How To Gain Mass For Skinny Guys? (6 Tips to Help Skinny Guys Build Muscle)

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Being skinny and not having a good amount of mass can be a concern for many of you out there.

Being thin can be pretty annoying, especially for guys, as people constantly ask you whether you are sick or having any trouble.

Though in some cases it can be due to health while in majority cases it’s just how it has been since you were born.

However, there must be a common thing that every skin person must have thought about, which is whether they can gain mass? Well, the answer is you can. I’m going to write down various ways through which you can gain mass in this article.


6 Beneficial Ways To Gain Mass

You can gain mass by maintaining a proper exercise routine and eating more food. This line “have more food” is probably what every skinny person must have been tired of hearing.

But here we are not saying that by just eating everything and anything, you will get a healthy body with sufficient mass and build.

As it doesn’t work like that you need to eat proper and healthy food more. You cannot eat foods that are filled with junk and unhealthy ingredients and then expect a change in your body.

To build a healthy body, you need to consume nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and more.


1. Low Volume Foods 

In order to gain mass, you must consume a good amount of calories and proteins through your foods. Due to which you should try laying your hand in Low volume foods.

These work great in generating more calories through small parts of food. These small sections of foods will work great in providing you energy while also ensuring you haven’t consumed too much.

Just because we mentioned low-volume foods doesn’t mean you have to fill yourself in with junk foods. There are plenty of healthy ways through which you can get all the calories and protein.

Here are some low volume foods that can easily help gain mass.  

i. Nuts

Nuts are a great provider of calories. Having a nut on every day basis can help skinny people gain mass and also provide a safe weight gain.

Another great thing about nuts is that it is a snack due to which people can have and enjoy eating it at the same time.

It is a healthy food that also provides you good taste while being extremely light in your stomach and not making it full. So skinny people should certainly try having nuts.


ii. Oatmeal


Having oatmeal can be a great way to get those nutrients. This oatmeal contains carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, and more which help you in gaining that healthy body.

However, people who are suffering from a concern like being skinny should have this oatmeal when it is cold. A hot oatmeal dish can make you feel complete by providing a low number of calories as compared to the cold oatmeal dish.

By consuming oatmeal, you gain more calories which help in gaining mass and also does not make you feel as full as heated ones.


iii. Dried And Fresh Fruit

Dry Fruits

You should definitely try consuming fruit that has dried to gain more energy and calories.

Dried fruits increase the level of calories and also help in not making you completely full after consuming them. Some people even try making them with nuts to meet their regular intake of calories.

Now that we talked about dried fruit, you might be wondering what about fresh fruits. Well, fresh fruits are also good for, and they are even considered as a portion of great food to be involved in diets.

However, fresh fruits relatively provide fewer calories compared to dried ones.

Also, one drawback of fresh fruit is that it makes you full easily and will end up making you not want to eat more meals which can be an issue if you are a skinny person and are looking for ways to gain mass.


iv. Lean Meat And Fish

Both fish and lean meat are some of the great foods to help you in building muscles and mass. They help in providing skinny people with a good amount of protein, fat and calories to build their body.

These are not good ways to generate mass but also a healthy and careful way. Calories provided by fish and meat generate your energy level as well by giving you a suitable shape for yourselves.

Some of the lean meats that skinny people should try are pork chops, skinless chicken, red meat, and more. While some of the fish that you should try and get in your diet are Salmon, Tuna, and more.


2. Consume Food Every Three Hours

By eating every three hours a day, you can provide your body with the right amount of nutrients on an hourly basis.

In order to maintain the entire routine correctly, first, make sure you know the number of proteins and calories that you require to eat every day.

Then easily divide your three meals containing an essential amount of nutrients into six meals. Make there is a gap of three hours between them and consume them on time without missing out on any meal.

This way, you will be able to treat your body with healthy food. Another benefit of six meals is that it will provide important foods in small sections without actually making you feel completely full.


3. Cook Using Oils

Olive Oil

Make your meals using healthy fats to gain mass. You can easily gain more calories by using healthy fats.

When you cook food using fat, the majority gets absorbed during the procedure of cooking itself, and fat works highly in providing your body with the right amount of calories to gain mass.

Oils such as flaxseed, olive, and avocado also provide good care of the heart as these oils are beneficial for your heart. So by using oil that is plant-based, you can easily make your meals healthier and more beneficial.

Even if you use this oil for not making a complete meal but just for coating several vegetables still it will be beneficial for gaining mass.


4. Workout Regularly


Workout plays a major role in building a healthy body. We are not suggesting you spend three to four hours in the gym because it isn’t going to help you anyway.

You need a correct and efficient amount of workouts. For example, doing squats, pull-ups, pushups, deadlifts, and even a few rounds of bench presses.

All these exercises can be a great assist in building mass for people with skinny bodies. All these workouts help in compounding your movements, making the procedure of creating a healthy body.

By regularly following these training sections, your body will gain more muscles as working out raises the blood flow of your working tissues, making your body more fitter.

Joining a gym can be a great assist as they have the required tools and equipment for working out. Also, the trainer can help you guide you in the correct direction as per your body.


5. Have Carbs After Finishing Your Exercise

Once you have completed your regular exercise, treat yourselves with some foods that contain carbs.

This helps in making the breakdown of protein slow in your muscles, raises the levels of insulin, and also helps you get the required nutrients.

You can consider having protein shakes, fruit, a banana, red meat, a healthy sandwich, and more. Though you need to make sure you are following six sections of meals regularly for mass gain.


6. Have Milk At Night


We all know a great way to generate calcium and protein is by having milk. So try having a glass of skim milk every night. This will help in keeping the calories and protein provided by milk with you at night.

Also, since milk provides a high amount of protein, it can help in protecting your muscles from breakdown and make them more healthy. In case you don’t want to drink milk, you can also replace it by consuming cottage cheese.



Can I gain a good amount of mass within one week? 

No, you cannot gain a good amount of mass in your body within one week. The process of transformation takes time. You need to eat all suggested foods and exercise regularly for a minimum of two to three weeks to witness a change in you.


Is eating ice cream going to help in gaining mass? 

Yes, ice cream can potentially help you in gaining mass as it contains carbohydrates. Along with that, ice cream is also an excellent way to generate calories in your body that can eventually help achieve mass for you.



Being skinny doesn’t mean that you are ill or facing any sickness. Many face this issue of being thin. Above, we have mentioned various ways on how to gain mass and build your body.

From essential foods to workouts, you can easily get your dream body if you consistently follow the routine and eat the correct foods.

Tell us what food you consider a must-have for skinny people in the comments.

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