enhances the condition of the scalp.


The bottom line

This easy process will help you clean your dirty comb, prolong its life, and get rid of all the unwanted dirt. We hope that this quick guide serves its purpose of helping you maintain the longevity and use of your wooden combs.

You should clean your wooden comb at least once every few months until it starts to show indications of excessive wear, depending on how often you use it, of course.

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