5 Best Dhea Supplement in India 2024

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Are you looking for the best DHEA supplement in India? Your search ends with our comprehensive list of India’s top 5 DHEA supplements!

We have well-researched every aspect and quality of the mentioned DHEA supplements to offer you the best help. We also focused on including the various benefit of DHEA supplements along with other related information to clear all your second thoughts about your decision to buy the supplement.

Choose the best DHEA supplement and be sure of aging like a fine wine!


Best Dhea Supplement in India 2024

Natrol DHEA 25 mg

Natrol DHEA 25 mg

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Overall Score: 4.6/5

Talking about one of the leading, reputed, and well-known DHEA supplements, we cannot think of any other product than the Natrol DHEA 25 mg supplement. It is a premium product made to shower immense health benefits on the users. It won’t be wrong to call this supplement a value for money investment.

To begin with the delivered benefits, this DHEA supplement ensures to naturally level the reducing DHEA levels at declining age. Thanks to this, it also balances some other hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, which help in the body’s normal functioning.

We strongly recommend consuming this DHEA supplement if you want to enjoy healthy and flexible body and muscle movements at old age. As it promotes sugar metabolism, this supplement can be trusted to boost the energy levels for an active lifestyle throughout the day.

This Natrol DHEA supplement also impressed us with its ability to support a healthy and relaxed mood. It works its best to improve brain functioning and increase concentration and alertness. Its consumption reduces stress and anxiety to always keep you in a good mood without any worries.

This supplement is free from all artificial preservatives, additives, chemicals, etc., to prevent causing any side effects to the users. It is lab-tested and comes with FSSAI certification to further confirm its authenticity and quality.

According to the health experts, it is best suggested to take 1 tablet from this supplement with a meal to get all the desired benefits. Men and women can consume it.


  • Naturally levels the DHEA hormonal levels for normal body functioning
  • Boost the energy levels with sugar metabolism for an active lifestyle
  • Improves brain functioning and increases alertness and concentration
  • Ensures flexible muscle movements at declining age
  • Supports healthy and relaxed mood by controlling stress and anxiety
  • FSSAI certified, free from artificial preservatives, additives, chemicals, etc.


Life Extension DHEA 25 Mg

Life Extension DHEA 25 Mg

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Overall Score: 4.6/5

The next name on our list is none other than the Life Extension DHEA 25 Mg. The supplement is one of the best in the market as it takes care of the user’s overall health. Your search for a reliable and affordable DHEA supplement ends with this Life Extension DHEA supplement.

The regular consumption of the Life Extension DHEA ensures naturally strengthening the body’s core. This helps in promoting and maintaining lean muscle mass. According to us, the best quality of this supplement is its ability to promote optimal hormonal levels.

We also tested the supplement with regular use and found it really effective in supporting the healthy functioning of the immune system and metabolism. Regular consumption of this DHEA supplement also improves cardiovascular health. Overall, it can be trusted to support optimal health.

Another important quality of this DHEA supplement is its use of the finest raw ingredients, maintaining the expected authentication and purity. Thanks to this, the supplement is free from all artificial chemicals, preservatives, additives, GMOs, gluten, etc. Consume this product without any worries of facing any side effects or consequences.

We also suggest buying this supplement as it comes with FSSAI certification, which further confirms its high quality. Also, the health experts suggest consuming just 1 tablet of this supplement to enjoy all the expected health benefits to age gracefully. So, when are you trying this DHEA supplement?


  • Promotes optimal hormonal level for optimal health and body functioning
  • Promote the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • Supports healthy immunity system, metabolism, and cardiovascular health
  • Made with finest raw ingredients; free from artificial additives, preservatives
  • FSSAI certified and lab-tested to ensure quality and authenticity


Best Naturals Micronized DHEA 25 mg

Best Naturals Micronized DHEA 25 mg

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Overall Score: 4.4/5

Best Naturals is undoubtedly one of the best and well-reputed brands for health supplements. The supplement is a complete package to help the users enjoy a healthy and flexible lifestyle even at declining age. The brand understands the different needs of the users, with its years of experience, and thus, ensures to fulfill the same with its high-quality health supplements.

We tested the supplement with different users to ensure if it effectively improves its user’s mood. We would be certain to say that we don’t regret the results. The regular consumption of this supplement balances the hormones in the user; body with results in stress-free and relaxed life. Moreover, it helps to keep the users in a good mood throughout the day.

The next benefit that we really liked about this DHEA supplement is its ability to boost energy levels instantly. Its consumption promotes sugar metabolism, which helps users enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle without any health consequences or compromises. It also supports longevity.

This DHEA supplement is made all-naturally without using any artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, or chemicals. As a result, it makes an excellent choice for the users without worrying about side effects or health consequences. To further ensure its quality and authentication, it comes with an FSSAI certification.

You get 180 tablets in 1 bottle of this DHEA supplement, which lasts for months. According to the experts, consume 1 tablet from this supplement after a meal to enjoy its excellent benefits. However, you should be regular with its consumption to ensure getting the desired results.


  • Balances the DHEA hormone for improved mood and calmness
  • Boosts the energy levels with instant sugar metabolism
  • Naturally made without any artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, etc.
  • FSSAI certified for its quality and authentication


Nature’s Bounty Dhea 25 Mg

Nature's Bounty Dhea 25 Mg

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Overall Score: 4.2/5

If you are looking for a beautiful, genuine, and premium DHEA supplement at an affordable price, then the Nature’s Bounty Dhea 25 Mg can be the best choice. Dhea is a naturally produced hormone in the body that reduces with time. As a result, this supplement makes an excellent choice to fulfill the DHEA nutritional gap for the users.

We found the supplement quick and effective in showing its benefits in our test. The tablet immediately dissolves in your mouth and ensures an instant positive effect. As a result, it is a trusted choice for millions of users to enjoy DHEA benefits without compromising health.

We tested and used the product to find it effective for balancing the body’s hormones, which further helps in releasing instant energy. It enhances the follicles count to improve the overall health of the users. It also helps in improving the user’s mood while promoting calmness, relaxation, and a stress-free lifestyle.

Not to forget, the regular consumption of this DHEA supplement also promotes sugar metabolism without any worries. It quickly converts the energy in the food into the fuel needed for the proper functioning of the body. It comes in a nicely packed bottle containing around 100 tablets. Vegetarian men and women can consume it without worrying about any side effects or consequences. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 1 tablet a day after the meal.


  • It helps in increasing follicles count and overall health of the users
  • Balances the DHEA levels with age
  • Promote sugar metabolism to utilize food energy as fuel for the body’s functioning
  • Balances the body hormones for instant energy and mood improvements
  • Vegetarian products; can be used by men and women


HealthyHey Nutrition DHEA 50 mg

HealthyHey Nutrition DHEA 50 mg

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Overall Score: 4/5

Like many other health supplements from the brand, the HealthyHey Nutrition DHEA 50 mg also impressed us. Healthy is a reputed brand that uses high-quality ingredients to make all its products. Along with this, it uses a standard manufacturing process to ensure that its health supplements offer the best benefits to the users.

The most loved quality that we found in this DHEA supplement is its instant absorption. This means that you can witness positive changes in your health within 1 week of its consumption. We tested the product and really liked its quick absorption to deliver immediate benefits.

The regular consumption of this DHEA supplement ensures restoring the level of the hormone to support the body’s normal functioning. Along with this, it also promotes healthy aging to stay active and flexible even at declining age.

If you have been struggling with mood swings or irritation, this DHEA supplement will surely put you in a good mood. According to our test, it helps manage stress and supports a healthy and relaxed mood.

This DHEA supplement is made using only natural ingredients and is absolutely free from GMO, gluten, lactose, yeast, milk, artificial preservatives, additives, chemicals, etc. As a result, the users can be sure that they will get only the desired benefits from this health supplement without any significant side effects. It is also FSSAI certified.

Lastly, it comes in attractive packaging, and each bottle of this supplement contains 60 tablets. It is recommended to consume 1 tablet from this supplement regularly.


  • Restores DHEA levels naturally to promote healthy aging
  • Instantly absorbed by the body to witness immediate results
  • Helps in managing stress and support a healthy mood
  • Natural; free from GMO, gluten, yeast, milk, lactose, artificial preservatives, additives, etc.


Benefits of using the Best DHEA Supplements in India

Dhea hormone is known to support the optimal health of the users. Likewise, the DHEA supplements shower many amazing benefits on the users, which are as follow –

  • Strengthening the immune system and metabolism
  • Balance and stimulate the natural hormonal changes in the body
  • Prevents interruptions in the normal body functioning
  • Improving bone and muscle strength along with gaining lean muscle mass
  • Improving mood by controlling stress, anxiety, and tension
  • It helps the users to age gracefully without struggling with the expected consequences



1. What is the right time to consume DHEA supplements?

According to health experts, our body naturally produces DHEA hormone in the morning to boost the required energy levels with sugar metabolism. Therefore, the ideal time to consume DHEA supplements would be in the morning. Moreover, it can be taken after meals to benefit sugar metabolism for an energetic and active lifestyle.


2. What should be avoided to consume with DHEA supplement?

If you are consuming a DHEA supplement, avoid consuming estrogen simultaneously. Consuming both these ingredients together can cause various health consequences like – nausea, insomnia, headache, stress, anxiety, etc.

Along with this, DHEA supplements should also be avoided with lithium as it can reduce the effectiveness and effectiveness of DHEA supplements. As a result, the DHEA supplement won’t deliver the expected benefits.


3. What are the possible side effects of DHEA supplements can cause?

Despite all its benefits, DHEA supplements can cause some possible side effects. Some of the possible consequences of the excess consumption of DHEA supplements are as follow –

  • Skin thickening with oily texture and acne
  • Hair loss and thinning with dull and boring texture
  • High blood pressure
  • Stomach upset and pain
  • Growth of facial hair in women
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes and fluctuations in the menstrual cycle
  • Voice deepening


4. How long can you take a DHEA supplement?

DHEA supplement can be taken for a maximum of 2-years. Also, the recommended dosage of DHEA supplement is 25 mg. You should consult your health expert to decide on the desired quantity of DHEA supplements according to your health conditions and needs.

Consuming DHEA supplements more than the recommended dosage can lead to severe side effects and health problems. It should, therefore, be avoided.


5. Can you consume DHEA supplements after menopause?

Yes, DHEA supplements can be consumed even after menopause; however, you should be sure of using only little and limited quantities. The consumption of DHEA supplements in desired quantity can soothe menopause issues and support a positive mood.

Remember – if you are not particular about the desired DHEA supplement quantity for consumption, it can also affect the body.

All these side effects are mainly because of over-consumption of DHEA supplements. Therefore, it is suggested to consult a health expert to ensure the recommended dosage for consumption.


Amidst the various DHEA supplements, choosing the right one is essential to support optimal health. We recommend using the Natrol DHEA 25 mg.

It won’t be wrong to call this FSSAI certified DHEA supplement a complete package to balance the hormonal changes in the body naturally. Apart from ensuring graceful aging, it enhances brain health, sugar metabolism, flexible muscle movements, etc.

Trust this DHEA supplement to enjoy a relaxed mood throughout the day. If you need any other information about the DHEA supplements, reach us in the comment section.

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